I’m giving away 20 signed copies of Practical Paleo!

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Hey everyone! As a very special THANK YOU for your support since the release of Practical Paleo in August of last year – so much support that the book has been on The New York Times Bestseller list for 20 weeks – I'm giving away 20 – yes, 20! – signed copies!

To enter, comment below ONLY ONE TIME telling me any of the following pieces of information:

1. If you don't already have a copy, tell me why you really want to win!

2. If you already have a copy for yourself, tell me who will you give the book to and why!


3. If you've already given away at least one copy, tell me who you gave it to (or all the people you gave it to) and who this copy will be for if you win one!


Contest entry rules:

  • Only ONE entry/comment per person – more than one will disqualify you (sorry!).
  • Each winner receives one copy of the book.
  • United States residents only, sorry to my international fans! This book is nearly 4# and a doozey to ship!
  • Entries made through Friday, April 12 at 5pm Eastern will be valid – entries made after that will not be counted.

If you don't already have a copy and don't want to wait to win one, grab one from Amazon.com right here.

If you have a copy and love it but haven't yet left a review on Amazon, please go ahead and do so now! You don't need to have purchased it there to leave a review there – thanks so much!


PS – Don't miss out on this awesome deal good through April 9th only!Β 



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    1. I am a fitness coach and I try to help my clients learn about the right foods and nutrition. I would love to get this book, not only to learn more about paleo myself, but to be able to recommend the book to my clients, as I encourage them to gain real knowledge vs just following a basic menu from a diet plan. I feel that we need to be knowledgeable of our food so we can make the right choices instead of just taking someone’s word for it and not knowing the facts. I changed my diet to something similar to paleo a little over a year ago and saw remarkable changes. I have since fell into a more busy life and less time and effort to make the right meals. I want to get back to it, because I KNOW it makes me feel so much better. But I need to learn more too. Thank you for reading this novel. Sorry, but when I get started on nutrition and health, I can’t stop! πŸ™‚

      1. I’m a Paleo rookie and would share this with mith my sister in law (after I read it). She introduced me to the Paleo lifestyle and always let’s me borrow her books. I owe her one! πŸ™‚

        1. Ever since I was diagnosed stage 4 brain cancer June 28th 2007, i then underwent 6 weeks of radiation followed by 9 months of chemotherapy (which should’ve been what ended me) my diet and way of living absolutely changed. I’m a former Marine, 38 yrs old, have all sorts of credentials, but a hard and fast lifestyle got to the best of me. Been engaged once, but never married and no children. I’m not supposed to be alive, but the Lord’s Forgiveness, infinite Mercy and LovingKindness never runs out for His Kids. I really want to win this book so that I can begin implementing the recipes in my daily life, knowing that this will make me overcome this, since technically I’ve not been declared in remission, so I want and need to do all that I can to not just survive but thrive. Still on disability after five years, I have candida and the chronic fatigue is something that just keeps me utterly depleted of energy. I want to learn how to ferment my vegetables. In the meantime, I do oxygen therapy, I eat as raw and organic as possible. I love to cook. Prior to this, I had been successful as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, I got into competing(trying to get into pharmaceutical sales)all of this led me down a road I wished I’d never gone. I shouldn’t be alive. For now, I’ve been doing public speaking (when I feel that I have the energy for it) sharing my testimony at churches (I was raised southern baptist)and schools on nutrition, diet and exercise and how the Lord encountered and healed me and led me to meet a local holistic and naturalopath doctor. But there is still something missing, otherwise I still wouldn’t be having to deal with this chronic fatigue every single day and I know it’s my diet. I just don’t know the right synergetic food combinations or anything laid out. Alot of things changed for me after brain surgery and treatments. I’d like to win the book to make my life better and to add life to my years not just years to my life.
          Thank you for offering this Dianne, this is a life changing blessing, thank you :o)

      2. Diane, I would LOVE to be gifted a copy of Practical Paleo because I’ve wanted to read this book ever since I learned about it three months ago! I recently began to dabble in paleo and I just started my first 30 day challenge on April 1. That being said, I need all the tips I can get to make clean eating a part of my everyday life. As a broke college graduate I thought it best to put a hold on Practical Paleo at my local library, but apparently everybody and their brother had the same idea because I’m number 70 on the waitlist! My birthday’s in May, and this health resource would be the BEST gift EVER! I’m a diehard fan of the balanced bites podcast and enjoy listening to you and Liz during my morning walks to work. Thanks for being such an inspiration and a solid resource for health information. It means the world to a fellow hippie/crunchy girl like me, who wants to see holistic medicine become more mainstream : ) Keep rockin’ it!

    2. I would love a signed copy of your book. First, because I think you wrote an amazing book. Second, I am a new Mom with MS, and I would like to do the MS protocol. I purchased your book, but gave the copy to my Mom as she has various health problems, and never knows what to cook to improve her health. She also wants to support my efforts with the MS protocol. I’ve wanted to buy another copy but, finances are tight. I believe a family that eats healthy together stays together. With the new baby in my life, I want everyone to be healthy. Thanks for writing such an awesome book! = ) All the Best, Britta

    3. My brother in law has been so successful with a paleo life style. He would be absolutely thrilled if I gave him this book. It would definitely give me the confidence and knowledge to kickstart a paleo life style myself!

    4. My pastor follows this plan and raves about it!! I would love to learn more so I have more energy and just feel better!!

  1. I gave a copy to a friend of mine for Christmas — he LOVES it! I am a Family Medicine/medical bariatrician in the Houston/Sugar Land area, and I preach the Paleo diet daily to patients. I’d give this book to a lucky motivated intelligent patient (yet to be named, but I have a few)

  2. I’m new to gluten free this year and ramping up on Paleo. Still have lots to learn and would love to have this book as a resource! Once I’ve learned what I can from it, I’d be happy to pass it on to someone else who wants to learn.

  3. This book changed my life. I have lupus and since reading this book and following the pales diet my symptoms are virtually gone! I feel amazing! This book is easy to read and makes sense! I love it!

  4. I love anything Paleo and I’m always learning new things as I am new to this lifestyle.
    1.I would love to win a copy of your book as I could use any guidance or help in making the Paleo way of life an easier transition.

    If I do win a copy, I’d love to read the book and then provide a review on Amazon. Congrats on your book!

  5. I really love this book and would give an extra copy to someone at my gym who really would like to have/use the book but doesn’t have much of a “book” budget.

  6. After checking your book out at the library I knew I had to own it. I bought a copy on Amazon. A month later I found it at Costco. I stood there in the middle of Costco and called all of my friends to see who wanted me to pick them up a copy. I bought 2 more that day and heard from a few more friends that they picked one up after my call. I want another copy so I can lend out mine and still have one on hand. Great book!

  7. I already have a copy and have already gifted copies and I always want to have one on hand when the immediate need to share arises πŸ™‚

  8. I don’t yet have a copy. The Paleo diet was suggested to me by my dr. for health reasons a couple of weeks ago. I have been trying to slowly wean myself into Paleo but could really use some help and motivation. I think I’m making it harder than it should be.

  9. I would really like to win because I have just embarked on my paleo journey and would love to have this book to help guide me.

    1. My husband and I have already inspired 8 families with our Paleo lifestyle since starting in October. It would be great to have another fabulous book to pass along to any others in the future! Thank you for all your hard work!

  10. Hey I love your blog, videos, newsletter everything. I work in the health industry and I am very keen to learn the paleo ways. Being in the top 20 is amazing. Well done hunny.

    Im in the UK & paleo is not known as well here as in the US. I am keen to develop my knowledge to pass on to everyone i help and my followers.

    Please help me spread the paleo love.

    Keep doing what your doing πŸ™‚

  11. I don’t have your book yet but I’ve been eyeing it up! I am new to Paleo and I have never, EVER felt better in my life than I do now. I’m so eager to learn all that I can, get more recipes and continue on this journey. Thank you for taking the time to write such a helpful book. I’ve heard great things about it! πŸ™‚

  12. I LOVE Practical Paleo! I call it “my kitchen bible” and it stays on my kitchen counter at all times. I’ve recommended it to SO many people and if I win a free copy, I will be giving it to a good friend of mine who is struggling and wanting to improve her diet but who has not been able to “make the leap” just yet. Because I feel like this book helped ME make the leap, I think it’ll help her, too!!! Thanks for the entry!!

  13. My mother has been struggling to make changes to her diet. Since she isn’t the best internet researcher, I would LOVE to pass this book on to her so she can finally find some digestive harmony!

  14. I run a nutrition challenge for my CrossFit gym and gave away multiple copies to athletes who won the weekly challenges. This copy will be for me!!

  15. I do not own a copy yet and would like to because it is very hard to keep coming up with good, simple and wholesome ideas to feed not only myself a paleo diet but my not-so-picky-but-sometimes-difficult 2.5 year old as well πŸ™‚

  16. Really need this as I hear great reviews… Need to get back on track and would like to be inspired with as many resources as I can to reboot my Paleo journey. Help me!

  17. I don’t have a copy yet so I would keep this for myself. I started Paleo almost a year ago and it has transformed my life. I’ve started a blog ( thehumblepaleo ) just to try and spread all the great information that I’ve found for a few friends and my family who have seen the difference and are intrigued. I’ve been transitioning my kids over to Paleo as much as possible and they are great sports and really trying almost everything I make. Information is power after all and I love the layout of this book… I look at it every time I’m in the book store. : > Thank you for all your hard work, it is appreciated!!

  18. I have the book and absolutely love it, it is such a great reference. I’d like to win another copy so I could give it to a friend who needs it for her health.

  19. I would absolutely love a copy of your book…I have been eating Paleo for a little over a year now and have been able to get many friends and family on board….I am always trying new recipes to tempt everyoneΒ΄s palate so they will make the switch…I would love to add your book to my library of healthy eating how toΒ΄s…what a treasure this would be…dinah

  20. I would love to win this book because it gets such great reviews. Buying a copy unfortunately is not in the budget at the moment. Thank you for doing this give-away.

  21. I am trying to get sooo healthy and started working out with a trainer to finish up and get to my goal weight and change to a healthy lifestyle. I am wanting some good recipes to follow as I have to get in my protein and I love to experiment in the kitchen when cooking and love cookbooks.I was vegan and with my trainer I need a certain amount of protein in and being new to the paleo I need the help.

  22. I’ve been Paleo attended your workshop atAspire in NJ, and have your book my sister is starting her Paleo journey, so I would love for her to also have your book! PLEASE

  23. I would love a copy because: 1. I’m pretty new to paleo and would love more knowledge about it; 2. I love learning especially the science behind things; 3. I would love to have a resource right in my own home in book form. I love my computer but a book is much more convenient! Thank you for being such an amazing example and sharing your knowledge with all of us!

  24. I have my own copy and will like to give one to a friend that has recovered from cancer but still dealing with gut problems that came along with it and she has a sister with fibromyalgia who lives with her been trying to get them into paleo and they started with my copy.

  25. I just checked out Practical Paleo from my library. I listened to you talk during the Healthy Summit Online conference put on by Villagr Green. My family is going to start this journey to optimum health. I would love my own copy of the book!

  26. I already have this awesome book, so I would give it to my brother. He is diabetic and this would be a wonderful way to help him and give him the plan and information to help him be successful at fighting this disease!

  27. I have a copy and it is my “bible”. I want to help my best friend of 42 years + her 50th birthday is coming up and this would be an awesome gift!!!

  28. I would really like to win this book because I would love to learn more about living a paleo lifestyle! I have been eating paleo for a while now but I would love to refine it, and share Paleo with others! Thank you!

  29. I borrowed your book from the library, but would love to have it because you can only borrow it for 15 days…not enough time to read everything πŸ™‚

  30. 1. I’ve gotten myself to about 80-90% paleo, and I’m happy with it, but sometimes feel a little lost too. I love to cook, so to have something like this would be a huge tool over googling recipes with my phone when I’m trying to cook something different. Also my wife is pretty much on the fence with paleo, yet I’ve seen it benefit her when she has tried. would love to get her to read more about it.

  31. I checked the book out from the library to see if I wanted it. I have not one but three separate chronic illnesses that would benefit from paleo. These illnesses can be “passed on” so I am looking to change my family’s eating habits as well. Your book is amazing, and I have reviewed many others for comparison. I am trying things out and starting to see some differences. Would love to own the book!

  32. I do not have a copy. I would love to win because I would really like to pursue this lifestyle and I love the way you break it down to more understandable terms. I feel my body could really benefit from this way of eating. I do live a healthy lifestyle, but I need to shake up my diet plan. I would really appreciate the opportunity to win this book. My mother had MS and has passed, but I wish I had known more about this way of eating before she passed. I may have been able to help her more by changing her diet and healing her from the inside out.
    Thank you!!

  33. I really want to win this because I’m somewhat new to Paleo, have Type 1 Diabetes, and want to get my blood sugar under better control so my husband and I can try getting pregnant!

  34. I love the podcast, and reviewed it on my site as a favorite. I have bought so many books on paleo/primal/heath issues since Christmas, the budget is strained. So yours is on my soon-to-get list, but a shot a free copy would be great!

  35. I already own your book and absolutely love it! If i won a signed copy, I would give it to my Mother who is new to the paleo lifestyle. She has always struggled with weight issues, became morbidly obese, and had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago which helped her to lose a lot of weight, but still the nutritional information and choices being pushed on her by her doctors and nutritionists were far less than ideal. I have been encouraging her to go paleo and she finally went for it while staying with me for the last few months. Your book is the only hard copy cook book that we used πŸ™‚ She is feeling so great, healthier than ever, and really happy and in control of her eating habits now. I don’t think she believed how different she would feel, but the proof is in the results! I’d love for her to have her own copy of this book, and a signed copy from you would be even more special.

