Meet Tonja

Tonja Pizzo

Proofing extraordinaire

Hi there, I'm Tonja

Tonja was born into a military family, so she began traveling the world at an early age. She spent her formative years in Europe where she developed a thirst for travel and a diverse palate. In the early 90’s, she studied Photography at the University of New Mexico which eventually led to hanging out of very small airplanes to take pictures as an aerial photographer. She then set her feet firmly on the ground and entered the world of corporate advertising. In 2004, her husband and she were blessed with a son and a year later a daughter. In 2009, Tonja’s life was changed forever with the loss of her mother to cancer. Never a healthy role model, her mother’s death brought her to a cross-roads in her life. She was unhappy with her health, her weight, and her lifestyle, and she vowed NOT to walk down the same unhealthy path as her mother. A friend pointed her toward a book from a well known Paleo author, and she quickly realized that the sugar, carbohydrates and factory foods she was feeding her family were killing them–one bite at a time. She committed to cleaning out her pantry which was a turning point for both her and her family. Around that same time, her son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Given the medical advice to medicate her son, she turned to food as his medicine. She has found that by sticking to a Paleo template, his focus improved and his emotional state is much more stable with fewer meltdowns and quicker recovery. She currently homeschools her children and focuses on making healthy choices in all aspects of life. Her family willingly shares their knowledge on any subject with anyone who asks, and are currently working on a website to chronicle their Homeschool-Paleo adventures.