FAQs about the NEW 21-Day Sugar Detox Online Program updates for 2016

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A NEW 21-Day Sugar Detox Online Program is coming – this week!

For those of you who are already members of The 21-Day Sugar Detox Online Program, or who are curious about jumping in, this post is to give you the complete 4-1-1 on the updates to the program we are making as we head into 2016.

Before I get to the changes, let me first state what is not changing: The core of the program guidelines, rules, and recommendations about foods to be included/excluded will not change. The printed books are also not impacted at all by this change.

Diane Sanfilippo | Business PodcastAfter a year and a half of running the online program in its current incarnation, we've taken the time to dig in to some data, stats, and your feedback on the materials within the program.

What did we find?

Well, we found that we currently have SO much amazing content in the online program, that not all of it was being utilized to the fullest – and it was perhaps even overwhelming to some folks.

Armed with this information, and a strong, constant desire to bring the you the absolute best, most useful, and most concise information possible while keeping it as complete as you need it, we've made a big decision…

We're streamlining The 21-Day Sugar Detox Online Program.

What does ”streamlining” the program mean, exactly?

It means that, in order to best serve you, and to reach as many people as possible with this powerfully life-changing program, we're removing some of the content that was previously available in the online program and we are reducing the price.

The price of the online program will be reduced this coming week, and the home page at 21DSD.com will reflect the new pricing and revised content when it is ready. The big yellow note on the page currently will be removed when the new program is launched.

Before we lower the price, however, we are leaving a few days of time for you to get in on the program as it currently exists, if you're so inclined.

Why would you want to get in on the current, more expensive program?

Only grab the current program (starting at $67) if you either:

1) love to have “all the things,”
In other words, you want anything and everything that has ever been created as a part of this program and the materials therein (as detailed on the current home page at 21DSD.com)


2) you'd like to get in on TWO LIVE VIP CALLS WITH ME.
These two calls will take place the first week of our January 21DSD and will be available for replay after (if you can't make the live times). In the calls, I'll be covering some of my best tips for success on the program, preparation advice, as well as tips for transitioning to life after your 21DSD. I'll also be answering YOUR questions – either that you in live, or that you submit ahead of time.

If you want to grab the program now, before it changes, click here to jump over to 21DSD.com.



We currently have extensive library of eBook resources in the program, from workouts and yoga, to extra recipes from various bloggers, to additional PDFs – many of these will be removed to keep the focus on the core content that's most relevant and important to program participants.


The Quick Start Guide (QSG)This is your go-to guide for the program and may be used in lieu of the printed program guide if you so choose. While the printed program guide includes expanded content about the science of sugar in your body and more, this guide has everything you need to complete the program successfully – all at your fingertips. The QSG has been edited to include about 20-25 of the recipes we feel are most important for any detoxer to have. This PDF is perfect for accessing on your phone or tablet while on-the-go.

The Modification Guide – where you'll get expanded content discussing how to follow the 21DSD as an athlete, pregnant/breastfeeding mom, with a family and kids, as pescetarain, or while eating AIP. The Modification Guide is an extremely useful and valuable resource within the Online Program! This PDF is perfect for accessing on your phone or tablet while on-the-go.

Product Coupons – for some of your favorite 21DSD-friendly products including Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pete's Paleo meals, Vital Choice Seafood, and more!

Daily Detox Audio Series – these 10-25 minute recordings are perfect for daily inspiration and motivation on a commute, while getting dressed for the day, or anytime you want to get a bit more insight about what's going on or what to expect on that day of your program.

Daily Detox Emails – this email series will now only be accessible to Online Program members.

Member Support Forum & 24/7 Membership SiteAccess – the program materials are online and available for you anytime.

[OPTIONAL / ADDITIONAL] The printed books! You may choose to purchase the two, 240-page, full-color printed books as part of your package at an amazing value of only $20 each – that's nearly half off the cover price of $34.99 each.


Then you will gain access to the TWO LIVE VIP CALLS WITH ME, and everything you have always had access to, content wise, will remain available to you in a ZIP folder for you to download and save. You'll also be able to log in to the updated version of the online program once it's launched later this week, just as you would have logged in to your previous membership site before. In short, you're covered and then some – we've got your back!


The previous grandfathered-in discount available to eBook owners from before 2013 will no longer be provided on the new version of the program. This is due to the significant price reduction of the program.


If you have The 21-Day Sugar Detox program guide, you're all set with the essentials to complete the program! That said, the online program expands upon the information in the books, and many find the resources to be an extra level of support and value that help them complete their program with ease.

Note that while The 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook isn't quite enough information to complete the program, it is a great resource for extra recipes.

If you own the books and are curious if the online program might be valuable to you, consider the additional resources detailed above – if you think those sound useful to you, then jump on in!

If you want to check out The 21-Day Sugar Detox, hop on over to the site for all the details and we'll see you inside the program!

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  1. I have the two books plus practical paleo Do I need to buy the program? I paid quite a bit of money for the books

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      You don’t need to, nope! If you want more information or to be able to access it in a different way, then the online program is great. We’ve got some special changes coming to the online program later this year, so maybe then you’ll decide if it’s something you’d like or not – but the books are plenty 🙂

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