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Transform your
in 10 weeks

with the Power of Real Food



Diane & Liz teach real food nutrition in their signature style, breaking down complicated subjects into actionable steps that provide a roadmap to better health.

The Balanced Bites Master Class is the first workshop of its kind to harness the knowledge and experience of two award-winning, best-selling authors and holistic nutritionists, into a fun, engaging, laugh-while-you-learn online workshop.

You’ll be guided step-by-step through the fundamentals of real food nutrition, the myths and truths of our current dietary landscape, and the foundations of supporting overall wellness. Through a combination of multimedia-based video modules, worksheets, daily journaling, and a supportive online community, you’ll uncover amazing insights for yourself and clients, and develop real, actionable steps for a balanced lifestyle and thriving practice.

We Know What You're Thinking… But I've tried everything! I've been struggling for years!
Can this Master Class really help me?

Well, as holistic nutritionists, we know for sure that there's huge power in approaching this stuff from the ground up. It's how we built our own nutrition practices, and how we've helped clients get back on track for years!

If you're struggling with cravings, unpredictable digestion, or just plain feeling confused about what to eat, you're in the right place.

If you've been looking for a community of like-minded, health-conscious folks who “get it,” and who aren't trying to create crazy, dogmatic world surrounding nutrition choices (white rice might just be okay for you!), you're in the right place.

If you're tired of feeling like you're floating out there on your own, without the guidance you need and a plan you can follow, step-by-step, to get to the root of what's going on with your health, you're in the right place.

Are you setting yourself up for success at every meal?
Did you know that HOW you eat might be just as important as WHAT you eat?
Have you looked at the balance of what's on your plate and how that makes you feel?
Do you have consistent and stable energy throughout the day?
Has your athletic performance reached its full potential?
Are you sleeping soundly and peacefully through the night?
Do you know the full impact stress can have on your health?

We're betting you've said no to at least one of these questions, and they're critical to figuring out what's going on with your health.


We know that you're often fighting this “battle” on your own, without the help or support of your spouse or family. And, if your family is supportive, well, we know that it's still not always enough.

You need a supportive community of people who are just like you — in it to figure out what's going on with their bodies using a natural, balanced approach.

Here’s the thing, after years of working with clients 1-on-1 and teaching seminars around the country, we know exactly how frustrating this journey can be, and how isolating it can feel!

The Balanced Bites Master Class takes the essence of our full-day seminar, and dives deeper into the most common struggles with a completely guided, 10-week, online class that will transform how you think about — and how you manage — your health.

We've traveled the country teaching our live seminars, and answered tough questions from our listeners on the Balanced Bites podcast. Now, we are sharing our knowledge with everyone in an engaging and organized format. The Balanced Bites Master Class combines hundreds of hours of expertise with a personal transformation program that will help you implement lasting changes. All from the comfort of your living room!

Even with the freedom to study in a way that's comfortable for you,
you won't be alone.

We will check in with you through the private Master Class community, where you will also have the opportunity connect and share tips with other people just like you!

No one likes feeling stuck in one place, especially when it comes to your health.

Maybe you're trapped in an old routine that's not working for you, feeling overstressed and undernourished. Maybe you're finding yourself turning on another episode of Real Housewives, because it seems easier than getting started with a new, healthful habit. Maybe you're just sick and tired of being sick and tired, and have no idea how to start the healing process.

The Balanced Bites Master Class was made just for you.

We know how you’re feeling, because we’ve been there, too.

But you know what?
If nothing changes, then… nothing changes.

It’s up to you to take the first step toward making a real, positive change, and the Balanced Bites Master Class is here to help you every step of the way, by presenting you with the tools to empower yourself in a well-balanced, simple and engaging way!

You Might be Thinking…

I have your books and I’ve been listening to the podcast for years – in fact, I’ve listened to every episode,

what else could you possibly tell me that I haven’t already read or heard?

We are so excited you’ve already “spent” so much time with us, but in the Balanced Bites Master Class, we will help you take your nutrition knowledge to the next level providing a new perspective and tools you can use to make lasting change.

