Meet Amanda B.

Amanda Behrens, BS, Film & Video

Video editing & story telling – helping Diane spread the real food message

Hi, I'm Amanda!

I'm a video editor and storyteller, with a passion for sharing the real food message.

What does that mean?

I help Diane turn all that great, raw video content into fun, digestible bites to watch and share.

“You can, you should, and if you're brave enough to start, you will.”

– Stephen King


More about Amanda

Amanda has always been a storyteller.

As a video editor for the last ten years, the thing that lights her up the most is finding new and engaging ways to help her clients share their unique stories with the world.

Amanda found a Paleo/real food lifestyle in an effort to finally (finally!) get her eczema and digestive issues under control. The book that brought it all into focus? Practical Paleo of course!

It's been a slow road, but her body has mostly healed, and is grateful every day for the changes she's made. It was the power of seeing that change that inspired her to study nutrition and health coaching, so she can support others in becoming reacquainted with the magic of real, whole, nutrient dense food.

As a member of Team Diane, Amanda is excited to be right in the heart of a movement that is doing just that — empowering others through real food nutrition to write a brand new story for themselves, one bite at a time.