  36. I really want to win this book so that I would be better prepared each week to stay paleo. I have an 8 wk old baby and will be returning to work soon. I think the information and meal plans would be a huge help!

  37. I have a copy (pre-ordered last year and got it signed at a seminar) and I bought my mom a copy (because she loves cooking and is getting into Paleo and your recipes are all awesome). I would like to get my doc a copy because he is way into Paleo and mentioned your book is the next one he needs to get for the office. He would be thrilled to have a signed copy around!

  38. I’ve given my first copy to my son’s pre-k teacher and my most recent copy to replace the first is going to my parents. I need another! I loved it!

  39. I’ve been wanting this book for so long! I have many chronic health issues, as do my family members. I’m already eating a Paleo diet and trying to get my family on board. I know this would be so helpful for us to have!

  40. I just took your book out of the public library and am loving every single page! I’ve got my 3 year old son eating Paleo and have seen dramatic improvements in his behavior and language (in just 48 hours!). I would LOVE a copy of the book and plan on sharing what I have learned with the other moms in my area πŸ™‚

  41. I would love to learn more paleo recipes and really try the lifestyle full time! My hubby and I need to get healthier and I think your book is a great place to start! Plus, the store on the military base we live at overseas will take forever to get it in! πŸ˜‰

  42. I do not have a Practical Paleo book yet. I have been paleo for about 3 years. I feel so much better but I feel like my allergies are still not controlled. I would love to have this booknto help me with that and I could always use inspirational recipes. I love your blog and I applaud your strides in the paleo community. And it wonderful to have someone on the east coast!

  43. I have a copy and LOVE IT! I’ve done the 30 day Autoimmune plan and it has helped me greatly! I would love to win a copy for a friend that could really use the information and is trying hard to implement Paleo eating in her life.

  44. I REALLY want to win this cookbook. As a mom of 4 beautiful kids, I am trying to make important changes to our current eating lifestyle!!!

  45. Your book is fantastic! I’ve given it to 2 people for Christmas! The signed copy would be for me! Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  46. This book would be an awesome project for me and the husband! Our relationship has only gotten better since we LOVE to cook paleo together. We cook 3 new recipes per week!! Our kids are in on it too!

  47. I have not read this book yet, but I have heard wonderful things about it! It’s on my list of books to read, as I am newly paleo. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, none of my local libraries seem to have the book, nor do any of the local grocery stores… Even the whole foods groceries. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  48. Because I am genetically predisposed to develop certain health conditions, namely renal failure and heart disease, I am transitioning to a mix between a raw and paleo lifestyle. Your book would be a really great resource for me to use as I continue this transition to my new diet.

  49. I am new to Paleo and my budget thus far is going towards quality grass-fed meat and non-processed mostly organic food. Thus I have no extra money to buy all of the wonderful books out there like Practical Paleo to help me along on this journey πŸ™ I have been relying so far only on the wonderful Balanced Bites podcast and website. I would love love love to actually own the book I’ve heard so many wonderful things about!

  50. I don’t have a copy. I would love to have one. I have been reading a lot on the internet about the primal lifestyle, it all seems like a great thing, but i get a little confused with it all. I think your book would give me a better understanding and willingness to stick to it!

  51. I woke up one day an discovered that, thanks to poor eating habit that had become food addictions, I was over 100 lbs. overweight. Switching to a paleo lifestyle has changed and saved my life! I would love as much info as possible to continue taking my life back.

  52. I have and live this book. I will give the winning book to my brother. He is new to Paleo and loves to cook! It’s perfect for him!

  53. Eating Paleo has changed my life! Since going Paleo my symptoms of MS have disappeared, I am off all meds and I have had no relapses. I would love a copy of your book to learn more and have new recipes!

  54. I love your book! I’ve bought two copies, and given both away to loved ones. I work with a lot of folks doing autoimmune paleo challenges, and your book is an invaluable reference for me and my clients. Thanks for putting together such a fantastic resource! I need a copy for my own library (promise I won’t give this one away!) Many people will benefit if I win πŸ™‚ Thanks for your generosity and overall awesomeness! -Kinsey Jackson

  55. I do not have a copy….in fact, I do not have a copy of any paleo books…I have been reading info online and do believe I am in agreement with this way of eating for a healthier lifestyle…I haven’t purchased one yet because of no funds available to do so. I am looking forward to helping my family be healthier!

  56. Hi, my name is Doris I would would like to win the Practical Paleo book because 1) due to a fire we had in 2008 I’ve since become chemical sensitive 2) a year ago I was diagnosed with a chronic rare skin disease 3) I had a chiropractic Dr. who took me on as a hardship case (he has since moved out of state) he recommended the Paleo diet to me, he thought it might help my conditions 4) I don’t know much about the Paleo diet but am more than willing to change my lifestyle 5) my funds are very tight so winning this book would help put me on the right tract 6) Thank You very much for generously wanting to give away 20 of your books, may you be blessed for doing so

  57. I’m not sure who I would give it too but I’d love to have an extra copy available to give to someone who seems interested!

  58. I would love to have an extra copy for my Mom– she has been using my copy a lot more than I expected & I’m moving out soon! I’ve really been touched by how supportive she’s been even when my strict adherence to paleo has annoyed her.

  59. I don’t have one but I would give this away to my father who has arthritis as well as heat disease and could use a little help with his total lifestyle remake.

  60. If I win I’m keeping the signed copy then giving the one I already own to a friend or client. I have already given 2 copies away to family and a client. I’m a real estate agent by day but a Paleo cooking mom of 3 boys by night:)

  61. Recently at the advice of doc due to autoimmune issues she recommended I do paleo. I’ve gotten some of your recipes from my friends, but would love to have them all in one nice little book. Just made the pancakes this morning, they were delish!

  62. I am lucky enough to own ur book already but if picked as a winner I would give a copy of your book to one of my friends that I think would enjoy it as much as I have. I just started out on this journey and your book was the first book. Thanks for all u do and I’m looking forward to ur sugar detox book next!!

  63. My children have been through the ringer health-wise. Developmental delays, gobs of allergies, asthma, gut issues, yeast issues, etc. I was just a normal American mom feeding my kids “normal” American food. They are 6, 4, 3, and we’re adopting a little one from Ethiopia right now. I believe, as a mom, that one of the most important things I can do for them and their future (not to mention my husband and I) is dump most of what I learned about food growing up and start a revolution in our home. But with a lot of little ones at my side and a poor background in food prep, it can feel overwhelming. I’m hoping “practical paleo” can help this mom, with a lot on her “plate”, relearn food and build a healthy family from the ground up. I’m inspired, but I need to get the day-in-day-out under control! Please help! πŸ™‚

  64. MY MOM! She has helped me with my struggle in health with Lyme AND mold. She has high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. She helps others more then herself. I think this book could be a new beginning in health for her as paleo has been for me.


  65. I keep lending out my copy to so many people that are curious but not ready to commit I never get to use it! I need a copy for my friend who just finished Chemo after a double masectomy. He diet will be strict paleo! (This both shocked and delighted me that a conventional doctor said no grains! )

  66. I would love to win it because I have had fertility problems and more than one doctor said, “eat paleo.” So, that’s what I’m setting out to do! I’d love to have this cookbook as a tool.

  67. I have a copy for myself (and refer to it as “the book that changed my life”) but I would really love a copy to give to my boyfriend. He sees how I eat and how I feel, but is skeptical and scared to make that first move. He eats healthier than most in the SAD lifestyle, but is grasping tight to his relationship with wheat. I care so much about his well being, and hate watching him suffer through things I KNOW his diet could change: inflammation, low-energy, cravings, sleeping problems, etc. Money is tight on my end, so I know this would be an incredible gift to help change the life of someone who means so much to me!

  68. I would love to win this book as I have been learning a lot about Paleo and am really interested in changing my eating habits and focusing more on healthy, nutrient-dense food, and I think this book could really help me on that road, and could help me show my boyfriend the importance of removing so much of the bad food from our diet and replacing it with better quality food. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  69. I really want to win this book. I usually check it out at the library but I want to give my daughter a copy. She is on a journey back to health and I would really like her to be able to read how great the food is and why!

  70. I would love a copy of the book. I’ve checked it out from the library twice and am following it pretty much to the letter. Since eating paleo, I’ve dropped all 7 of my asthma medications and feel like a new human!

  71. I would LOVE a copy because I need some creative recipes to make. I am already paleo, but sometimes my cooking gets a little boring and I want to make healthy food for my husband!! <3

  72. I recently found your podcast and cannot get enough! Having your book would allow me to put all the paleo pieces of the puzzle together. I was thinking of buying it anyway, but having an autographed copy would be so super cool! Love your work. Thanks for all that you do for us gals on the ultimate quest for health and well-being!

  73. I don’t have a copy of this book yet, but I would love to win it so I can clean up my nutrition and help my personal training clients improve their health as well.

  74. I have the book and have recommended it to everyone. I have also given a copy to my parents, my sister-in-law, my neighbor across the street and a dear friend. I would like to give another copy to a friend at church that is really struggling with health issues that I know your book would help with. I was about to order them a copy because I know that they can’t afford it.

  75. I don’t own a copy, but I’ve been borrowing it from my library pretty regularly but they don’t let me renew it because it always has a hold placed on it by another person. If I had my own copy, I wouldn’t have to go through that constantly and I would be able to make more of the recipes. I’m currently trying to convert my mom, little sister and grandparents over to Paleo because they have so many health problems that could be lessened by it. I’ve already seen amazing results and want to share them as much as I can!

  76. I have been Paleo since 1/1/13 and I think this book would help me with even more information than I can find online.

  77. I own your book an LOVE it!!!!! My cousin is on the HCG diet but is having really bad acid reflux when eating certain foods so I was telling her about your book if I win a copy I want to give it to her I feel she can see better results in her health and weightloss if she switched.

  78. I want to win this so that I can use it in my new Paleo journey. I learned about it via the Healthy Life Summit. We already eat a lot of good foods and good fats but I want to get more healthy. I have gained 40 lbs in the last 2 years and just can’t seem to loose it. Hoping by getting on track and eating more traditional will help. Thanks for a chance to win your book. I keep hearing amazing things about it!!

  79. I would love to win a copy. I am beefing up my Paleo Books right now, and I love your blog. Hope to win a signed copy I can show off to friends.

  80. Oh GOSH! Why would I love to own this book? Well, I’ve been Paleo for just over a year, but recently was diagnosed with a leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, and food sensitivities that make my diet look much like the AIP. I think this would be THE best resource for me to help navigate all of this!

  81. I’m trying so hard to move toward a paleo lifestyle, but really don’t have a clue what I’m doing and trying to get the rest of the house to go along with you when your somewhat clueless is hard. I need help!

  82. I would love to win because I am recently really getting into paleo cooking and baking and would LOVE to expand my repertoire of recipes. Going paleo was the best thing I have ever done for myself and my family, and this will help me stay on the right track!

  83. I have an electronic copy which I have read and love. My paleo adventures after reading the e-version has inspired many of my friends. I would love to have an actual copy so I can loan it out to my friends! (I really wouldn’t give it away…especially if you are going to sign it :))

  84. I would love to have this book because I’m new to Paleo cooking and need help with recipes!! I’ve heard wonderful things and would love to add it to my cookbook collection! (I think my fiance is getting tired of the same thing every week!)

  85. I have been trying to phase out dairy and gluten from my diet and this book would help incorporate interesting new ways to view food while while learning about the Paleo way of eating.

  86. I would love a copy! I did two rounds of the 21-day sugar detox and have really decreased my sugar consumption. I had no idea how many different places I was sneaking it in. I love your podcasts and am especially interested in the menu plans.

  87. My husband and I have recently gone paleo and really want to expand our culinary options and need more recipes to do so. That and I am a huge fan of your podcast and website. Thanks!

  88. I already have a personal copy, I bought it on iTunes for my iPad and thanks to you now my iPad pretty much doesn’t leave the kitchen :)…good thing I have a waterproof case. Anyhow I’ve also bought 3 copies from Costco which I have given to my mother and good friends who simply didn’t understand the awesomeness of Paleo and needed to be shown the light. Out of the 3 people that I’ve given the copies to, 2 have fully crossed into the light and 1 is slowly but surely transitioning. If I were to win your book I’d give it to someone at the gym I work at. It’s a gym for recovering service members who need all of the help they can get regarding health and fitness. I honestly don’t know who specifically I’d give it to but I can think of a few different guys that could use it. I truly believe that the more we spread the word on this lifestyle the easier it will ultimately be to access nutritious, real foods on a larger scale and eventually a much healthier country due to the trickle effect. Besides, isn’t this economy run by product in demand?

  89. I would love to win a copy of your book. I am reinventing my life as well as my family’s life. We are now exercising together, eating dinner as a family every night…still learning the right way to eat, but no processed foods!! My family is on board to a healthy lifestyle since uprooting to a new city and adjusting to new family dynamics. I am excited to take on this new way of eating and spending quality recipe-making time together!!!

  90. I would love to have a copy of this cookbook for my family. After 6 months of Paleo, I feel healthier and my family is jumping on board. My husband and children have been great and now they are eating more and more what I eat. With a little more effort I think I could get the whole family closer to Paleo.

  91. I currently do not have a copy but have had my eye on it for some time.
    I have heard amazing things and follow you on Facebook.
    I have been a Crossfitter for over 2 years now and am really taking a serious interest in the Paleo lifestyle not only for me but my loved ones and have heard that your book is the one to get.
    A signed copy would be amazing! πŸ™‚

  92. I don’t have this yet! I want to win one because I made the switch one year ago in March. I have struggled with different levels of abdonimal pain everday since I was 12 and finally got it under control a year ago before my 24th birthday. I was told I was fine because I was too young to have anything. I knew I wasn’t fine, and had to take matters into my own hands. Qith this cookbook

  93. I am in the process of converting my family to Paleo due to some behavioral and dietary restrictions necessary for my daughter. After a lot reading I feel like Paleo will be the perfect choice for our family! Your website has been a huge source of information for me thus far- thank you for all of the wonderful information, I’m sure that your book would be just as good.

