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Nana Joe's Granola

From time to time, we like to partner with like-minded brands to bring you goodies to try alongside your Balanced Bites Meals. These brands will always feature gluten-free, whole foods-based items that are free from refined seed oils and other poor quality/low-nutrition ingredients. In other words, only our favorite things that we eat, too, and that we think you'll love!

This week, that brand is local to Diane (based in San Francisco) - Nana Joe's Granola!

Nana Joe's makes both paleo and gluten-free granolas as well as granola bars (think extra crunchy!) and mixes we think you'll love. I (Diane) love to pour this granola over yogurt or even just eat it with a spoon and some coconut or goat milk.

To introduce you to the brand, we're adding one random 2-ounce sampler bag of Paleo granola to your meal boxes ordered this week (April 12 -18th). You don't need to do anything to get your free granola with your meal box, we'll add it to each box automatically!


The folks at Nana Joe's are also generously offering a 25% discount to our customers right now off of their products with code BALANCEDBITES25

Limit one use per customer. Note the minimum for free shipping has to be met after the code has been added to the cart. Valid through 5/31/20.