From Diane’s easy-to-understand, practical explanations about complex nutrition topics, to Liz’s unique ability to present the how and why behind common nutrition myths, the Balanced Bites Master Class offers you the most well-rounded and comprehensive nutrition class possible and offers actionable steps to apply the lessons to your own life.

In addition, you will be surrounded and supported by others on the same journey – a powerful community of real food enthusiasts seeking knowledge to improve their health.

Picture This…

You confidently enter the grocery store equipped with the knowledge of how to choose the most nutrient-dense foods. And you actually want to make great choices.

You are out to dinner with your family, enjoying an amazing meal full of foods you know will help you feel and look your best, without fear of digestive upset, guilt, or that “fell off the wagon” feeling.

You look in the mirror and see a body that looks well-nourished, less inflamed, and maybe even a few pounds lighter.

You no longer stress about being “consistent” or “staying on track” because your nutrition and lifestyle choices are simply a part of who you are and how you live.

You find it easy and comfortable to discuss your new lifestyle with friends and family when they approach you with questions or comments.

The Balanced Bites Master Class can help you get there!

The Balanced Bites Master Class is the most comprehensive workshop on nutrition and wellness available.

We walk you step-by-step through the history of how our government arrived at the standard nutrition recommendations, as well as the myths & truths about good nutrition, in an easy-to-digest, fun and engaging format. You’ll feel like you are listening to an extra episode of The Balanced Bites Podcast each week…but so much better!

You could spend what feels like forever trying to tie all the puzzle pieces together on your own. In fact, you may have already tried to do so.

But with the Master Class, you’re not alone. We’re here to empower you with the information you need to connect the dots, so you can consistently make the best choices possible. Plus, you’ll be welcomed into our Master Class community, full of other real food-conscious people, all seeking optimal health. You'll find your nutrition template, your lifestyle groove, and your health tribe.

The Balanced Bites Master Class is the first course of its kind that:

  • Explains the how & why of current dietary dogma, so you can truly appreciate the volume of misinformation we’ve been fed for decades
  • Details the myths & truths about saturated fat, cholesterol, protein and carbohydrates, empowering you to eat real food without fear
  • Reveals where true nutrition actually comes from, so you can appropriately fuel your body for any goal you’d like to achieve
  • Guides you step-by-step through the foundations of good health, including proper digestion, blood sugar regulation, and key lifestyle factors to help you feel and look your best
  • Connects you with a like-minded community of real-food enthusiasts, providing support, accountability, and unique and diverse perspectives


What others are saying about learning from Liz & Diane:

