Charitable Giving

The ways in which we give back to our community and communities at-large are detailed within this page. This is an ongoing effort and one that we make collaborative between ourselves as a small business, and our customers - you! We appreciate your partnership in giving back.

Donations at checkout - ongoing.

As of October, 2021, we offer you as our customers a way to add either a chosen amount or a percentage relative to your order to donate to a selected organization along with us on a quarterly basis.

Why donate this way?

Small donations collected together can make a big impact. We'll collect up your small donations each quarter and send them in to each organization to make a bigger impact. We'll also add to the at-checkout donations to bump up the contributions on an ongoing basis.

Recent donation tracking:

July - December 2022
The Loveland Foundation
Collected: TBD - in progress
Donated: TBD

June 2022
The Trevor Project
Collected: $277.87
Donated: $306 (covers transaction fees) on July 5, 2022

May 2022
ACLU Foundation
Collected: $119.88
Donated: $225 on June 1, 2022

January - April 2022
The Loveland Foundation
Collected: $769.64
Donated: $839.5 on May 3, 2022

- 2021 -

Q3/Q4 2021: details forthcoming

June 2021
The Trevor project: $4,000 via sale of merch plus Balanced Bites addition

May 2021
The Loveland Foundation: $763

April 2021
ACLU: $543

We will keep the above updated as time moves on and have linked past updates below with some details further down on this page.

Q1 2021 Charitable Giving Update

Q4 2020 Charitable Giving Update
Q3 2020 Charitable Giving Update

Dollar-per-Jar Initiative, 2020

In the summer of 2020, with our SUPER BLENDS and $1 per jar donated to the NAACP, we decided to donate a small portion of the sale of our regular or limited edition products to a pre-determined organization.

For the time period of May through September, we sold thousands of jars and added our own contribution to make a total donation of $5,000.

Why donate this way?

You get delicious Balanced Bites products, we donate a portion of the proceeds from those purchases to the pre-determined organization.

Merchandise sold to benefit specific organizations.

In the summer of 2021 we created and sold Pride merchandise to benefit The Trevor Project, we periodically create merchandise to sell to donate all proceeds to an organization.

Why donate this way?

You get some fun Balanced Bites merchandise to use or wear, we donate any proceeds from those purchases to the pre-determined organization.