What’s Up Weekly with Diane | October 26th, 2016

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Here's what was up last week!

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Acid Reflux Blog Post & Video

The #1 misconception about acid reflux?
We have it because we have too much stomach acid.

This is FALSE!
The actual cause of acid reflux is too little stomach acid!

Let me explain…

In the stomach, chewed food is broken down even further by stomach acid (also known as hydrochloric acid, HCl, as well as digestive enzymes including pepsin).

We do not want to lower stomach acid, this is a big part of how we “chemically” digest and breakdown our food!

The acidic environment of the stomach is critical to this “churning and burning” stage of digestion, where food is physically broken down and mixed with gastric secretions.

However, if your stomach lining is not sufficient and you do not secrete enough stomach acid to create that acidic environment, you end up with – you guessed it – heartburn or acid reflux.

Acid reflux is the result of increased pressure and the subsequent release of gas in your stomach that pushes up on the valve between your stomach and your esophagus – the lower esophageal sphincter (LES).

The bolus of food cannot be broken down without sufficient acid, and so it sits in the stomach (you may have felt this “food as lead” feeling before) and gas bubbles can build as a result.

Since the esophagus is not meant to have this gas pushing up and allowing the acidic material from your stomach back up into it, you feel the “burn” of the acid… and thus acid reflux!

Learn more about why we have acid reflux & how to heal >

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 Weekly Practical Paleo Recipe Challenge Giveaway on InstagramPractical Paleo Recipe Challenge Prizes

Each week on Instagram, I do a Practical Paleo Recipe Challenge Giveaway!

This sweet bag is perfect for toting groceries home – cold or not! It's also great for a picnic or a day away from home. It's BIG – not a personal lunch bag size, but a family or all-day size!

If your photo of the weekly recipe is selected, you'll get the bag and we'll give a softcover copy of the 2nd edition to a friend of yours! (Note that the hard cover is pictured here because that's the only copy have on-hand currently.) So, don't hesitate! Get on it! 🌟 Tell your friends!

Happy cooking!

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Facebook LIVE Tomorrow – Let's Chat Sugar & Carb Confusion

Join me for my “Office Hours” tomorrow at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST to discuss Sugar & Carb Confusion! Make sure you are following me on Facebook: facebook.com/thedianesanfilippo

Sugar & Carb Confusion

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Upcoming Event: 11/6 with Simone of Zenbelly

San Francisco! You're the lucky ones because I live here 😉

I'll be talking, answering questions, and signing books with my friend Simone of Zenbelly – author of this new stunner “Paleo Soups & Stews” on Sunday, November 6th at 3pm over at Omnivore Books!

RSVP and call the store to reserve your book(s)!

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Recent Media Features

Pursuing Health Podcast #39 – Nutrition challenges and Practical Paleo with Diane Sanfilippo

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Brit + Co Article: The Foods You Should be Eating to Manage Stress

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JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show #95 – Carbs & Re-balancing your Plate with Diane Sanfilippo

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JJ Virgin and Diane Sanfilippo

Well Fed's “The New Practical Paleo & Salsa Verde Chicken” Review

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Well Fed salsa_verde_chicken

Paleo Foodie Kitchen's “Restaurant-Style Lettuce Cups with Sesame Sauce”

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lettucewrappp1-2 Paleo Foodie Kitchen

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Balanced Bites Podcast Episode #266 – All about Digestion: Gut Microbiome, Antacids, Probiotics, Constipation & SIBOAll About Digestion - Gut Microbiome, Antacids, Probiotics, Constipation & SIBO - Diane Sanfilippo, Liz Wolfe | Balanced Bites


1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [4:39]
2. Shout out: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen and her new book [18:16]
3. About the microbiome [20:22]
4. Antacids and natural relief for stomach acid [29:37]
5. Best time to take a probiotic [37:19]
6. Best type and form of probiotic [38:50]
7. Constipation, bloating, and pressure [47:02]
8. SIBO questions and testing [51:53]

Tune in or read more here >

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Join the November 21-Day Sugar Detox!

21dsd-NovemberJoin the next 21-Day Sugar Detox beginning on Tuesday, November 1st and kick sugar to the curb just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Join the detox here >

Want even more support?

Find a 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach here >

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New on the 21DSD Blog

21DSD Recipe – Mexican-Style Coleslaw

Get the recipe >


21DSD Recipe Roundup | Spaghetti Squash

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21DSD Testimonial – “I Got My Energy Back!”

Read Mary Lou's Experience >


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Highlights from Instagram

ICYMI! 🌟YOUR WEEKLY #PRACTICALPALEO RECIPE CHALLENGE IS ON!🌟Tag a friend now to tell them about the challenge and encourage them to try the recipe! ## It's easy! Just make this recipe for my DAIRY-FREE CAESAR SALAD from the new 2nd edition book, then post a photo of it and tag me @diane.practicalpaleo AND #practicalpaleo & #dairyfreecaesarsalad in the caption! ## I'll pick one person to win a copy of the new book to give to a friend who needs it! (Because if you're making this recipe, you already have the book.) AND you will win a special, Practical Paleo logo cooler tote bag for yourself for your healthy grocery shopping!!! Peek back in my feed to see it because it's RAD. ## You have until end-of-day 10/26/16 to participate, so if you need to go buy groceries to make this, put them on your list! ## ARE YOU IN?! 📲🔥Get your hardcover or softcover copy of the book now on sale now for over 40% OFF at http://www.practicalpaleobook.com (live link in bio) ## #paleo #caesarsalad ## Winner must be 18 years or older – US only at this time, so sorry international folks! Note: entries must be made beginning today, older photos with updated captions will not count, sorry!

A photo posted by 👻SNAPCHAT: DianeSanfilippo (@diane.practicalpaleo) on

I had a wonderful conversation with my mother yesterday morning. During the course of it, she and I discussed how, at a young age, I became quite protective of myself. My life hasn't been without struggle though I often think I rose-tint or gloss-over what I've been through simply because I choose not to live a story in the past – or hold onto anger or resentment for how things may have played out when I truly believe everyone was doing the best they could at the time. ## In any event, my young life included a period of time when looking out for myself, assertively saying what I wanted or needed, and letting go of the concern that others might be upset in that process became second nature. This doesn't mean I'm not extremely thoughtful in my actions, nor that I don't consider others' feelings when I make choices. It does, however, mean that their becoming upset about what I chose became less important to me than my decision to do as I felt was necessary or right for myself. ## In other words, others' expectations of me – or of how I or anyone “should” be/behave – took second fiddle to my own sense of self and how I wanted to live and feel in the world. I don't completely know why I'm sharing this with you all other than to perhaps let you in a bit – to how I am – and how I also think it's okay for you to be. That I am comfortable saying no to you, or to anyone else – even if it makes you (or them) upset. ## And I guess I'm trying to give you permission to do the same here. You can say no to things you don't want to do. If someone doesn't like you or doesn't think you're a nice, good person as a result, it's truly on them to resolve why they make that assumption. It isn't about you. ## You can say no to things you don't want to do for whatever reason you want. Period. ## Please note: my story is not one of abuse, so if anything about this is somehow implying that to you – because I'm saying that I learned to say “no,” please know that it isn't the case. I'm talking about a delicate family situation, the details of which are honestly not important, but I wouldn't want to mislead anyone and I realize that could possibly happen if you try to fill in the blanks.

A photo posted by 👻SNAPCHAT: DianeSanfilippo (@diane.practicalpaleo) on

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