  • “What I love most about the Balanced Bites Master Class is that Diane and Liz turn complex information into easy to understand “Bite size pieces” so you are able to first observe them in your own life and second make small incremental healthy changes that build upon each other over time! “Rachele Conboy
  • “Even though i have my bachelors in nutrition and have been working in the field for almost 7 years, it amazed me how much I learned from this Master Class. I was particularly interested in the modules that picked apart the truths and myths behind specific studies that lead us to the “research based” guidelines we are supposed to follow today. I signed up for this class to seek out the truth behind food and the misconceptions of today's world. I have been eating primal for years, but couldn't give my exact reasonings why to others. This class has given me the knowledge and confidence I needed to promote my lifestyle and why it works for me and why it can help others as well. Thank you Liz and Diane!”Melissa Lauren
  • “Are you an athlete? Do you suffer from digestive distress? Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition? Maybe you just want to live a long life and look good naked! Whatever your goals, Diane & Liz do the heavy-lifting by condensing the science and a lot of practical how-tos into bite-sized pieces you can apply to your own life. “Robb Wolf, New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Solution and former research biochemist
  • “Separating facts from myths can be a full-time job when you are trying to figure out what to eat. Not only do Diane and Liz explain nutrition concepts like digestions, blood sugar regulation, and the effects of stress on the body, to name a few, they also help to debunk the myths that don't seem to die regardless of the current research. “Amy Welker
  • “After many years of taking nutrition classes, both in college and in post-graduate studies, I’ve never had it broken down in easy and applicable terms. Then after taking Diane’s seminar over the weekend, I learned more in four hours than in four years, but I could apply her information the next day. Yes, nutrition can be very complicated, and that’s why people give up. But by taking a one-class seminar, Diane broke down nutrition so it’s understandable and most importantly, very applicable. I highly recommend her class for any reason and for any walk of life… I can’t wait till I take the next course.”Dr. Thomas J. Ebalo, Chiropractor in Davenport, IA – QuadCity CrossFit workshop attendee
  • “Diane clearly understands the science behind diet and can answer any questions about what to eat, what not to eat, and why. Our athletes reported that they learned a ton of new information and were energized and motivated to clean up their diets after listening to Diane speak. In addition, Diane’s blog and website have also proven to be an invaluable resource to our athletes as they navigate a new dimension of healthy eating. If you are looking for a well-educated, articulate nutritionist who is a living example of why this stuff works, Diane is your woman.”Juliet Starrett, Owner, San Francisco CrossFit
  • “No matter what I put into words, I can’t really explain the benefits of learning what she has to teach. Diane is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and that comes across after about 2 minutes of listening to her talk about nutrition. She presents everything is a very simple and well organized format. I have read up a lot on Paleo and have been eating this way for a few months now, but no matter how much you think you know, there is much more to learn.”Anthony K., Wilmington, DE workshop attendee – CrossFit GameShape

Meet Your Instructors

Diane Sanfilippo is the New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo, The 21-Day Sugar Detox, The 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook and, co-author of Mediterranean Paleo Cooking. She is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and creator of the popular health blog,


Liz Wolfe is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and author of the Wall Street Journal best seller Eat the Yolks. She wrote The Purely Primal Skincare Guide and co-created the online program Baby Making and Beyond. She shares everything she knows about food, beauty and babies at

Together, Diane and Liz have served thousands of folks through their award-winning, top-rated weekly podcast, The Balanced Bites Podcast, and traveled the country teaching the basics of whole food nutrition and optimal health to thousands nationwide through the Balanced Bites seminar.

  • 9 Video Modules packed with all the nutrition background and information you’ll need on the weekly topic
  • Worksheets that go beyond the modules to get you laser-focused on important lessons and action steps to apply the information to your health goals
  • A PDF Journal with weekly prompts and space for your personal objectives to help you stay on track
  • Certificate of Completion
  • LIVE Calls with Diane & Liz

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Program Modules

Module 1: Introductions


In this lesson

Diane’s Introduction, certifications and personal journey
Liz’s Introduction, certifications and personal journey
Workshop Overview

Module 2: What is Real Food?


In this lesson

The factors of influence and awareness that inform our decision making
Our historical health blunders, the human dietary timeline and a new paradigm for healthy eating

Module 3: The Skinny on Fat & Cholesterol


In this lesson

The history behind current views of fat and cholesterol
The molecular structure of fats, what to include and what to avoid
Cholesterol's impact on hormones, and how to interpret your Cholesterol tests

Module 4: All About Protein


In this lesson

Busting protein myths, and why the right protein is critical for your body.

Module 5: Good Carbs, Bad Carbs & The Low-down on Fiber


In this lesson

Breaking down carbohydrates, busting fiber myths, and the difference between fiber from grains and vegetables.

Module 6: Blood Sugar Regulation & Sweeteners


In this lesson

Understanding insulin, insulin resistance, glucagon dominance, and the insulin-cortisol loop.

Module 7: How your Digestion Should Work, and What to do if it's Not!


In this lesson

How digestion works, and how to optimize it
When digestion goes wrong

Module 8: Inflammation, Stress, Sleep & Hormonal Balance


In this lesson

Defining inflammation and its role in disease, adjusting lifestyle factors to meet your health

Module 9: Superfoods & Supplements


In this lesson

Nutrient deficiencies and symptoms, supporting optimal health, fertility and skin care
Specifics for autoimmunity, athletic training, and fat loss

A Closer Look at the Curriculum

Module 1

What you'll learn in this lesson:

  • You'll Meet Diane and Liz

We provide a detailed look at our backgrounds, certifications and personal journeys with real food.

