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Balanced Bites Master Class Coming Soon!

The Balanced Bites Master Class with Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe

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You'll learn the whys and hows of whole food nutrition and a balanced lifestyle including:

  • Why & how we've been mislead about nutrition for the last 30+ years, how to refocus on asking the right questions, and other issues surrounding foundational mindset/beliefs about health
  • Innate immunity and how an out-of-balance body is at the root of all disease.
  • Myths and truths about nutrition and health (fat, cholesterol, red meat, whole grains as a “health food”, fiber, “Paleo is a fad diet,” and more)
  • What inflammation really is and how it causes chronic disease, weight loss resistance, and poor athletic performance – and what you can do to keep it in check
  • How your digestion should work, and what to do about it when it's not working
  • Why blood sugar regulation is critical to overall health, and how to keep it in check
  • Hormonal health – the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on it, and how to achieve balance
  • What and how to eat – figuring out the balance of macronutrients that's right for you, what to avoid (sneaky hidden ingredients), what to eat more of, optimizing food quality/sourcing, dining out/on-the-go, budget concerns
  • Nutrition and lifestyle tweaks for athletic performance, fat loss, autoimmunity, adrenal fatigue, and general health optimization
  • Recommended “superfoods” and FAQs about supplementation
  • Turning your passion for nutrition into a career – how to use what you know or how to learn more to then help others in a more formal setting.

What others are saying about The Balanced Bites Master Class:

“After many years of taking nutrition classes, both in college and in post-graduate studies, I’ve never had it broken down in easy and applicable terms. Then after attending this workshop over the weekend, I learned more in four hours than in four years, but I could apply her information the next day. Yes, nutrition can be very complicated, and that’s why people give up. But by taking a one-class seminar, Diane broke down nutrition so it’s understandable and most importantly, very applicable. I highly recommend her class for any reason and for any walk of life… I can’t wait till I take the next course.” – Dr. Thomas J. Ebalo, Chiropractor

“Awesome, awesome, AWESOME workshop. I learned a ton… your transparency was refreshing. Your approach has really put into perspective why a whole foods lifestyle is the way to go. Thanks for everything today!” – Erika B.

“Really enjoyed the seminar today! Although I thought I had a pretty good handle on most things Paleo, I feel like I learned a ton today. Additionally, I feel reinvigorated in my search for optimal health, and I am energized to take on a few more of my longstanding problems (IE- sugar addiction). Thanks so much for a wonderful day!” – Tim M.

“Awesome seminar in Portland/Oregon City today ladies!! So much great information, and I really appreciate how you concentrate on the mechanics of good nutrition in general instead of saying “everyone should eat this and not that” since as you pointed out several times, we’re all different. At some point you could totally turn this into a whole weekend event — I’d love to learn even more! Thanks again!” – Tiffany J.

“I just want to thank you for how much I've learned from you since you came out the Mass. for the Paleo Seminar at CrossFit Woodshed. The past few months have been an amazing and eye-opening time. And, as Robb often says, “It's almost like this stuff works!” – Paul L.

“I attended your seminar today and am so glad that I did! I love how down-to-earth you are. You recognize that we are all different individuals with different health issues and body systems. You never pushed supplements or your views on us; which strengthened your status of a trusted authority in my book. I also really appreciated how you were not judgemental of what other people said worked for them, but instead were supportive. You are exactly what the nutritional industry needs – someone who is straight up, knows their stuff, and just wants to help people feel better. You did not stand on some Paleo soap box (or perhaps I should say crossfit jump box) but spoke from your heart. You are in inspiration to me and I look forward to meeting you again sometime in the future. Keep up the good work and thank you for a great, nerdy Saturday!” – Rebecca A.

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