Meet Amanda S.

Amanda Solorza

Content Development

Hey there, I'm Amanda

For the last 10 years Amanda has worked at home as an independent contractor as a medical transcriptionist. Funnily enough, it was when she joined a cloth diapering forum when she got pregnant with her third child that she was introduced to more “crunchy” ways of living, and real food was part of that. It made sense to her at the time, because she was struggling with so many side effects of diet sodas and packaged foods.

Amanda was first introduced to the WAPF way of eating where she found out more about raw milk and local grass-fed beef. From there she traveled down the eventual rabbit trail into Paleo eating.

Amanda loves that she loves being part of the Balanced Bites team! She loves being able to do what she’s good at (listening and typing) and using it to introduce this way of eating to the masses. She was so unhappy working medical transcription, where there is so much about the western medical profession that has lost its appeal to her.