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Transform your
Health Coaching

with insights to support even the most challenging clients


Diane & Liz teach real food nutrition in their signature style, breaking down complicated science into actionable steps that will revamp your coaching business.

The Balanced Bites Master Class is the most comprehensive workshop on nutrition and wellness available.

The Balanced Bites Master Class takes the essence of our full-day seminar and dives deeper into the most common health struggles we see with a completely guided, 10-week, online class that will transform how you support your clients and even how you think about your own health.

We walk you step-by-step through the history of how our government arrived at the standard nutrition recommendations, as well as the myths & truths about good nutrition, in an easy-to-digest, fun and engaging format.

Stop struggling with how to fit all the nutritional puzzle pieces together for yourself and each of your clients. Work with us to solidify your foundation of nutritional knowledge so you can connect the dots and always make the best choices as you help your clients and build your practice.

Meet Your Leaders

Diane Sanfilippo is the New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo, The 21-Day Sugar Detox, The 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook and The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide. She is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and creator of the popular health blog, BalancedBites.com.


Liz Wolfe is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and author of the Wall Street Journal best seller Eat the Yolks. She wrote The Purely Primal Skincare Guide and co-created the online program Baby Making and Beyond. She shares everything she knows about food, beauty and babies at RealFoodLiz.com.

We Know What You're Thinking…
How Is The Master Class Different than what I've already learned?

The BBMC let’s you capitalize on the knowledge and experience of two holistic practitioners with more than 10 years experience building a business around real food nutrition.

We know the struggles and the excuses you’ve been hearing because we’ve been there. We have developed solutions for even the most challenging clients… and guess what?

It doesn’t have to be complicated!

We created the Balanced Bites Master Class to deliver a strong foundation on real food nutrition, breaking down the science to a level that people can easily understand, busting all the myths, and creating action-based steps that your clients can use to create lasting transformation.

Plus, the Master Class community is unlike any other!  We are excited to connect you to a network of other like-minded practitioners who won’t be creating crazy, dogmatic protocols, but rather, are also seeking real-food, sustainable strategies to better serve their own clients and community.

Here’s the thing, after years of working with clients 1-on-1, we know exactly how frustrating it can be!

We know that there is a gap between what you learned in school, and what happens when you're out there coaching on your own.

Not only are you breaking your clients' bad nutrition habits and beliefs, you are trying to communicate to them, in simple terms, why they need to eat the butter, give up the fat-free and low-fat foods and stabilize their blood sugar.

As a coach or practitioner, how you communicate to your clients is critical and the Master Class will provide you with the skills and tools you need to help your clients make a breakthrough.

  • 9 Video Modules packed with all the nutrition background and information you’ll need on the weekly topic
  • Worksheets that go beyond the modules to get you laser-focused on the most important takeaways and action steps to apply the information to your clients health goals
  • A PDF Journal with weekly prompts and space for your personal objectives to help you stay on track
  • Beautifully designed handouts distilling the most important details from each module to use in your practice
  • Balanced Bites Master Class website badge to use on your website, social media, marketing materials etc.
  • 36 CEU credits from the Nutritional Therapy Association (For NTA program grads only)
  • A certificate of completion +1 year practitioner referral listing on balancedbites.com

but that's not all…

You’ll also get exclusive business coaching sessions with Diane to ensure you’re making the most of your nutrition practice

  • SESSION 1: Getting your business started. Finding your niche, naming your business, and building your website.
  • SESSION 2: Earning money as a health practitioner. Shaping your service offerings and product creation basic.
  • SESSION 3: Making Connections. Building a strategy for in person outreach, networking strategies and how to leverage social media.


Three bonus modules with leading experts in the health and wellness field.

Balanced Bites Master Class | Practitioner Track | Bonus Module | Dr. Jessica Flanigan | Autoimmune Disease
Balanced Bites Master Class | Practitioner Track | Bonus Module | Dr. Amy Myers | Thyroid & Adrenal Health
Balanced Bites Master Class | Practitioner Track | Bonus Module | Dr. Allison Siebecker | Gut Health & SIBO

with A Full Year of coach MEMBERSHIP, you get…

  • A private Facebook group to provide you with the best support from Diane, Liz and the Master Class Community.
  • Coach directory listing on balancedbites.com.
  • Four All-New Business Modules from Diane and Liz, with a workbook to help you take action in your business.
  • Quarterly office hours calls with Liz and Diane for open business building Q&A.
  • More interviews and resources from top health professionals.
  • 25+ handouts, and new resources made available each quarter.

