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Diane’s Current Nutrition Philosophy

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There was a time when I couldn’t go a few hours between meals without a major blood sugar crash. Then there were many years when I stopped eating grains all together, I even remember (some of you may, too) thinking “oats are just horse food.” Sigh.

There are truly only a handful of things about nutrition I still wholeheartedly stand by and will probably never let go of:

1) animal foods are critical to optimal human health (whether or not you eat dairy is personal to your gut/tolerance)- they also help the planet/soil remain healthy when raised properly and in a decentralized way.

2) whole foods are to be centered versus those that are refined – and if you eat something that is refined, you’re not a bad person.

3) reducing sugar intake is a good idea, and balancing how much of it you eat with your activity level is likely ideal.

4) avoiding poor quality fats (like canola, soybean, and other inflammatory, RBD oils – google it) whenever possible, especially at home, is something everyone can do regardless of dietary choices otherwise. They don’t need to be organic / grass-fed to be better choices.

5) you must find a balance of what you enjoy among what is as healthful as possible. If you don’t enjoy your food and your life (!!!), a *perfect* diet will not do all you think it *should* do.

Once I balanced my blood sugar, more foods found their way back to my plate. I can eat meat and veggies for a meal and be happy. I don’t fear healthy fats. I can also enjoy some granola – homemade or one like this from Nana Joes Granola with high quality ingredients and not experience a spike-and-crash. I can incorporate the dairy I’ve found that works for me. This is goat yogurt – cow yogurt is still not something my body can tolerate (painful acne!).

I didn’t plan for my sharing of this bowl of yogurt and granola (with fresh passion fruit and some The Date Lady syrup on top) to be a big nutrition declaration- and this isn’t really the whole of my approach, but I did want to contextualize it.

Let me know below – what's the number one nutritional belief that you stand by?

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  1. Thank you, Diane for sharing! I’m currently dealing with MCAS, high oxalates and Candida. Finding a balance while healing has been rough but I look forward to the day I can finally make peace with my plate and find that perfect formula for my body!

    1. Post

      I hear you, Amy! I know my good friend Caitlin (@grassfedgirl on IG) has done well with carnivore for a time – it may be therapeutic for you. I think it’s worth testing then reintroducing things slowly perhaps!

      Thanks for the note.
      Diane 🙂

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