Paleo Power Socks

Custom-designed, limited-edition Paleo Power socks!

These socks are 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex, and 100% awesome. They are thick enough to protect you from the whip of a missed double-under, and have enough staying power to keep themselves up through even the longest chipper of box jumps and toes-to-bar.

Machine washable. Instructions say hang to dry, but I always toss mine in the dryer!'

Made in the USA by Gumball Poodle – the makers of the original BACON socks. Oh yeah, baby!

One size fits most. Fits women’s U.S. shoe size 7 to 11 and men’s U.S. shoe size 7 to 12.5. The socks are 14 inches from heel to the top of the cuff (unstretched), and fit up to 18-19 inch calves. These socks fit me (chick – 5'4″) and my CrossFit coach (dude – 6'5″). So when I say fits most, I really mean it.

And, of course, these socks will give you Super Powers. Duh. Burpees-be-damned!


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