The resources we've created for you take the best information from each module and condense it into a combination of one page guides and interactive handouts that you can use in your practice.

These exclusive handouts include:

  • Guides to Food Quality, Easy Proteins, Dense Carbs, Digestion, Superfoods, and Poop!
  • Extensive Personal History Timeline
  • Blood Sugar Tracker
  • 30 Day Rest & Digest Chewing Challenge Journal
  • Guides to complement the bonus interviews
  • and much more!

Program Modules

Module 1: Introduction & Workshop Overview


In this lesson

Welcome to the Balanced Bites Master Class!

To kick things off, Diane and Liz share a bit about themselves. You will learn about their backgrounds, about their certifications, and personal journeys with real food, and how they came together to create the Master Class!
In this module, you download the course materials so you can start piecing together your own health story throughout the class. Let’s get started!

Module 2: What is Real Food?


In this lesson

In Part One, Diane introduces the factors of influence and awareness that inform how we make our decisions. She also defines what real food is — and isn’t. In Part Two, Liz explores historical health blunders that have affected our current nutritional paradigm, and introduces new ideas for a nutritional paradigm shift. You will discover your current level of awareness and understanding of the nutritional landscape. Practitioners are introduced to the case study client they will focus on for the rest of the course.

Module 3: The Skinny on Fat & Cholesterol


In this lesson

Learn the history behind current beliefs about fat & cholesterol. Break down the molecular structure of fats, compare healthy and processed fats, learn why healthy fats are important and why processed fats are harmful. Understand why cholesterol is important to the health of your body and hormones, and how to properly interpret your standard cholesterol panel.
Next, start applying this info to your personal health journey! Practitioners explore how to share the myths of fat and cholesterol with clients.

Module 4: All About Protein


In this lesson

You will learn all about how and why we have our current views on protein, including the studies that “support” why vegetarianism is healthy for people - and how those studies are not actually accurate. Liz explains the importance of protein in the body, compares plant protein vs. animal protein, and then dives deeper into the difference between well-sourced vs. factory farmed animal products.
You will then learn how to find a local farm to source quality proteins and create a strategy for fitting the highest quality proteins into your budget.
Practitioners explore how their case study client can improve her protein intake.

Module 5: Good Carbs, Bad Carbs & The Low-down on Fiber


In this lesson

Diane explains the difference between “good” and “bad” carbs, how they work in your body, how to establish the right amount of carbs for you, and how your body reacts to consuming vegetables, grains, and anti-nutrients (plant defense mechanisms). You will also learn about different forms of fiber and how they each support your digestion.
You will discover how many carbs you need to eat based on your lifestyle factors, evaluate current carb choices (good carbs vs. bad carbs), and analyze your current carbohydrate and fiber intake. All forms of fiber are the spotlight focus for practitioners, digging into the relation between blood sugar and digestive distress.

Module 6: Blood Sugar Regulation & Sweeteners


In this lesson

It’s time to make blood sugar less complicated! Diane explains the roles of insulin and glucagon, and the different issues people can have when they are out of balance (for example: insulin resistance, glucagon dominance, and the insulin-cortisol loop). Compare two meals “typical” breakfasts to show their nutritional and physiological impact. Learn about the different types of sweeteners and how your body responds to them. Then, evaluate how balanced your plate is using what you’ve learned, and how to read your ingredient labels to find hidden sugars and sweeteners. Practitioners review the case study client and create recommendations based on what they’ve learned in this module.

Module 7: How your Digestion Should Work, and What to do if it's Not!


In this lesson

This is where the text for the back of your card should go.

Module 8: Inflammation, Stress, Sleep & Hormonal Balance


In this lesson

Diane defines inflammation, what it means when your body is “inflamed” and how it can manifest. She explains how inflammation is related to disease, chronic inflammation, and how different lifestyle factors can impact your level of inflammation. She teaches about our natural circadian rhythm, and how it's interrupted by our modern lifestyle. Diane discusses stress and how the capacity for stress can be so different from person to person.
Then, you assess your level of inflammation, explore how you can improve your sleep, and dig in to what fills your “stress beaker.”
Practitioners brainstorm changes their case study client can make to decrease inflammation she’s experiencing, and consider client scenarios to address stress management, inflammation, and how to support clients beyond dietary changes.