  94. I would like to have one because I am trying to get my 10yo son into a healthier lifestyle of eating. He has type 1 diabetes and needs to eat more whole foods to help balance out his blood sugars. This book would be an AWESOME start for us!


  95. Your book has been on my Amazon Wishlist for two months and I would love a copy of it. My family and I started Paleo two months ago and I love love love it! I follow you on FB and Pinterest and I love your recipes and your approach to food.

  96. I have a copy I love. Shared a copy with my sister in law who now has list 30 lbs and loves the book. Would love to share a copy with a friend. She has lost a bit and I know your book will help her out.

  97. I want to with this cookbook because I am a mother of 3 sons, 19, 16, 12 and I need help on this journey. I have always felt best on a low carb diet and just determined wheat was a real issue for me. I know I may have some issues with milk or nut products too. If we totally made the switch to Paleo it help us all. I am interested in healthy fats, non-gmo and clean animal meats. Thanks

  98. I would love to win! I’ve been trying to eat lower carb since July 2012 when I realized it REALLY affected my weight loss efforts (in a good way!) to eat less sugar & carbs. I’m not a Paleo eater by a long shot, but I really enjoy Paleo cooking!

  99. I love your book! I just gave my mom a copy for her birthday. A few weeks later I received a copy from my MIL. I plan on giving a copy to my sister. I believe she would totally benefit from a little Paleo in her life.

  100. I was diagnosed last week with Rheumatoid Arthritis and my friend told me about your book. I plan on reading it to gain more knowledge of how a paleo diet will help my condition. I’m looking for natural answers to relieve the pain my body.

  101. I have your book and absolutely love it. As a Marriage and Family Therapist intern I shared information and recipes with clients. I would love to give this book to a very good friend who is struggling with muscle and joint pain but can’t seem to shake her gluten habit. I think this book would really motivate and help her the same that it did me. Thank you!

  102. My son is a paleo fan and is inspiring me to join him with a healthy way of eating/living. I would love a copy for inspiration and guidance.

  103. I would LOVE to win a copy! We’ve been eating Paleo for two years, but are always looking for new recipes to spice up our dinner rotation. We’ve heard nothing but great things about this cookbook and would love a copy!

  104. I have recentky been diagnosed with an allergy to everything wheat, which explains a lot of my issues. The Paleo way of eating appears to be an eating plan that will help me to break my dependency on wheat products and go along way in helping to improve my health. I would love to obtain a copy of your book, which I believe will help me form a solid foundation for starting and staying on the paleo path…and I would appreciate having a women’s perspective on this “caveman” way of eating, lol!

  105. I checked out your book from the library and carried it everywhere for the 2 weeks I had it. I really hated returning it, it has such great recipes and information. I plan on buying it, but the Honeyville 20% off sale took the money for now. Would love to win it!

  106. I hope to win your book because I am a mother of 3 and on a mission to raise a healthy family! We have eaten Paleo-ish for over a year now and love it. I pull most of my recipes off the internet, but I would love to have your book, and go full Paleo!! I follow you on FB and listen to your podcasts πŸ™‚

  107. I would love a copy of your book because it would be great to have something informative and well written for myself but also to share with friends. I’ve directed several people to your podcasts but how great it would be to pass a book around to spread the word of this healthy lifestyle and try new recipes together. Plus, I’m a working mom cooking for two growing kids and a husband – new recipes are always needed!

  108. I found out I’m gluten sensitive last year and have IBS. Eating a Paleo diet has helped and I checked your book out of the library. I loved it! Unfortunately I lost my job so can’ t afford to buy my own copy right now. winning a copy would give my family some much needed variety.:). Thanks!

  109. I am really want to become part of the Paleo community. Have heard tons about your book and have been on the local libraries waiting list for it because we are on a fixed income. You happy for you that your book is so popular! So bummed for me.

  110. I don’t have the book yet. My husband, 1 year old daughter and I are transitioning to eating Paleo and would love your book!
    Congrats for being on the NYT best seller list for 20 weeks!

  111. I really want to win because I’ve heard and read a lot about how great this book is — I’m new to the paleo lifestyle and I’ve committed to making a lifestyle change. I’m currently doing a nutrition challenge and even just 5 days in realize that I feel better when I eat clean and cut out the dairy, gluten, etc. I would love to move forward with my progress and share it with my family, friends and everyone at my box! Plus, I absolutely love your blog, posts and think you’re gorgeous πŸ™‚ <– all true, but figure it can't hurt to add a little flattery πŸ˜‰

  112. My copy of Practical Paleo just came yesterday! I spent time flipping through it at our local bookstore and live everything about it! The layout, photography, practical and simplified information on nutrition and our bodies! I’d LOVE to send a copy to my best gal pal whom I share all health information with so we can better ourselves and our families and become more aware! This book will do just that!


  113. I already have a book and I would give it away to my awesome BFF. She has been struggling with weightloss and has gone Paleo and has done the 21 DSD. I think this book would give her that last little piece of info that she needs to succeed. She needs some new ideas in the kitchen and more info on how the body just works in general. She is always looking at my pull out guides and if she has them on her fridge, I think it would make a huge difference! The day I got my book she was over here flipping through it, front to back cover! πŸ™‚

  114. Diane,
    I was given a copy of your book by a good friend and it has been my bible! The recipes are so simple and wonderful. I own an all women’s bootcamp and my partner and I recently came up with the idea of creating a nutritional library for our clients. We get many questions about what to eat so we thought creating a selection of good resources for them to borrow would be a great idea. We believe everyone should be a student of their own nutrition. The idea is to provide them some ownership of their own nutritional journey . I would like to ‘pay it forward’ by adding a copy of your book to our library as it is a great book for anyone looking to improve the way they eat. Thank you!

  115. I would LOVE to win a copy! I am new to Paleo eating. I am loving the way I feel without all the garbage in my body. I need some new recipes to help keep myself on track.

  116. I am an ex-pat living in Saudi Arabia (home is Oregon), and I have been coaching others here in our compound about adopting the ancestral health mindset. It’s working! We just completed our second Paleo Challenge and 125 lbs have melted away from those that participated! Getting books here isn’t always easy. So, I pick up more Paleo books when I come home to Oregon. We would LOVE to have a copy of your book to pass around here in our compound. And, it would be great reading material for me on that long 24 hour return flight to Saudi. πŸ˜‰

  117. Oh my! I need this book because I don’t own it and it looks fabulous! Since eating the Paleo way, I’ve lost about 30 lbs. Did the Whole 30 in January, and have just kept going, but I need new inspiration and Practical Paleo looks perfect! (please, oh, please!)

  118. Hi Diane,

    I would be honored to have one because I am finishing up my Whole 30 experience and would enjoy preparing even more nutritious meals for my dear family. My goal is to help my wife and daughter fall in love with the Paleo lifestyle so this sticks with them for life!

  119. I actually have the real book and the kindle version. If I won, I would give it to a friend of mine with RA. I think she would really like it!

  120. I think this book could be the kickstart and key to helping me overcome my health ailments (Crohn’s, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue) once and for all!

  121. I want to win for my sister in law because right noe her husband (my brother) is deployed and they lived a paleo lifestyle together! I think receiving thus book could mean extra encouragement for her while he’s away!

  122. I am just starting on this journey of Paleo and have a couple of books already; would love to include yours in my collection! Thank you for the opportunity!

  123. I already own a copy, and love going back to it whenever i need a refresher or reminder. If I won, I would give the book to my mom, who, despite my best efforts, fails to see her life working without grains. She is also raising my 15 year old brother on bagels, sandwhiches and pasta and fails to see why he has acne, and trouble concentraiting in class. I want to EDUCATE them, not scold them!

  124. I want this book because we are starting to eat a paleo diet, and I would love some recipe ideas. I love to cook, but I am clueless without quality recipes, lol.

  125. I ordered one, read it, LOVED it and then gave it away to a friend who was just starting her Paleo journey. I would love a copy to keep for myself so I can actually make the recipes use as a reference guide.

  126. I don’t have a copy of this book yet but I REALLY want one!! I switched to Paleo last July and have lost 60 pounds, never felt better and I tell EVERYONE about it! Would love another resource to steer people towards!! πŸ™‚

  127. I would love a copy to begin incorporating paleo recipes into our lives with the end result being strictly paleo!

  128. I’m a naturopathic doctor who’s been working from home spreading the word about holistic medicine for the past 9+ years.
    In recent years, I’ve struggled with chronic Lyme disease. About 3 months ago, my health was forever changed by adopting a Paleo lifestyle, complete with regular CrossFit classes and plenty of support from my amazing family.
    I’d love to have a copy of Practical Paleo to give me even more info to shout out to the world about the many benefits of going Paleo.

  129. I’m new to Paleo, and this book would help beef up my knowledge and confidence in preparing food for me and my family!

  130. I would send a copy to a high school friend that I reconnected with on FB. She is struggling with diabetes, sleep apnea, obesity, and undiagnosed pain issues that Doctors are unable to help her with. I refer to your book so often with her and she has printed out pages from Balanced Bites. The book gives so much more information, detail, explanation, and protcol. I know she would find help from it. She cannot afford to buy your book at this time. I would love for her to have her own copy.

  131. Love your book!!! It’s changing my marriage & my body πŸ™‚ my husband & I rush home from work to cook the tasty recipes together. We even bring your book with us to the grocery so we can get everything needed to try new recipes! If I win, the book will go straight to my sister!! She is having her second baby any day now and is always looking for tasty & healthy recipes! But wait…theres more πŸ™‚ my sister is gluten intolerant, has fibromyalgia, celiacs disease AND has Diabetes!! (got juvenial diabetes at 8yrs old and that wreaks havoc on health for decades).
    Paleo is perfect for her! My sister is Superwoman, Supermom, and has a Supersize heart that loves everyone around her! A book about SuperFoods is all she needs πŸ™‚
    PS- her Bday is 4/8 and baby due anyday. Your book- perfect gift! πŸ˜‰

  132. Since going gluten-free more than 3 months ago the decade long fog has lifted from my head and my heart, now my family eats primarily grain free and lives life with so much more vitality. However since I live abroad, if I won, the book would go to my little sister in the States that had her thyroid removed a couple of years ago. She works more hours than she should and I know she would use this cookbook at home!

  133. I would really like to win a copy of the book because I’ve heard of “Paleo” but I don’t know much about it our how to approach it. I’ve been working hard over the last few months to decrease the amount of processed food my family eats but we’re not completely there yet. Any tips, tricks, recipes, etc. would be very helpful.


  134. I am new to Paleo in the last 6 months and I am so impressed with how much better I feel already! The information in the book is invaluable, especially having it all in one place and presented so anyone can understand it. I’ve been raving to my friends and family to just give it a try for 30-60 days and jot down how they feel. I would love to give this book to my friends mother who has been dealing with RA and Lupus for many years. I think it would really make a difference for her and increase her quality of life. Thank you!

  135. I would be honored to receive a signed copy of your book. My family embarked upon giving Paleo a try at the beginning of the new year. One, I found myself ordering take out too much, eating portions bigger than needed then feeling guilty for eating it all. Two, we researched how we could help my son’s impulses, moods, and general disposition. I found if I cut gluten from his diet I had “MY” son back!! Right now my Paleo cookbooks are zero and instead result in Pinterest Pins. Pre-Paleo I relied on BHG Checkered Cookbook, it never left my stand. I’d love to replace it with yours!! Practical Paleo will be my new go-to for recipes!

  136. I want to win because I’m a Greedy McGreederson and I want every Paleo cookbook/book on my shelf. Plus, it looks super cool. πŸ˜‰ But for real, I would love this book. I like having an actual book on hand to share with people versus always referring to a webpage. Why haven’t I purchased your book already, you may be asking? My only excuse is that I spend all of my monies on my kid (not even sure he’s mine) and rarely get myself anything.

  137. I do not have this book but would absolutely love to have a copy of it. I am brand new to Paleo so still trying to sort through all that it is and isn’t. Having this book would help tremendously. My husband and I are trying to make the effort to eat and live a healthier lifestyle and to teach our 3 1/2 year old daughter how to live that way too. We both are on quite a few medications that we know we can get off of through the help of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  138. I don’t currently own this cookbook, and would love to have one because while eating paleo is pretty self explanatory, I often lack the creativeness to come up with different ways of eating. Having a cookbook is a nice guide to create some different options. I have loved the recipes in the 21DSD and am looking forward to what you have to offer in this cookbook.

  139. My family and I are new to the Paleo way of eating and we would love the guidance of your book. I cook for 5 children and my husband and would love some creative recipes that everyone will enjoy! Thanks!

  140. I love my copy of Practical Paleo! I’ve given a copy to my mom & would love to give a copy to a friend who suffers multiple autoimmune conditions. I think this way of eating could change her life! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  141. I work at a library & had them purchase a copy for circulation but would LOVE to have one for our own personal use! Our 17mo son is paleo but it’s been a struggle for mom & dad to get on board 100%…winning your book would be extra incentive!! πŸ™‚

  142. My best friend and I are 3 days away from finishing the 21DSD, and we love your work. I already bought a copy and left a great review on Amazon, but I’d love to give her a copy!

  143. I would love to win a copy because my boyfriend and I just started eating paleo at the beginning of the year. Book-wise, we’ve been at the mercy of the public library and making photocopies when we get our hands on something. While Pinterest has been very helpful in organizing new recipes, I’d love to have a copy of your book to call my own, to read and use all the time. Thanks!

  144. I’d like to win the book so I can be part of the paleo revolution! I love that it is changing the world one person at a time. Plus, I’m new to it and need all the help I can get!

