What’s Up Weekly with Diane | June 1st, 2016

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“Here is your “What's Up Weekly” for last week!

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I know first-hand how tricky it can be to find good food while traveling away from home, but it’s certainly not impossible with just a little bit of forethought and planning. Check out my post with some of my top healthy travel tips here!

Practical Paleo Travel Tips: Eating Paleo on the Road, In the Air and Everywhere | Diane Sanfilippo

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Paleo FX 2016 is over and it was an amazing weekend! This week's Balanced Bites Podcast episode (airing tomorrow!) will include my recap of #pfx16 as well as some great discussion points inspired by my favorite talk of the conference! I'll share a little more on next week's What's Up Weekly post as well.

Here's what we ate on this trip!

  • First stop in Austin: a bite at 24 Diner with Scott, then a trip to the mothership (aka the Whole Foods in downtown Austin) as all the Paleo folks do when they arrive at Paleo FX!

24 Diner Dinner

  • Torchy's Tacos truck was, as planned, half a block from our AirBnB. I got two of the Mr. Pink after checking my own hashtag (#PracticalPaleoTravelATX) / photo caption from last year and getting the reminder that it was my fave! Scott got carnitas and barbacoa in the first picture. We got guac and salsa but paired it with our own Jackson's Honest chips because duh! Get the fillings without the corn shells if you want to keep it strict Paleo. SO SO GOOD we got it twice 😉

Torchys Tacos

Torchys Tacos Mr Pink

Siete Foods Dinner

  • We finally went to Salty Sow for dinner with our friends Danielle Natoni (Fit and Funky) and Darren Natoni ! These duck fat fries with 110 minute egg were delish (though they could have been crispier!). The food was delicious but the company was the highlight of the meal for us. We have loved getting to meet and make new friends (some we “knew,” but now know better) through events like #pfx16.

Salty Sow Fries

  • AH.MAY.ZING. breakfast and business talk today with Tony Kasandrinos and Scott at Dai Due. I had the quesadilla (not Paleo) and they each had the hash (Paleo). EAT HERE. Big things coming from this crew in the coming months… can't wait to share about it!

Dai Due Breakfast

  • Gluten-free pizza party Via 313 with #teambalancedbites as a send-off from #pfx16 – until we meet again in SF! ❤️ There were four more pizzas not pictured 😉 It was yummy!

Via 313 Gluten Free Pizza

  • Snack Plates!
    The first plate was all from Whole Foods – some kind of spicy pork, roasted turkey, THE BEST CHIPS IN THE WORLD (Jackson's Honest salsa fresca non-GMO cooked in coconut oil corn chips with seasoning / aka: “Healthy Doritos” / aka: “don't say I didn't warn you” chips), and raspberries.
    Plate #2 features c
    hicharrones we got at Salt and Time, leftover guac from Torchy's Tacos, more Jackson's Honest tortilla chips, salami and organic raspberries from Whole Foods.

Snack Plate

Snack Plate

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My good friend Jen Sinkler has just released her brand new program designed to help you move like an athlete and become a force of nature.

Lightning & Thunder is a brand new strength, speed, and agility program written by Tim Moyer, MS, CPT, and Angie Brambley-Moyer, MS, CSCCa, with Jen Sinkler, personal trainer, fitness writer, and former U.S. national team rugby player.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or you’ve never played a sport, the program gives you everything you need to hit the ground running (pun intended, of course).

To celebrate its release, Lightning & Thunder is on sale for HALF OFF now through midnight Friday, June 3.

Get more details or grab Lightening & Thunder now.
Note: The launch special price of $49 will end at midnight on Friday, June 3.

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WOW! Balanced Bites Podcast won “Best Paleo Podcast” at the Paleo Magazine Awards ceremony at Paleo FX. Thank you so much for tuning in and voting for the podcast. It motivates Liz & I to bring you the best content knowing you are loving the show!



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Balanced Bites Podcast #245 – How I Became a Real Food Nutritionist with Diana Rodgers
1. News and updates from Liz & Diana [5:18]
2. Diana’s RD educational experience [15:50]
3. Other conventional options besides RD [23:04]
4. The frustrations of RD education [26:25]
5. Available options for emergency nutrition [37:00]
6. More advice about NTP/RD career paths [48:43]

Click here to listen to the episode or read the transcript!

How I Became a Real Food Nutritionist with Diana Rodgers - Diane Sanfilippo, Liz Wolfe | Balanced Bites

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Shrimp Pad Thai

Thai food is something that I know lots of us miss on The 21-Day Sugar Detox. The desire for interesting flavor combinations and exotic tastes can often kick in on over drive, and when you’re not eating sweets and treats, it’s important to feel that you’re truly enjoying your meals. Enter my Shrimp Pad Thai recipe – it uses zucchini noodles that you can make easily with either a julienne peeler or a spiralizer tool.

Get the full recipe here!


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