Module 9: Superfoods & Supplements


In this lesson

In Part One, Liz explores different nutrient deficiencies, and the ways that they can appear in the body. She then digs into the superfoods and supplements that support optimal health, fertility, and skin care.
In Part Two, Diane looks at specific ways to support autoimmune conditions, training as an athlete, and fat loss.
Use what you learn to evaluate the nutrient density of your typical diet and create a plan for how you can make it more nutrient-dense and where you can add superfoods. Explore the different signs of nutrient deficiencies, and brainstorm ways that you can get more of those nutrients into your diet. Practitioners wrap up their client case study in this module by providing final recommendations and helpful resources found in their local area.

Coach Program

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*Includes full year of access to Balanced Bites Master Class Coach Resource Center and any program updates, $297 annual fee thereafter to remain active

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*Includes full year of access to Balanced Bites Master Class Coach Resource Center and any program updates, $297 annual fee thereafter to remain active



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A Closer Look at the Curriculum

Scroll down for detailed module information!

Module 1

What you'll learn in this lesson:

  • You'll Meet Diane and Liz

We provide a detailed look at our backgrounds, certifications and personal journeys with real food.

Download the course materials and piece together your own health story based on our prompts and cues.


What others are saying about learning from Liz & Diane:

  • “I on-boarded a new client while in the master class that has high cholesterol. What I've taken away from the course is the ability to confidently explain the myth of cholesterol, how it originated and where the cracks in the information we get are, to my clients. I am also doing a talk on healthy fats at a lunch & learn in early January and I have taken so much of what I learned in the course and put it into my presentation. I'm overall just feeling more inspired and confident in my coaching practice!”Chelsea Gross, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC™)
  • “As a recent NTP, this course was gave me that extra boost of confidence when working with my clients. The course was a great addition to what I learned from NTA but also broke detailed information down in a way that was easier to understand and communicate to clients. The course has also provided a lot of material that will make creating my own handouts for clients easier.”Jamey Floreck, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTA)
  • “I have followed Diane and Liz for years and totally expect in-depth discussions in an accessible and fun way. This course exceeded those expectations. I was truly surprised by the detail given to each presentation, both in content and design. The slides were fun and made the subjects and points way more memorable. I often struggle with homework and assignments and found these fun and relevant, relatively simple, yet required an understanding of what was being taught. Everything tied together seamlessly. Education should be fun, and the Masterclass does not disappoint!”Michal Ofer, Integrative Health Coach (IIN)

The Balanced Bites Master Class is your very best resource for revealing the whole truth about what good nutrition really means, how it impacts the body, and how you can use that knowledge to build the lifestyle that’s best for you and your clients.

It's Time to Stop

Time to stop wondering if you are “doing the right thing” in regards to your coaching business.

Time to stop spinning your wheels and feeling more confused with every article you read.

Time to stop guessing if you could support your clients in a better way.

It's Time to Start

Time to start explaining the foundations of good health in a way that your clients can understand.

Time to start gaining traction in your client work.

Time to start empowering your clients to face their toughest challenges, once and for all.

Are you ready to bust nutrition myths, take your nutrition knowledge to the next level and improve your performance as a practitioner?

Enrollment is open June 18-29!

Classes begin July 9!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Master Class Refund Policy

We know you’re going to absolutely love what we’ve created for you, but, if you somehow don’t feel you're learning something that you can apply to your own life for self-improvement, here’s what you need to do to receive a refund within the first 30 days of the course:

1. Notify us by sending an email to [email protected] with the reason that you are requesting the refund so that we can help you through the process.
2. Provide proof that you have completed Modules 1-3.
This can be done by submitting your assessments for each lesson as well as scanned copies of the workbooks (we do not need to see your personal Master Class journal pages).
3. Remove yourself from the Master Class Facebook groups
4. Unsubscribe from the Master Class email list

Once these steps have been completed, we will process your refund.

The course begins on July 9, 2018. Refund requests after August 8, 2018 will not be accepted.