  145. I’d really like to add this book to my library. I love cooking Paleo and sharing them
    With family and friends. I’ve recently started to educate myself as to the sciences behind the Paleo lifestyle and cannot get enough!

  146. I don’t yet have a copy of this book. I want to win it because I love cooking paleo and sharing with others how satisfying it can be to eat this way. I’d already have a copy but have been going through some financial difficulties. I am so excited and also inspired to go into Nutrition Therapy. Thanks & congrats on the success of the book.

  147. I started to eat whole foods and follow the Paleo Diet in January. My husband did what some husbands do and made silly jokes about a new diet I am on (even though I am not typically a “dieter”). Well, he recently decided after me giving little bits of information over the past few months that he is on board and willing to try it as well. We have a large family, 5 children at home and we are transitioning everyone into eating more healthy and following a Paleo diet.I have liked your page on facebook and read your blogs. I would love a copy of the book to have for reference and motivation for the entire family. Thank you for considering.

  148. I have a copy of your book…and i’d love to get a signed copy to give to my mom. She’s diabetic and I think this would help her so much with better things to eat. Your format is so clear and easy to understand, i don’t think she’d get confused with all there is to learn. I also plan on loaning my copy to my neighbor as she has some health issues i think would benefit by her Practical Paleo. Awesome job! Thank you for all you do.

  149. I have your book and LOVE it! It’s such a great resource. My sister is struggling with a lot of diet issues right now. She is trying paleo, but needs all the help she can get. I think the meal plans and recipes would really get her on the right track.

  150. Our family would LOVE a copy of your book! Due to budget constraints, I haven’t been able to buy any new books ( sad! ;]) and we are trying to find ways to make Paleo work within our food budget. So many of the recipes I have relied on require somewhat odd and therefore, expensive, ingredients. Desperately trying to find practical ways to get Paleo back into our home!

  151. I have heard so many good things about this cookbook! I’m trying to gather resources to help make meal time more enjoyable!

  152. I would *LOVE* to win one because I think it would help my husband finally come around to committing to being Paleo full time, for his healths sake! I already know a lot about Paleo, and I share as much as I can and as much as he is willing to listen too, but he is at a point where he really truly NEEDS to make the change once and for all, I feel the book would help!

  153. I’m really new to Paleo, and was bamboozled into buying a paleo ‘dessert’ book (thinking, wrongly, that I would be able to share the creations with my hubby’s GF classmates). It’s so full of artificial sweeteners, that I really (now) don’t see it as healthy (especially after beginning your 21DSD).

    So, now I’m back to square one, learning and seeking GOOD knowledge; not just a ‘junk food’ replacement for a bad menu.

  154. I am just starting my paleo journey and need to build my collection if recipes and info! Thanks for the chance to win your book!

  155. My fiance and I started our Paleo journey about a month ago at the suggestion of my sister and her husband, who had already been on it for a few months. They kept talking about the benefits and how great they felt, etc. I loved it at first, but am becoming bored with rotating the same foods around. My fiance does most of the cooking (lucky me!)and I’m sure he would be thrilled to have some new recipes. Maybe we can even find something his 12-year-old son will like, so instead of referring to our meals as “that weird diet stuff” and asking if we’re eating “normal food” for dinner, he’ll finally realize this IS normal/real/healthy food!

  156. I bought a copy for my mom, who as struggled with her weight for years. She lost more than ten pounds, feels amazing, and actually enjoys being in the kitchen for a change! I always look forward to testing her recipes from your book, and I would love a copy for myself! πŸ™‚

  157. I would love to win a copy to help me along my paleo journey. I strive to continue to learn more and more about the ways I can benefit myself, my family and friends and I would love to absorb the knowledge within your bok and would share it with my friends.

  158. I have been eye balling this book for months! My husband and I have been trying to conceive and I think a dietary change towards more natural will help since fertility issues are a relatively new issue!

  159. I have a kindle copy but really want/need a hard copy. It’s just the kind of book you need to have handy at all times. I’ve been following Paleo and cleaning up my diet for the past two months and feel amazing. I’m a certified holistic health coach and this is now what I’m teaching my clients (instead of the typical whole grain “healthy” diet). I need the book so I can show it to them; I should probably have a stack on hand really! Even though I think I’ll win (positive thinking!) I’m still going to jump over to Amazon and buy one now. I can always give one away! I’ll write a review there as well! Great, easy to follow book! Thanks Diane!

  160. I want this so bad!!! I have been following you for a while but haven’t been able to buy a copy of your book yet. I have been to Barnes and Nobel to drool over it and I know it would help me further in my health journey but I have a hard time being able to afford it. I would especially love it if it was also signed!!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!! Hoping I win a copy!!!!!!

  161. I would give this book to a great friend who struggles with weight, IBS and Celiac Disease. I love my copy of this book. I have the Kindle edition, which I love as I can tap right to what I need. I have already hooked my sister-in-law and my OBGYN on Practical Paleo!

  162. I started eating Paleo a month ago based on the information I can find on the internet. I was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency over a year ago and put on steroids. It is my goal to be able to be off of the steroids for good. So far eating Paleo has reduced the severe body pain I experienced on a regular basis. Winning this book would hopefully enable me to take my health to a whole new level!!!!

  163. I have two copies of your book already. One I keep on hand as I’m always referencing it for various recipes and/or tidbits of information. The other one is “on loan” and has been for quite a few months with one of my dear friends and her hubby who I introduced to the 21DSD and then she and her hubby transitioned straight into Paleo and have been using my copy of Practical Paleo for a few months now. If I get an extra copy, I can let her keep that one and still have one to loan out to friends/family who ask me about the Paleo way of eating/lifestyle. πŸ™‚

  164. Hi Diane! I would love a copy of your book! I do not have one yet. I don’t have any recipe books because I don’t really cook. I started crossfit almost two years ago after pretty much being a couch potato (not a paleo potato either!) I’ve pushed myself mentally and physically in ways that I would have never imagined possible. I’ve even competed in a few competitions. Now I am finally ready to step up my game and be committed to my whole body by eating healthy and I know Practical Paleo would be as essential in the kitchen as a barbell is at the gym.

  165. I do not have a copy of the book YET, but would LOVE one for several reasons. Currently, I’m in school to become a personal trainer and nutritionist. This combined with being a military wife of a deployed soldier, a mother of two teen boys, and a home schooling mom, I would find this book so helpful! We have been eating Paleo for one year, and my health concerns (hypthyroidism, pre-diabetes, and even rosacea) are are under control. Living with my parents while my husband is on his 7th deployment, I do all the cooking and have showed them eating clean is so much better. I also blog about our life changes, hoping to share our success and treasured finds with others seeking a way to eat healthy and live healthy as a lifestyle. I can’t get enough information regarding Paleo. This book would be a valuable tool in my helping others: my sons (“breaking them in” slowly, but surely), parents, brother (found out he has a yeast allergy), friends and other family who have inquired about my health/diet habits, and future clients. Thank you for YOUR contribution to helping others live healthy and live longer!

  166. I love to cook and I would love to win a copy to help me come up with new and nutritious meals to make. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut of eating the same meals and it would be nice for a change!

  167. I don’t have your book yet but I’ve been eyeing it up! My doctor suggested that I give the Paleo diet to help me avoid certain food allergies I have.

  168. I already have a copy and love!
    I’ve given away too mil and mom
    If I win I would give it to my sister she really needs to jump on the band wagon of paleo .

  169. I am always looking for new recipes and trying to give examples to people who don’t think they could succeed with the Paleo lifestyle because it is too restrictive.

  170. I am brand new to Paleo. I started my first Whole30 in February with my husband and our results have been so amazing that we are now completely sold on this lifestyle. I am reading everything I can get my hands on (books, blogs, articles, etc.) and listening to fabulous and informative podcasts. I would love to read your book!

  171. I would like to win this book because I feel better when I eat this way and I need all the help (and great recipes) that I can get! I would also love to share your book with my Mom. We also just found out that my hubby has a corn allergy and need some diet overhaul ideas. Thanks!

  172. I do not have a copy and would LOVE to win one! I’m new to Paleo, just got the 21-day sugar detox to jump start me, and would love to use this book to help my patients find the benefits of paleo, too!!

  173. I would really love this becasue I am so not gifted at coming up with things to eat! I’ve looked at it at the bookstore and it is on the top of my list of books to buy!

  174. I need a copy of Practical Paleo because the one that I have is borrowed from a friend. I’ve resisted highlighting, bending pages, placing tabs and making notes so that I can give it back to her!! There’s so much good information in this book that I want to be able to reference at a glance!

  175. I would love to win a copy of this book to read and then pass along to everyone I know! I have been paleo for about 6 months and I love listening to the balanced bites podcast. I know this book has a wealth of information I NEED to read!

  176. I borrowed your book from the library to see if I should add it to my (small) Paleo library and I was so impressed with the thoroughness of your book and it’s beautiful too! I was bummed when I couldn’t renew because many others had it on reserve. I haven’t purchased it yet because as a stay at home mom, presents for me are last on the list and not in the budget. I lost 35 pounds last year following paleo, then I became “too good at paleo” and hit a wall, started to gain weight again then gave up over the winter. I’m so mad at myself because I felt so good eating paleo and my rosacea dissapeared! Now I need a kick start to get back to be healthy and your book will help lead the way! Thanks for listening!

  177. My son and I have autoimmune diseases and have started to eat Paleo. We need good tried and true recipes to keep us motivated. We would love to have a copy of your book!

  178. I would LOVE your cookbook. I have many friends that have it and I have always borrowed and made copies of recipes. I have a stack of papers on top of my fridge with all the copies I’ve made and the ones I print off your website. I make your pumpkin pancakes at least 2-3 times a month. I signed up for the healthy living seminar that I found after being on your website hoping to get some more ideas for paleo! What a great group of presenters! Thanks for being a part of that and advertising it. I am a CrossFit coach and Paleo lover! I love giving my athletes advice on how to eat paleo and suggestions for meals, etc. I would love to be able to read your book and reference it when talking to my athletes. I would be soooo excited to have your cookbook πŸ™‚ please!

    Thanks for being awesome!

  179. I am excited about the 21 day detox and a Paleo life style. My husband and I eat relatively healthy, however, I would love to implement a full paleo diet. I have struggled a lifetime with weight and depression. I have bad sleep patterns, fogging thinking and a drained lethargic energy level. I think this lifestyle change would be a holistic approach to it all. I would be so grateful to win a book and if not, I will just buy one. But how cool to win, thanks for offering!!

  180. Practical Paleo is hands-down my favorite cookbook – Paleo or otherwise. Every cookbook should strive to be as clear, beautiful, and user-friendly!
    I’ve owned a copy since November and could really use a new one. The pages are already worn and stuck together with who knows what…maple syrup?!?
    But if I won a copy, I would surely give it to a friend who has struggled with weight loss for years, Gloria. (I have most of the recipes memorized anyway!). I tell everyone I know about this book and I love gifting it. It’d be nice to give this friend a free copy since my book buying budget is maxed out! Thanks!

  181. I am a level 1 certified CrossFit coach and an avid crossfitter myself.
    I read the reviews of your book on Amazon and was very intrigued. My mother and father in law have been trying to experiment with new healthy was of eating as my father in law has had increasing stomach troubles over the last two years. My husband and I eat paleo 6 days a week with one cheat day and I have turned on quite a few clients to your 21 day sugar detox. We saw your book at Costco around Christmas time an decided to get it as a gift to my in laws to possibly help with my father in laws constant ailment. I don’t own your book myself but would love to, especially a signed copy from a person I feel really writes things people can understand and relate to. You don’t just tell people to eat this way to start a diet trend but to eat to clean to combat against medical issues and to live a healthier lifestyle. I appreciate what you write and am a huge advocate. Hope I’m lucky enough to snag a copy and maybe even get my parents to transition their lifestyles to one day be able to chase their grand kids around! πŸ™‚

  182. I don’t have any Paleo cookbooks!! I always have to look for ideas online to make dinner for my family. I’d love a cookbook to make the task a bit easier!!

  183. If I win your book, I will read it and then give it to my co-worker, who is trying to use food to help with his diabetes.

  184. A few years ago my wife was very sick and no doctor could figure out what was wrong with her (including two trips to the Mayo Clinic). Finally, she decided to come off gluten and majority of her symptoms went away! It was amazing!! I didn’t have any reaction to gluten, or so I thought! I am now trying to encourage my wife to remove all the grains from our diet and go paleo. She has scoffed at this idea and doesn’t want to eliminate other grains (feels it will be too difficult). So, I am going to venture out on my own and hope that she follows. Everything I have read about this book has been great and I am hoping reading it will help me get going the right way show her that going paleo can be done!

  185. I have had stomach/bowel issues for as long as I can remember and since I started eating healthier, my issues have improved. I’m interested in easing into a paleo lifestyle as the next step to being even healthier but need some meal inspiration…and I hate searching for recipes online. I prefer using a real cookbook I can hold in my hand πŸ™‚

  186. I would like this book for my nephew, who has Crohn’s disease (has even had surgery and had an ileostomy for awhile – ouch!). I believe this way of eating could heal him and I would love for him to have this beautiful book as a resource. Thanks for all you do!!

  187. I really want to win this book because my boyfriend and I are doing the Whole30, but it’s been hard to get enough food into him (he’s a bike delivery guy and eats constantly). I found some Practical Paleo resources online and saw that it has lots of advice for athletes, so I really want the book! I’ve been waiting to get it on hold from the library for months…and there are still many people ahead of me.

    Thanks so much for doing the giveaway!