Download the course materials and piece together your own health story based on our prompts and cues.

We've worked with thousands of people, just like you, and we know their struggles.

For a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 consultations with just one practitioner, you get the benefit of the experience and knowledge of TWO holistic practitioners, not to mention the supportive network of the Master Class community, and the relationships you'll build together with others going through the program.

It's Time to Stop

Time to stop wondering if you are “doing the right thing” in regards to your health and nutrition.

Time to stop spinning your wheels and feeling more confused with every “health” article you read.

Time to stop leaving your health at the bottom of the list..

We’ve got you covered! The Balanced Bites Master Class is your very best resource for revealing the whole truth about what good nutrition really means, how it impacts the body, and how you can use that knowledge to build the lifestyle that’s best for you.

It's Time to Start

Time to start learning the foundations of good health.

Time to start gaining traction and growing your audience.

Time to start putting your health first.

You don’t have to feel isolated or unsupported. You don’t have to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or paralyzed trying to sift through all of the conflicting nutrition information out there.

We Are Here to Help

Not only do you get the benefit of our combined years of experience working with 1-on-1 clients, teaching seminars, and answering questions for the Balanced Bites Podcast (5 years and counting!), you also get the opportunity to be a part of an incredibly supportive community of practitioners who are improving lives just like you.

We saw the need for a robust, engaging, foundational nutrition course — and the Balanced Bites Master Class is it!

The Balanced Bites Master Class
Priority access to all 9 Modules with videos, worksheets, journals, and more

  • Start With Engaging and Informative Videos

    Diane and Liz deliver the content in each module through a combination of visual and audio learning, taking turns to guide you from topic to topic, all supported by graphics that are insightful, fun, and chock-full of great information. Together, you’ll get down to the real bones of what good nutrition is, where it actually comes from, and how you can get yourself to a more healthful, confident, and balanced place.

  • Complete Actionable Worksheets

    Each module contains a worksheet which allows you to dive deeper into the topic content. A fill-in-the-blank section helps you follow along and soak in the important material from each module’s videos. The worksheets also contain activities and exercises to put the information into practice, including a personal health history timeline, heart disease prevention plan, formula for figuring how many carbs you need in a day, step-by-step guide to evaluate your pantry, and way more!

  • Use the Journal to Stay on Track

    The Balanced Bites Master Class Journal is a daily tool you can use to keep yourself motivated and on track. With spaces to log your food, movement, sleep, and how you feel, you’ll have a running record of your progress every day of the class.

  • Find Support from the Master Class Community

    In our private Facebook groups, you’ll connect with other members of the Balanced Bites Master Class to discuss the week’s module material and share your personal successes and challenges. This is also the place to get to know one another on a more intimate level. And, it’s a great space for us to easily interact with you!

  • Change Your Life

    Throughout the 10 weeks, you will become empowered with knowledge to truly know your food, why you are eating it, it’s nutritional value, and how it affects you. You’ll be able to apply the tools to your own health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Master Class Refund Policy

We know you’re going to absolutely love what we’ve created for you, but, if you somehow don’t feel you're learning something that you can apply to your own life for self-improvement, here’s what you need to do to receive a refund within the first 30 days of the course:

1. Notify us by sending an email to [email protected] with the reason that you are requesting the refund so that we can help you through the process.
2. Provide proof that you have completed Modules 1-3.
This can be done by submitting your fill-in-the-blank answers for each lesson as well as scanned copies of the workbooks (we do not need to see your personal Master Class journal pages).
3. Remove yourself from the Master Class Facebook groups
4. Unsubscribe from the Master Class email list

Once these steps have been completed, we will process your refund.

The course begins on January 20, 2017. Refund requests after February 19, 2017 will not be accepted.