  188. I’m so excited about this! Thank you for giving back! I would keep the book on hand to let others borrow as needed. We have people periodically asking if we have good paleo resources to help them get started, and we rotate what we have. In fact, my husband took another book we used to use to let a co-worker borrow this morning. If I had had your hard copy on hand, I would have sent that, because it is the most simple, easy to understand, comprehensive and organized look at the paleo diet I’ve seen. And to be honest, when it wouldn’t be lent out to someone, I would use it and happily claim my iPad again. Since we have the ebook, my iPad lives in the kitchen.

  189. I would love a copy of your book. We have wheat, soy, dairy allergies in our house and Paleo eating works well for our family. I don’t have any Paleo cookbooks and I would love yours!

  190. I would really love to win as I need to get control of my health, and my families health, this book would really help us get started.


  191. Hi Diane, what a generous offer! Your book is on my wish list, after a few months of researching and making changes to my diet. I would love to have the book as I am trying to heal myself and my husband after a cancer diagnosis. I’ve already listened to your Green Village interview and a few podcasts. You are great! I will own your book one day, one way or another! πŸ™‚

  192. I would LOVE a hard copy because I downloaded on kindle and would love to have for 2 reasons : 1. to keep right on my kitchen counter and 2: to share with EVERYONE I KEEP BLABBING TO ABOUT IT!!

    So…..you shod pick me! I’ve been 100% Paleo since the day I read it! Loving my Paleo lifestyle!

  193. I do not have a copy of the book yet! I recently have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and would love to learn how to eat Paleo for more variety. I am also a nurse and would love educating my patients on healthy ways of eating. My hobby job is personal training where I am also spreading great diet tips to my clients. Thanks!

  194. I would love to win your book for several reasons. One being that I am new to the paleo diet, and it just does not make since to me. The diet goes against everything that I have learned In past dieting.
    The other reason is, my wife is gleuton intolerate. She is having difficult ing learning what to eat and what not. So for this reason I believe we could put your book to god use.
    And finally, I am trying to lose about 25 LBS., and hate feeling like I am starving while doeing so. So please consider us for your book.
    Thank you.


  195. I want to win because I honestly can’t afford to buy it, but would love some new inspiration in our paleo kitchen at home. I have have heard nothing but wonderful praises about the book, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  196. Having this book would be such a huge help with preparing meals for my family as I’m still in the beginning stages of eating well!

  197. I am new to this lifestyle and do not yet own any Paleo books. Having this book will be a great way to not only to continue to follow but show my children as we all continue on this journey of healing and healthy wholesome lifestyle!

  198. I do not have this book and would love a copy! I have flipped through it and I love not only the recipes but also all the information and science about going paleo. I am new to this lifestyle and feel this book can help me a great deal in my transition.

  199. I have Practical Paleo and love all the great Paleo information in it. I have shared so much of your knowlege and practices with my adult daughter, that I noticed one day that she had pinned Practical Paleo on her Pinterest Wish List board. It would be thrilling for her to receive a signed copy from you. My daughter, her husband and my husband and I started the Paleo lifestyle a little over a year ago. We have all lost weight and improved our health immensley. This is such a great book whether you’re a beginner or have been following a Paleo lifestyle for awhile. Good job, Diane, and thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  200. I am new to trying the Paleo lifestyle and do not own a copy of your book yet. I am an avid cook and interested in seeing your recipes so I can continue on this path. I have already seen many benefits to eating this way (weight loss, better skin) but am losing motivation due to a paucity of new recipes to try. I hope your book could get me on track again cooking healthily for me and my family. Thanks!

  201. I don’t have a copy but I really want to win. After years of trying several diets I found Paleo and I really think it might work for me, but that nagging self doubt of ‘this is another diet you won’t follow’ has delayed my purchase of the book (that and some major expenses and doctoral study have been issues). I would like to win so I can eliminate the excuses and just give it a try. I don’t respond well to ‘extreme’ anything, so a practical guide sounds right up my alley.

    Thanks for the opportunity. If I win I will be sure to repay the karma!

  202. I really want this one or myself.. I love the way it is formatted
    And I think this is one that my partner and I could use together
    To get on the same page

  203. Congratulations! I would keep the book for myself – it’s on my “to buy” list! We’ve been eating Paleo on and off for a year, but haven’t really stuck with it until recently. I have a two year old, and when he was 2 months old, he had RSV and was hospitalized for a week. Since then, he had horrible respiratory issues. He was on Singulair once a day and pulmicort and albuterol twice a day through the nebulizer. He also had an inhaler for when we were out and he had a coughing fit. It was miserable. When he was about a year and 3 months, we made the switch to Paleo and within a month, his chest was completely clear! Three months later, we put the nebulizer away and haven’t got it out since (almost a year later). It’s amazing how grains were effecting him so negatively. He eats 100% Paleo, but I have troubles slipping back sometimes. I’d love this book to add some more meals into our rotation and keep myself on track!

  204. I have a copy which I bought after buying a digital copy because I loved it so much. If I win, I’m giving a copy to my aunt. My dad, her older brother, passed away at 64 of a heart attack after over 10 years if battling heart disease and diabetes. I fear she is following in his footsteps. Although not eating quite as badly as my dad, she eats lots of wheat/grains and processes foods and is very sedentary.

  205. I don’t yet have a copy, would LOVE one as I am a celiac, gluten free, but still having issues. Trying to go Paleo.

  206. I am a chiropractor and talk healthy nutrition all day long. I need to find a book that I can recommend that covers the bases and is practical.

  207. I would love to win a copy because I recently heard a very positive review from a friend. From what my friend told me, I’m fairly certain that I will happily recommend it to other friends and athletes that I coach.

  208. LOVE the recipes!!! And tired of taking it out at my local library- there is always a long wait list!
    (Pick me!!)

  209. I would luv to win this to further my families health quest and get a better understanding of paleo eating..gracious

  210. I bought your book. Only had it for two weeks before I brought it to my Mom’s house to use for Easter dinner recipes. She asked to borrow it for the next week. I love my mom, so why not? “Sure, I’ll share!”, I say. She’s refused to give it back. Really. She told me just to go out and buy another copy. Since then, she let my aunt borrow it to look at before she bought her own. I told my aunt to death grip it. Karma’s a beast. I’ve since bought another copy and my aunt is keeping my original. I would like the copy you’re giving away to go to my Mom. I hope she’s learned her lesson. She’s uber pissed at me and my aunt, although, it’s utterly hilarious to us. HA!

  211. I would like a copy because I am a single dad with teenage daughters and I would like to be able to cook a variety of healthy food for us to eat.

  212. I would love to have a copy of your book because I recently checked a copy out from the library, and found this book AMAZING!! Not only did it give me the tools I needed to make great meal plans as a diabetic, it also gave me confidence! Confidence that I can keep this lifestyle up for longer than a fad diet! Plus, 2 weeks with this book is not nearly long enough!

  213. I would like this book because I have been on the waiting list at the library for a month. I currently am on the scd diet for crohn’s but am interested in the science behind paleo.

  214. I have a copy and my husband has one on his iPad and I gave two away to my sisters-in-law because they have been losing weight and getting healthy on Paleo and they were getting tired of the same old recipes. They love your book! I particularly love the lay-out of all the information. It makes it an easy way to learn about the body and how food affects it. Thanks so much! I would love to give my best friend a signed copy because she and I have started a competition, Biggest Loser style, πŸ™‚ to lose some weight and I keep telling her how great your book is, but I think she is a little intimidated by the idea of the Paleo lifestyle. I’d love to show her how easy you make it.

  215. OMG I would love to win a signed copy of your book. I have had it on my wish list for awhile and just not in the budget to buy it. We have slowly been transiting to a semi-paleo diet and would I would love to have an amazing cookbook to add to my collection.

  216. I would love to have your book! I have been eating Paleo for about 3 months , I have lost 18 lbs. i have just started following the blog and listening to your podcast with Liz. I have found it VERY helpful in understanding this way of eating. Lot of questions answered but still have so many. I share my recipes with friends and they love them I get most off of apps and blogs, I would love to have your book to reference and have to travel with! Thank you for being so generous to give 12 away! May you receive back more than you give!! Be blessed and I really need to do the sugar detox!! That I one thing that keeps gripping me:( thank you again, Amy

  217. When I was diagnosed with Stage 3C ovarian cancer, I had surgery, 7 chemo treatments (4 regular, 2 high-test, and 1 whammy) then opted out. When the doctor asked me what I was going to do, I told her I was going to be a better steward of my temple (body). So many conflicting “philosophies” of paleo, I need a plan to follow. I think this book has that so I would LOVE to have it! Many thanks!

  218. I recently bought this book but have been prevented from making too much headway into due to school and work teaming up to kick me in the behind. However, the little that I did get to read, I loved and I can’t wait until I will have some time to myself to really dig into it.

    One request / recommendation would be to start translating it into other languages! I don’t think it’s just Americans who need to relearn what it means to eat healthy and nutrition-dense foods! In my case, I would love to share this book with my mom but her first language is Korean. I would try to translate it for her but technical / Science terms are a bit beyond my second-language capabilities. Also, as far as I can see, there are maybe 1 or 2 books on the paleo diet in total in Korean so yours would do so much good!

  219. I just began the Paleo lifestyle on Monday and feel wonderful. I would love to win this book so I can gain more information! Thank you for this giveaway!!

  220. I don’t have the book…I really want a copy…I love food…good food…Paleo food…I love your podcast and find it informative…I make my own fermented foods…this would add greatly to my collection so I can help promote the lifestyle to others in my community! namaste!

  221. I do not have a copy but it is not because I do not want one! I finished the 21 DSD a few weeks ago and am about to do it for a 2nd time – mostly because I am very new to paleo and I don’t know what else to do or what else to cook! Things have already gotten expensive around here eating locally grown food, organic food and grass fed beef and eggs from pastured chickens. It really adds up so I am on a bit of a tight budget cooking paleo for 8 people every night. From the 21 DSD, Civilized Caveman and 30 day Intro to paleo, your book would round out my paleo repertoire – Rest assured even if I don’t win, I will be buying a copy of your book when my finances allow. Thanks for the giveaway!

  222. I was just looking at the book on amazon yesterday… thinking it would be useful for recipes and meal plans as my family and I experiment with following paleo more strictly this summer.

  223. I don’t already have a copy, and I want to win one because everyone says this is THE book to get. My husband has finally expressed an interest in going grain-free and I need all the help I can get coming up with delicious food that won’t have him missing his beloved biscuits/pancakes/waffles/cereal.

  224. Hello! I have yet to read your book, but it has come highly recommended! We just completed our little family of four this past February and I would love to start all of us on our Paleo journey with your book! I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about having a Paleo lifestyle and from the reviews, your book is the best place to start!Thank you for offering a giveaway, I am super excited for those 20 lucky recipients!

  225. Oh, man would I love this book! It comes highly recommended by a friend studying nutritional therapy, and fits right in with my CrossFit-paleo-whole foods life. As a single mom to my 17-year old daughter and mentor to the myriad youth I work with on the local Native American reservation, I love to be able to hand over something physical to people when advocating for healthier lifestyle choices and say, “Here. Read THIS. You’ll see I’m not making stuff up.” Thanks!

  226. Hi! Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to win a signed copy of your book! I do not have my own copy…yet. My dear sister-in-law is Paleo positive and very enthusiastic about it. She definitely has me intrigued. Although my fiancΓ© and I eat relatively healthy, I still struggle with weight loss. I really want to start the Paleo way of life. I have heard and read many great reviews and I’m excited to try it. On the internet, I found lists of paleo friendly foods to stock in your fridge and pantry. I printed my lists, cleared out all of our bad food and went shopping! I would love to try out all the wonderful recipes in Practical Paleo and I’m sure I have plenty more to learn. Thank you again and good luck to everyone!

  227. I bought this book right after it came out and then gave my copy away to my sister-in-law for Christmas. She has celiac disease and is always looking for ways to be creative in the kitchen. I loved your book so much….so I gave her my copy. I haven’t splurged again. The muffins in your book are great for a college student who doesn’t have tons of time for breakfast!

  228. I would love to win because i have Celiac Disease and Crohn’s Disease and also Lymphedema, so eating healthy is very important………

  229. I have a copy and I love it — but I lent it out to a good friend who has Lyme disease, and it has been really beneficial to her, so I’ve hesitated to ask for it back. But I really miss having my own copy! πŸ™‚

  230. I would love this book for myself. I am trying to cut processed foods and sugars out of my family’s diet and need new ideas for meals.

  231. I don’t have a copy but I’m attempting to go Paleo for health reasons and I would love to encourage my family to eat more healthy, especially my husband who struggled with diabetes. I love to cook and try new recipes so this would be such a blessing!

  232. Went ahead and purchased the book! I’m wheat/grain/sugar free after reading the Wheat Belly book by Dr. William Davis and looking for extra information and recipes. Paleo seems to go along with my wheat free lifestyle just have to watch the carb count.

  233. I have been Paleo since the beginning of this year, but as a Full Time Working mom to an energetic 2 year old and a husband that works a retail schedule, I’m often hard-pressed for time to come up with and prepare Paleo friendly meals. Have a resource like this would save me and my family from our standard baked chicken and steamed/roasted veggie rut that we seem to have gotten into these last few months. The Paleo diet has been such a lifesaver for me and my fibromyalgia symptoms and I really enjoy when people say to me that I eat healthy all the time, because even just a year ago, that certainly would not have been the case πŸ™‚

  234. I would love a copy of your book as I’m still new to the paleo way and this would be a great addition to assist me and learn more about the lifestyle that is really changing my life.

  235. I found that I have an auto-immune condition the past couple of years and tried Paleo for a couple of months and felt a lot better. I bought the book so that I can learn more on the auto-immune side of things. Since I have a book already, I will give mine (to be honest, because I want the signed one since I didn’t have a chance to go to any of your signings) and give mine to my mom. She is dealing with type 2 diabetes and other health problems and will greatly benefit her too. Thank you.

  236. I would love to win a copy because I work from home, and I’m in charge of feeding my entire family. Our old recipes don’t really work anymore because they relied heavily on grains in some form. Now, I’m having to learn new things to cook, which is awesome, but I really want to find some way to keep things interesting for my family. My wife and two kids deserve the best I can give them, and I would love to be able to put even more yummy stuff on the table so that they won’t even realize they’re eating healthy!

  237. I finally just got this book from the library! It is a great book with a lot of helpful information and great recipes… i would love to have a copy of my own :-)I am fairly new to the paleo lifestyle so great tips and information to keep me going is a plus!

  238. I have a copy, bu would love to win one to give to my mom! She recently went gluten free but is still eating ‘junk’ gluten free foods. She also has a host of health problems concerning her thyroid and I would love her to have some hope that she can correct her ailments! She’s also super stubborn, so I know just listening to me isn’t gonna do it-she needs a little persuading from an expert πŸ˜‰

  239. I heard you speak last week on the health seminar and your book sounds like it has lots of wonderful information to start out with.

  240. I would LOVE a copy as it is not in my budget right now to purchase and the library’s copy is becoming quite dog-eared due to my hoarding it every time it is available :).
    Thank you!

  241. I do not own a copy of the book yet. I want this book for all of the valuable information and recipes. I want 2013 to be the year that I make some changes in my life, and this book will be a great help in guiding me to healthy eating.

  242. We would love this wonderful resource !We are New parents to a miracle baby.Were told we couldn’t have children due to unexplained infertility .We ended up finally getting pregnant at 35 only to miscarry.Six months later another miscarriage . It finally took a ton of blood work and another year and a half before we were able to get pregnant again . Needless to say a lot of weight was put on during this time period due to stress eating and general depression . My husband and I are ready to shed this weight and move on to a healthier future for our precious baby girl. Paleo seems very appropriate for our needs as my husband is diabetic and Im a veggie lover . Fingers crossed we get lucky again (:

  243. Hi! I do not own your book yet, but will be buying for myself soon! However, I would love to win a copy for my sister who at 28 years old has been battling psoriatic arthritis and hypothyroidism the past few years. I started eating paleo a few months ago and it has made an enormous difference in my life (i was diagnosed with leaky gut, low adrenals, hypothyroidism and my female hormones were all low!) I have discussed with her how my life has changed eating this way and would love to give her the tools to help herself! Love the podcasts by the way, keep up the good work!

  244. I do not own a copy yet, but I hate having to wait so very long for the waiting list at the library! I’ve checked it out once, but barely got to read the good stuff, and didn’t even get to try a recipe before it was due back! and I hate to keep it late since SOOOOOO many people are in line for it! so I had to get back in line on the wait list πŸ™

  245. I haven’t bought your book yet as I’m busy during the school year between work and classes (went back to school to study Nutrition – yay!) but it’s on my list to read over the summer. I’m on a student budget these days as a 38-year-old, so would love to get a signed copy!

  246. I just ordered a copy yesterday, because we’re preparing to go paleo. But my sister-in-law would LOVE this! She’s already gone gluten-free on behalf of her son with autism. I know she would appreciate learning more about paleo.

  247. I’d like to win because I want to find new ways to stay paleo and help my girlfriend who has some health problems and will benefit from practical sources of nutrient dense food.

  248. I would give a copy to my mom. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and devoured my copy of Practical Paleo as soon as it arrived. My mom is dealing with many issues (Hashimoto’s, anxiety) that would benefit greatly from the information in your book, but I don’t live close enough to share my copy.

  249. Was just listening to your podcast this morning about the new Gather book. Have been 80% paleo for a month and would love this book for more ideas and inspiration to keep this up!

  250. I gave 2 copies away to my husbands cousin and my best friends son. They both use it! My BF has really benefited because her son is a great cook. I would give a copy if I won one to my 23 Year old daughter who has a three year old son. She is doing such a great job with him all by herself. She try’s to feed him only organic and no gluten. He it’s Paleo when he is at Papa and Lita’s house! He loves your pumpkin pancakes!

  251. I would love to win and share it with my father who is really getting into Paleo eating. He and I both have Celiac disease and the paleo diet is perfect for us!

  252. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while and am sticking my toe into the Paleo lifestyle, but I think I need to jump in head first! I have some chronic health issues and I think your specific meal plans will be really helpful. Winning the book will be a sign that it is time to make a change! Thanks so much for all you do for us, Diane.

  253. I do not have a copy yet. I struggle with my weight, thyroid issues and digestion. I would love this to have this book to help me and help my family eat healthier.

  254. I would love to have copy of your book and give my dad as gift. He has very painful arthritis. I want to help him to start new life even when he is 60. He takes a lots of drugs to help him with pain, that makes me cry. I am sure paleo lifestyle will help him

  255. Like others I am new to the paleo world. I suffer from chronic gut issues and I am desperate for relief so I’ve committed myself to the whole 30. I would love a copy of your book to ease my transition into this new life style that I am hoping will bring about a healthy, new, pain free me!! Thanks!!

  256. I would love to win a copy of this book because I know paleo makes me feel better but I would like to learn more of the “why it works”.

  257. I have given away my first 2 copies of this book, and at least 19 girls who did my last 30 day nutrition/ performance challenge bought the book at my recommendation. I promote this philosophy and these easy recipes as part of a nutritional cleanse protocol and it’s very successful. This copy will be for my friends who own a sports performance company.

  258. I ordered my copy of “Practical Paleo” this past Wednesday and it arrives today! I can’t wait. I would give a copy to my friend Heidi. Heidi recently went on “Take Shape for Life” which is Medifast’s online program. This weight loss program is nuts. They eat mainly soy based foods. The plan is 5 -100 calorie meals and one lean and green which is basically a salad with protein. This plan is less than a 1000 calories a day and it does not promote exercise. Who can exercise when they are eating that little. It has basically left my friend in a brain fog and a bag of bones. I would love to show her through “Practical Paleo” that you can eat real food and look and feel great and healthy!!!

  259. I would love a copy of your book as I am new to the Paleo lifestyle and know your book would offer many helpful suggestions and much encouragement. I haven’t purchased your book yet for my personal library, but as a librarian I recommend and special request it often.

  260. I do not have a copy. I would like to have one because I have recently discovered may foods that I am unable to tolerate and have gone through a very extensive food detox. I have lost several pounds, but need to improve my day to day choices. In addition I have been committed to a Crossfit gym for over a year now. I understand the concept of Paleo, but have not been able to put it to practical use. THank you.

  261. Hi! I don’t have a copy of the book and would love to win because I am new to Paleo and would love some more info, ideas, and help! πŸ™‚

  262. I want to win, because I want to try the Paleo way of eating but I am scared and don’t know where to start.

  263. First of all congratulations on all of the success you have had with Practical Paleo! I do not have a copy of the book but I know that it would be a an amazing addition to my growing paleo based library. The reason why I dont have your book is due to budget constraints. I first found paleo through Robb Wolf, Sarah Fragroso and Jason Seib so ive bought all of their books and resources that they had to offer. Then I found the Balanced Bites podcast and was instantly hooked to listening to you and Liz educated your listeners on how to optimize their health. I also loved all the chitter chatter and accent experiments during the podcasts. Its always nice to be able to smile and laugh during a morning commute!I am currently on day 5 of the 21DSD and it is such an amazing program! I know the recipes in your book will help me stay on track when I am not doing the program and when I eventually do it again. What it all boils down to is that I am a huge fan and having a signed copy of your book would be a great honor! Thank you so much for all that you do! The knowledge and advice that I have learned from you has truly changed my life and how I view the food world!

  264. I do not yet own your book, but I would greatly love a copy to finally and fully learn the paleo lifestyle. This year I turned 43, and the paleo basics have been excellent in helping me recover and rebuild my health after a hernia and surgery and a few years of a sluggish and not-so-healthy lifestyle. I’m a freelance writer by trade, and would gladly write what I think will be a glowing review to publish on Amazon, and anywhere else I can share this incredibly sensible way of life. Love & zen!

  265. Diane,
    Since learning of the Paleo lifestyle through my introduction to crossfit I have become a firm believer of it’s health and weight control benefits. I am a nurse who follows and promotes the paleo diet Everywhere I go. The paleo diet has helped to keep my autoimmune symptoms under control…much more than any medical intervention I’ve tried before. I do not own this book and would consider it a great honor! The information I learn through your educational productions enable me to learn, share and promote the health benefits to others, at the gym and the patients I care for every day.
    Hoping to meet you in person one day,
    Lanita (Grove) Saltzgiver

  266. I have not yet purchased your book but it sounds incredible and I am just getting started with the Paleo lifestyle and finding the adjustment more difficult than I thought. I love seeing your FB posts and know I would love your book too! Best Wishes for continued success!!

  267. I would give a copy to my parents. They have been struggling to get healthy, which is only becoming more difficult for them as they age. Your book is one of the most complete and informational books on Paleo out there, that also includes a great number of fantastic recipes. It would be a great starting point for them.

  268. I really want to win a copy, because I’m new to the Primal/Paleo way of eating, and I’ve heard really excellent things about this book. πŸ™‚

  269. This book would be used non-stop in my homeschooling household. In the past 8 weeks, my husband and I and the whole family completely converted. We have had PHENOMENAL SUCCESS! I have lost 24lbs. My blood pressure, was insane, 175/40….is now 117/20….that happened in first 2 weeks. I was almost a diabetic. My endocrinologist literally called me at home to tell me that whatever the heck I was doing, don’t stop!! My levels were perfect. My cholesterol is perfect. I feel amazing. My teenage girls have lost their puffy wheat bellies and can’t wait until swimsuits….my littles had mono….don’t know how, but her neck lymph node was massive! Like a small tomato. The Dr said 2 months for healing. She was healed in 10 days! My husband is an athlete. His running training time is now akin to his normal race times. His knee injuries healed. This family is so happy going Paleo, but with a carpenter’s salary supporting all of us, we’d love to win!! (PS our success has converted another entire family plus 3 more individuals. Success and results speak without words)

  270. I really want to win because I’m not winning at this paleo eating…yet. I just started March 18th and I am struggling. I’m sick and overweight.. which is one in the same really. I think the book would help me towards my goals = healthy.

  271. I have this book myself, and I also gave one to my step-mom. She has celiac disease, but does not have access to the internet. If I win a signed copy, I will keep it and give my other copy to some friends of mine who are new to paleo. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book!!

  272. I don’t have a copy but would really love one. I need to lose weight and change my eating and Paleo looks like the way to go. I need the book so I can make sure I’m following it correctly. And right now with my husband not having a job we are really watching extra expenses…winning a signed copy would be a blessing!!

  273. I graduated in December with my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.Over the past month I have started researching Paleo and deciding how I would fit it into my own life and my career. I am very excited about the research behind the idea of a paleo lifestyle. Your book jumped out at me and is on my ever growing list of books to buy/read. It seems to be a great approach to make this lifestyle less overwhelming and would be the kind of approach I would want to take with my future clients. A free copy of the book would be amazing! Thank you!

  274. Out of all the books that I checked out the library this by far was the most informative and the best organized for a newbie into Paleo.

  275. I’d love a copy as I’m still learning about Paleo, need all kinds of help cooking and it’s the kind of book you want to own, not just borrow from the library.

  276. I am in Week 6 of a BootCamp exercise program, and I have been experimenting with the Paleo diet but am struggling a bit. Weight loss is slow (at age 46). When I look online, there is SO MUCH info, it gets overwhelming to wade through and it’s hard to know what is the ‘best’ cookbook. So for me, anything with the word ‘Practical’ in the title works for me! I need a ‘one stop resource’ to get me started, and easy enough to absorb so that I can bring my kids in on the fun too! I also have a son with special needs and epilepsy is part of his ‘gig’ – and I believe this type of diet would benefit him greatly, since it is similar to the ketogenic diet that is recommended for epilepsy patients. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  277. My public library would really appreciate if I would win and finally give them back their copy I keep checking out!

  278. I own a copy, but I would pass it on to a friend who has been showing some interest in what I have been doing. Love the book! Thank you!

  279. I don’t have your book yet but I would love to add it to my collection. I’m always looking for new paleo recipes to try and anything that can make cooking faster, easier and more fun is a plus in my book! Pick me!

  280. Although I’ve read about Paleo for a while, I was never convinced it was for me, I thought I needed to be a vegan. Well it only took me 20 years to realize that I was under-performing in every aspect of life as a vegetarian. I started listening to your podcasts and it has just snowballed from there. Cutting back on sugar, and upping protein and fat is the best thing I could of ever done however I am stuck on the same “regular” recipes and need some new ones. Please pick me!!!!!

  281. I LOVE this book! If I were to win a copy I would share one with my sister-in-law who was just diagnosed with intestinal malrotation and is now following the FODMAP diet guidelines. I love that your book has FODMAP identified foods listed. Brilliantly organized & beautiful. It deserves it’s full time spend on the Best Seller list. : )

  282. I would love to win a copy of your book because: 1) trying to get my parents eating Paleo because of several health issues, 2) we started a Paleo group in our area (thats still growing) and would love to be able to show your book at our gatherings, 3) for our family of 5 as well. Thank you!

  283. My copy is pretty banged up from living in the kitchen! I’ve given 5 copies away so far: MIL and 3 colleagues in the celebrity world. Thank you! Sylvie @ The Simple Paleo Life . com

  284. I picked up Practical Paleo at the Library. The simple recipes resonate with me and my family. I’ve got a growing 9 year old son. In the 2 weeks I’ve used this great resource I’ve noticed less crankiness and more responsiveness in my son. Practical Paleo offers a very solid way to avoid GMOs and keep my family healthy. I’d love to have a copy because I’m very comfortable with this being THE nutrition book that I can pass to my son so that he’ll know what Dad did to keep him so healthy.

  285. Hi Diane – I have been eating Paleo for 3 years – started during my Ironman training but felt so darn good after i kept with it! but until I found your 21sd I was including lots of fruit and dried fruit and so called Paleo treats – after the first round of the detox (sept 2012) I realized that sugar was my devil and it was an eye opener for me! I am on the 3rd round of the 21 day detox because that pesky dark chocolate and wine see to creep back to more than a manageable level. You keep mentioning all these great recipes from your cookbook and I really would LOVE a copy a would feel privileged for your autograph

  286. I do not have a copy yet, it has been on my Amazon book Wish List for a while (was hoping the DH would have bought it as a B-day or Xmas gift).
    I have read some wonderful reviews about the book!

  287. My husband and I are starting the 21 day sugar detox tomorrow (I can’t wait). I have some serious health problems that we believe are due to poor diet and hoping to see great results. Once we finish the detox we want to go to a Paleo life style full time for our family. If we won it would be a great resource for us to have and share with his fellow Marines and with my family who are very interested in the Paleo movement as well!

  288. I began my Paleo Journey about a year ago. It has truly been life changing. Being on a limited budget, all of my paleo guidance has come from online. From what I have been told and what I have read, Practical Paleo is a must-have for a Paleo rookie. I want to have a better understanding of the science behind what I eat not just for me but so that I can pay-it-forward and educate others!

  289. I’d give my winnings away to another lucky winner on my blog. I’d pass the love to a faithful reader because I know how useful & insightful this book is.

  290. I already have a copy (which you signed for me by flashlight at the “Blackout” book signing in November).
    I have purchased a copy for my sister for her birthday but I planned to keep my signed copy for myself but cannot resist loaning it out to people who show an interest. (My signed copy is out on loan right now).
    Whether I win one or not I am certain I will be buying more copies of this beautiful book to share with others.

  291. I just learned that I have a nighshade sensitivity and would love to see your AI Protocol recipes, to make up for the spices/ingredients I can no longer use.

  292. I LOVE this book! I have told EVERYONE about it. My BFF got it after she heard me raving about it. I really want to win this to give it to my brother and sister-in-law. My brother was recently diagnosed with diabetes and my SIL has MS. I keep telling them how much the paleo way of eating would help BOTH of their diseases…but I can’t get them to even try it. This book would help them understand better than I can explain and help them on their way to get healthy.

  293. I would love to win a copy. I’m a little overwhelmed by the work needed for other popular paleo recipes, and I could really use some practical tips on simplifying the paleo lifestyle.

  294. Practical Paleo was my first paleo book and the one I eat by, refer to constantly, and refer all of my friends to. It’s helped me manage my multiple sclerosis symptoms and lose weight. My parents have seen what it’s done for me and are “trying” paleo and already seeing resluts (two weeks in) and I’d love to share a copy with them.

    Even if I don’t win, thanks for writing this book. It covers all bases like no other paleo book in my collection.

  295. I HAD a signed copy that I got at AHS12. I loaned it to my mom, who had a blast with it and loaned it to some of her church friends. They all love it and that single book has touched several lives in my small Idaho farming town, including two people with severe GI disorders. I’ve all but written that book off for the greater good, so I’d love to get hold of a signed copy to replace it.

  296. I am a trainer and would love to use this book to help people get on track with their health. I would recommend they buy one as well.

  297. I already own a copy but I’d love to pass it along to my parents. Both of them have very recently suffered bouts of diverticulitis/digestive problems and I strongly believe it is due to the way they eat (and what they eat). The book is also almost foolproof. I love that they will be able to clearly read why a change in their eating style will promote better health for them, but they also have a pre-designed 30 day plan that will get them started now, instead of later. And I love that this website also has the shopping lists that take all of the work out of it for them!

  298. I’ve been gf for 3 years and df for 2 years. I recently went through more testing and discovered more food allergies/intolerances. I’m moving towards a more Paleo approach with my meals. I have several Paleo cookbooks on my shelves and I’ve heard wonderful things about your book from friends.

  299. I already have your book and love it. I recommend it to my nutrition clients (I am a natural nutritionist studying clinical psychoneuroimmunology) with ancestral diet at it’s core. If I win I will give the copy as a reference guide to new clients in their first month if they need it to get them started. They’d have to buy their own copy after that!

  300. I already have my own copy and I sent another “Practical Paleo” to my friend in Hungary, since your book is not available for her, yet.
    She is following the Paleo diet for 3 months now and feeling really good.
    I I would win a copy of “Practical Paleo”, I would send it to my Parents in Germany, since they are really interested in the Paleo lifestyle.
    Especially since my dad completely changed his diet (due to a cancer treatment) and he is now living gluten free.
    My mom is joining him in his gluten free lifestyle, because she feels so much better (more energized) without eating gluten.
    Furthermore, when I was back home three weeks ago,I cooked some of your recipes for them and they were stoked. So, I think they would be very excited to have their own copy of “Practical Paleo”.

  301. I listen to your podcast and bought your book for my e-reader. Since discovering you I found out I have celiac and adrenal fatigue and am on the road to recovery! The sad thing is… while making bone broth, I spilled it all over my E-reader (Which is not a very good receipe book holder) and fried it :(. Sadly I no longer have your book with all the amazing receipes… or my e-reader. Getting a signed copy would totally replace the love that I had for my e-reader and I’d be able to use your amazing book once again!

  302. I already have a copy but I would love to win so I can give a copy to my sister. She just had surgery again for thyroid cancer and really wants your book. I am happy and would love to provide that for her. Thank you for the chance for allowing us to be able to change our lives and providing a safe and clear way of doing so.

  303. I don’t have a copy…
    I am one of those unlucky celiac’s that retain weight instead of not being able to put weight on. I have tried everything… well, except for paleo, which I know virtually nothing about. Maybe paleo is my answer!

  304. I am new to the Paleo life style. Just finishing up my first week. I am like a hungry sponge… looking for and soaking up all the knowledge and recipes and any information to continue my journey to a more healthier me.. and my family!! I have never been so excited about a dietary life style change then I am with becoming Paleo!! πŸ™‚

  305. Huge fan already. I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with MS and she’s thinking about starting paleo. I know there is a chapter about MS that she could really benefit from.

  306. I follow your podcast and bought Practical Paleo in the fall. I recently bought my dad a copy for his birthday and would love to win a signed copy. I, of course, would keep the signed copy. You can’t just give those things away… But, I would then give my original copy to my sister-in-law and her husband. They’re young and trying to be healthy but mis-informed and leaning vegetarian since the media makes it look healthy. He has MS and they’re thinking about starting a family. I want them to know about Paleo and how their digestion really works so they can be as healthy as possible now and in the future. Heck, if I had the money I’d want to give everyone I know a copy of Practical Paleo. Thanks for writing a great book!

  307. I would love to receive a copy of your book! I have been following the paleo plan for several months now but need some further help to tweak my diet and better care for my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Thanks for this chance.

  308. Hello!

    Happy Spring! I have a few friends who started following a Paleo diet a few months ago and both have had great results in weight loss and one has completely lost all signs of her IBS. I’ve been about 40lbs overweight for the past 5 years. About 6 months ago, I started doing 30 minutes of calisthenics 3-4 times a week and added 35 minutes of cardio about 3 months ago. I have been working out regularly and eat a typical “healthy” diet, and have since rebuilt my lost muscle mass, but I have yet to shed any fat. My clothes are starting to be less tight, but my progress has been incredibly slow. Both my parents are overweight and have tried yo-yo dieting over the past 30 years. I don’t want to follow their cycle. I want to try Paleo for myself and see how it makes me feel! From what I’ve heard, it’ll rock my world! Also, I want to be an inspiration for my parents. Because if they see how much better I feel and look because of Paleo, they’re more likely to try it themselves. If I win a copy of Practical Paleo, I will read it myself, then give my copy to my parents so they can start living their life! Thank you for your consideration. =] Aimee

  309. I’m definetly looking for a healthier lifestyle for my husband and myself. As we are getting getting older we are searching for alternative answers to healthcare issues. I’ve heard and read a little about the Paleo way of eating and am very interested. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  310. I currently have this book in my cart on amazon.com, waiting to buy it until I can afford it. My local library does not have ANY paleo books.
    I am new to Paleo and I saw your book recommended on Jon North’s blog http://jonnorth.blogspot.com/ his wife did a 30 day Paleo challenge. I immediately looked your book up on amazon, it seems new to paleo user friendly.

  311. I don’t have your book yet but I have been wanting it since it came out!! I have awful eczema that only started to go away when I started the paleo diet last fall. Right now I’m kind of in a cooking rut and would love to have a meal plan to follow!

  312. I would love a copy of your book to help me in my Paleo journey! Love your podcast and would love to have a book!

  313. Congratulations on your best seller! A colleague has your book. We have both recently begun eating Paleo. I would love to be able to make the same recipes as she does so we can compare notes.

  314. I love your book. Love love love love love it. Love it. I want to give copies to everyone I know I love it that much. So a free signed copy will just send me over the moon. GAH, love it.

  315. I’m 5 months pregnant and will definitely need as much advice as possible for eating paleo once this little guy arrives. Your book would be a HUGE help!

  316. I do not own the book yet and would like a copy to help start my healthier lifestyle. I am trying to control blood sugar levels and think Practical Paleo will be a tremendous help to the new lifestyle.

  317. I really want to win the book for a couple of reasons: I have had a hard time finding it in my area, and I would order online but finances have been REALLY tight lately between saving for my wedding and my fiance’s work situation. If I don’t win, I’ll eventually get around to ordering it online, but I’d so much rather win!

  318. I don’t have a copy — checked it out from the library, but it was due back before I had a chance to read it through. Too many people want to read it!! It looks like a great reference book, and I’d love to have a permanent copy in my home.

  319. I would love to win the Practical Paleo book. I don’t have it, but listened to an interview with you talking about the book and it sounds wonderful. I am new to your website and want to learn more. I am a holistic health coach and always looking for great information to share with my clients and I bet there is plenty in the book that I could share in my effort to help people achieve better health.

  320. I already own the book, and I love it! I want to win, because I am anxious to get my mom, whose is now on insulin as a type 2 diabetic, as hooked on this lifestyle as I’ve become!!

  321. It would be great to win this book but I may end up purchasing it sooner as I have heard many great things about it from nutritionist and chiropractors who I have been seeing. I also love that you post recipes that someone starting out can easily make and it has helped me realize that living Paleo is very doable and beneficial from my family and everyone! If I win a book, and if I don’t already have one, I would give it to a friend of mine who has serious stomach issues and is just starting out going Paleo. Your site ROCKS and thanks for the time and effort you put into sharing your knowledge and making Paleo alot of FUN! Thanks!

  322. I do not have a copy yet and would love one. I am new to paleo and want to transition you son who is 2 years old to a more paleo diet.

  323. So many interesting and revolutionary replies! This book is a blessing! Thank God someone has taken the hours to kitchen test these recipes for greatness! Good karma for helping others. Please continue in your special work. LOVE those recipes and greatfull for every Paleo post I get. I’m trying to reform my families diet (not easy for those older ones to change) Thank you! for all your work.

  324. HI! I would love to win the Practial Paleo book. I do not own a copy of your book. I am new to Paleo diet and few people recommended me to try this diet because I have autoimmune disease called IgA Pemphigus which it is skin blistering condition. I am blessed that my legs are the only part of my body that is affected by it. I started to eliminate some carbs which I am convinced that may trigger it. Your book is paleo friendly and I believe your book will help me greatly..health wise.

  325. I love Practical Paleo, it is my go to reference guide and meal guide. I’d gone Paleo in January 2012, and it helped but I still have had many issues. Now I’ve learned that I have leaky gut, many intolerances that were unidentified, and on and on; after years of dead ending with the traditional medical community, your podcasts and book and recommendations have been the thing that finally started turning my problems around. I gave my copy to a co-worker after hearing how his wife is going through identical struggles, but they had no clue what to do; I got a card back from them a month later saying “Thank you for sharing your experiences and struggles and this book. It has changed our lives.” Now what’s cooler than that? I would like an additional copy to give to another girlfriend of mine who is still not believing that this will help her. I think it’s only a matter of time that the scary prescriptions and fake foods she’s using now are another empty promise.

  326. I am a CrossFit coach and I have been devouring all sorts of books on nutrition. My self-education is about improving myself as well as the athletes I coach. If I am able to understand the principles of a good nutrition plan and the variations available, I am better able to advise those that seek change in their eating lifestyle. Most folks don’t realize that they have an emotional attachment to food and truly believe that to have a good nutrition plan takes too much work. Providing them simple examples of what they can do to improve their food choices and lead them down a path of good nutrition can help them break their attachment with bad foods and establish a healthier relationship with food. Each nutrition book I’ve read further increases my arsenal of teaching proper nutrition. And any help I can get in improving someone’s health through better nutrition choices is welcome.

  327. Hi, I would love to win a copy of your book because I became a stay at home mom 8 Months ago when my little man was born and I need your help to get us back on track to better eating. I’ve been following your blog for about a year and a half now and truly feel that your advise helped me to get healthy (lost the last ten pounds I’ve been wanting to before I got pregnant). I managed to keep my weight in check during the pregnancy as well by following your blog. Since having my healthy little guy though and the fun craziness that comes with it, I’ve strayed a bit. I’m nursing and need help getting my eating back on paleo track for both of us. I need your book to get me and my family better organized so that we can better prioritize healthier eating.

  328. This is great! I’ve been living a Paleo lifestyle for almost three years and feel fantastic. I love reading different books and approaches (ISWF, Paleo Solution, Primal Mind Primal Body, Well Fed, Everyday Paleo) and would love to read your book, too! Thanks for sharing, and I love your podcast!

  329. I would love to win a copy of your book! I am new to your website and completed the 21 day sugar diet. I feel AMAZING! I have Hashimoto’s Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis and this has helped me tremendously!! I look forward to continuing on this path to wellness. Thank you for considering me as a winner!


  330. I don’t have a copy, but I’d love to win one because I’d like to try the meal plans you have in the book. I think they would simplify things for me and help me get back on track.

  331. I am RD and would love to learn more about your program as many clients have been asking about this way of eating. I feel it is very important to stay on top of new programs that are out there and I would like to be able to review your program. Thanks Noreen

  332. I’ve been doing crossfit for over a year now and started Paleo about mid last year and went way too extreme. I decided that this month I am going to to reset my self and my diet to be more in line with what my body agrees with instead of going the extreme. I’m also doing the 21DSD and really like how that’s formatted. Would love to get this book to get ideas and find that nice medium

  333. I just started my first Whole30. I am hoping that this will help with my back pain and health issues. I broke my back in two places in 1981. I have been experiencing back pain to the point that I haven’t been able to work or exercise, even sitting on the toilet hurts! (sorry for TMI!!) My hope is that through a Paleo lifestyle inflammation in my body will be eliminated and I will again be able to enjoy lifes simple pleasures. My family is loving all the Paleo dishes I have been making. I cannot keep enough food in my fridge!!!! Hopefully you will pick me so that I can expand my cooking horizons!!!

  334. I would love to have your book! I did your detox last month, and with all the wonderful results, I want this to be my new food lifestyle. I also would love to get my four kids and husband on board. This cookbook would be very advantageous as I am a struggling cook who needs to follow recipes.

  335. I would love to win a copy of your book because it provides a comprehensive guide to the Paleo approach and also has meal plans and recipes that will help me and my 7-yr old daughter make more healthful food choices. We’ve already weaned ourselves off of wheat and processed foods.

    Thank you,

  336. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have a copy now and it has changed my life in so many positive ways. I was suffering with four autoimmune diseases and had a lot of pain and balance issues. Since I started using your tools, I have no pain or balance issues. I also heal quicker from wounds. I have a copy of this book, but have a dear friend who has no money and would benefit from this book as she is suffering from many of the same health issues. Thank you.

  337. I do not have your book and would LOVE a copy to help inspire me in the kitchen. I am a single lady, who cooks for 1 and has recently put meat back in her diet, lifts heavy, and am looking for delicious and creative meat & veggie recipes to fuel my fitness and make me feel good πŸ™‚

  338. I would give my daughter, Cathleen my copy that she gave me for my birthday. I have been gluten free for about 3 months now but now my husband and myself are following the plan. Everything I cook now is from this cook book. I even have entertained and cooked the whole meal for everyone from the book. I too am hoping it will help with my Chronic Lyme Disease…

  339. When I stick to paleo, my thyroid antibody numbers are great – when I get sloppy, my antibody number go up vastly. I think this book would help me get back to where I need to be.

  340. I would give a copy to my future mother in law…she is just getting into the just eat real food notion and i think this would be a great guide for her! I already have a copy and love, love, love it πŸ™‚

  341. I have the Kindle version but on my iPhone. I would like to have a hard copy to see better. also I want my SIL to read it. Thank you!

  342. I already own a copy, so if I won, it would be handed off to my brother’s family. I feel like they could really benefit from the paleo lifestyle!

  343. I love all of your stuff but am not one who generally buys cookbooks, plus having a signed copy would just be really cool. I won a copy of Well Fed that Mel signed, and it is one of the most important things I own. Yours would be right there next to hers. AND, I would immediately go put in a review at Amazon…

  344. I would love to have a copy of this book because I am currently trying to heal my 6 month old’s severe eczema. It has been very hard to pinpoint the cause. There is a possibility of a yeast issue…she scratches herself to bleeding and has a pretty miserable life so far. I would really like a plan to follow. My other children also have a gluten sensitivity. I would love some tasty recipes to convince my husband we need to be paleo!

  345. I have the book and love it. Since September of last year, after being diagnosed with Hashimotos, I have transitioned to Paleo diet (and followed the AIP), and it has changed my life. I feel amazing, have lost over 50 pounds, and my bloodwork is all improving. If I would win a copy I would give it to my mother-in-law, or possibly one of my co-workers, both of them would very much appreciate it and I think it could change their lives too!

  346. I would love to have the book for me. I haven’t been able to afford to buy it and when I have had the money, our local Costco hasn’t had it. But I would love to have a copy for autoimmune conditions that make every day a bit more difficult than it needs to be! I want to learn more about helping myself get healthier. Thanks for the chance to win.
    And a signed copy would be SWEET!!!

  347. Excellent! Thanks for this opportunity. I have a copy of Practical Paleo already – and I would certainly give it to my clients as a gift (if they haven’t bought it already)… I’m a health coach – using a paleo approach – and my goal is to get my clients to stumble upon it themselves. I use your guides to fats, oils, gluten – and your book is selling itself. πŸ™‚

  348. I would like to win a copy of your book so that I can better implement a paleo way of eating for our three year old twins and the rest of the family.

  349. I would love to win a copy of this book! I just recently found your website and have tried a couple of your recipes and really enjoyed them. I’d love to have an entire book’s worth!

  350. I already have a copy of “Practical Paleo” and LOVE it! I’ve been eating a mostly Paleo diet for over two years now. But I would like to have another copy of your book for my daughter. She is 38 and has become quite obese in the last few years plus she has high blood pressure. I have told her I am gluten-intolerant and that she could be, too, but she does not have the medical insurance to cover testing and she works two jobs (one full-time; one part-time) while helping my grandson pay for his first year of college. She’s the kitchen supervisor in a restaurant and tends to eat a lot of her meals there. She has a culinary degree and she scoffs when I give her another cookbook, but I’m hoping she will finally take heed with the simple recipes and practical guidance in your book. Thank you so much for your great work!

  351. I actually own two copies already. I bought the kindle version for myself in December and then I bought the hardcopy with an Amazon gift card. I use the kindle version when cooking and plan on giving the hardcopy to my parents. If I had an additional copy I’d give it to my mother-in-law, who is perpetually on one diet or another and never seeing results. I think Practical Paleo would be just what she needs to get her to try the diet.

  352. I would love to own your book. I have lived wheat free since July of last year and my health has improved immensely. However, earlier this week, my nutritionist suggested I go one step further and go grain free. Your book has been mentioned elsewhere and gets high marks in reviews on Amazon. Sounds like it would be a wonderful resource as I continue to improve my diet.

  353. I currently don’t own a copy of the book and saw it while on vacation and LOVED it…and as you say at 4# it was too heavy to buy and carry back on our luggage! I absolutely love to cook and this book is what I have been looking for. I also have been blazing through your podcasts- in two weeks I have listened to 32 episodes! I listen while driving to work, at work, and driving home- I’m addicted to the Balanced Bites Podcast! I have been inspired by this podcast in many ways and have joined the Weston A Price Foundation and have already reached out to possibly start a chapter in my town, as there isn’t one here. In April we have plans to visit local farms who raise grass fed animals and supply raw milk and all the yummies you discuss in your podcasts. Thank you for the inspiration and no nonsense attitude! Much appreciated πŸ™‚

  354. I don’t have a copy yet, but I would just absolutely love to win a signed copy!! I love all of your recipes and all the support you give. You have made the change over to being paleo a very easy one for my husband and I. πŸ™‚ thank you!

  355. My husband has terrible food issues and my latest baby does too! We have tried Paleo but haven’t been able to stick with it. Your book seems like it would be the ticket to helping us make lasting lifestyle changes!

  356. Not only do I have a 13 month old, I have another one on the way in 4 months. This book would give me healthy recipes to make for myself and for my family and friends. I’m always telling everyone about the Paleo life and how great I feel after starting it 3 months ago. Usually I just freestyle my recipes but it would be wonderful to have a book on ” how to” so there’s no question I will love the turnout!

  357. I do not already have a copy, but I have been wanting to purchase a copy for a while! Everytime I go to Amazon, I give myself some excuse not to buy one. I’m a mom of 4, all under the age of 7, and I want to put my health first for once!

  358. #2 – I have a copy, a well loved well thumbed copy. But I keep loaning it to trusted people, and then I miss my copy until I get it back.
    So…if I had TWO copies I could look things up anytime my little heart desired & still continue to spread the good food word by loaning out one.

  359. I am a breast cancer survivor of 2yrs now…i’m needing to change my lifestyle &paleo plan is the best choice for me…i’m almost 50y & want to be around for alot longer & to be an example for friends & family…Thank you

  360. I’ve been wanting to read this book, but the library has a huge waiting list πŸ™ I would love to win this as I have begun to make changes to go Paleo, but I still struggle and would love to learn more about how to live Paleo:) Thanks

  361. I work as a Family Nurse Practitioner with a large Medicaid population. I currently have two copies and loan them out like a library to those who may not be able to obtain them on their own. Many have gone on to get the 21 day detox! I am seeing great results for myself, as well as educating a population that has had a hard time making good food choices for themselves and family! I would love one more for my collection, thank you for the chance!

  362. A friend of mine has it and the recipes looked SOOOOO yummy. I’m at the starting line of a paleo journey and would love to have a great tool to guide me.

  363. I’d love a copy of your book. I’m a newbie and just discovered your site. Any resources available to me would be a great help as I start this journey.

  364. I would LOVE to win a copy to help keep me on track! Been doing the primal thing for about 6 months and recently completed 21DSD. Thanks for the opportunity!

  365. I want to win a free copy of your book because I need to get over my sugar addiction. My cousin died from diabetes at age 35 and I don’t want that to be me. I am on Day 4 of your sugar detox program, it was either pay for the program or buy your book – I couldn’t afford to do both, so I paid for the detox program. So please help me out. Thank you

  366. We are just beginning in Paleo lifestyle, are in our late 60’s, have always been very conscious of our health even though we had diseases as children and were brought up on high sugar, really high sugar, mostly sugar diet, which caused cavities, many lost teeth, aching, etc., but we have always believed in gardening and growing our own veggies, (after we were married) and back in our 20’s we did canning. We would like to update ourselves as to how and why paleo works and how can we change our cooking habits. It is exciting for us to read about new health breakthroughs and we try to incorporate ideas that seem healthy. We are trying to find out as much information as we can and just now came across your book. We would really benefit from it and we could introduce our grandkids to healthy ideas and meals. Thank you.

  367. I would love to have a copy of your new book, I’m eating more Paleo but I’ve gotten bored with the same old recipes. Going through perimenopause has become challenging, and I’m hoping a cleaner diet will make this transition easier on my body.


  368. I really want to win because I don’t have the book and have heard great things about it. I have Well Fed and would like to expand my Paleo library as much as possible. Plus, if the recipes on this website are indicator, the book should be full of amazing dishes. I can’t wait to try!

  369. I don’t have the book. I have wanted it for a while, even tried to win it! I need it because I’m fairly new to healthier cooking. I have my husband, 5 boys, and my inlaws that I cook for so I need good recipes that make them grateful that I’m cooking healthy!

  370. I do not own a copy and I would love to win because I’m trying to lead a healthier lifestyle! Thank you for this giveaway! =)

  371. I would love to give my 30 yr old son a signed copy for his birthday in May! He has gone primarily paleo since January and has lost 30lbs! It was necessary as he has hereditary hyperlipidemia and this change will prolong his life. As a result of his success, I purchased your book to begin my transition to a healthier lifestyle and have lost 5lbs just this week! It would be an awesome gift and a special way to thank him for improving both of our lives. Many thanks to you as well.

  372. Have seen your book at Costco and it looks amazing! But finances are way tight right now. We have been a Paleo/WAPF family for almost 2 years and are at the point that I need some new ideas and to take some healing issues to the next level. I suspect my son and I need a AI protocol due to unresolved allergy and skin issues. I attended your workshop last year and really enjoyed it. So I know your book will be so helpful. Congrats on all your success! Thanks for the hard work you are doing.

  373. I do have a copy, but would love to give one to my mom. My grandmother died of Alzheimer’s and I would love for my mom to start eating this way now to help ward it off!

  374. I want to win a copy because my whole family would benefit from this lifestyle change and I think the book would be a great resource to guide us! I got to borrow a friends book for a couple days to preview it and saw how easy and informative it was. I haven’t been able to afford the $40 price tag for one myself yet; but I think the price is worth it for the beautiful pictures and wealth of info!

  375. Would love a copy to use as I continue to learn about the best nutrition for my family. Thanks for the opportunity!

  376. I have been using paleo-type suggestions since October 2012. With a myriad of medical & psycological issues, too numberous to enumerate here, I’ve found great relief from being lithargic, overweight, and more. I know I have much yet to learn and I am anxious to do so. I believe your book, the first I’ve yet to learn about, would assist me greatly on my journey. Thank you for your consideration.

  377. I’ve been doing paleo on and off for about 6 months. About 2 weeks ago, I decided I’m tired of starting over and wanted this to be the last time I had to start paleo all over again. I come from a very traditional hispanic family where tortillas, white bread, rice and beans are a must. This week, I sat my family down and pleaded that I wanted to change their lifestyle via paleo. My goal is to get them healthy so they no longer have to be on their high blood pressure and cholesterol meds. As stubbornness and relentless as they tried to be, I got my parents and my aunt to try it. It’s been tough but they are all doing so great!! Your book would be such a great tool for them. They get get excited about 1 recipe print out. I can just imagine how excited they would get about a whole book full of recipes they can try.

  378. I preordered the book and have been cooking from it regularly since it came out! I love it! Also, I did my first 21DSD in March, so I can’t wait for that book to come out, too!

    I’d be torn as to whether to give the book to my mom or dad. My mom is a high school science teacher, so with my interest in the paleo diet, she has been very interested in reading about it and has borrowed most of my books to read. She would definitely use it.

    My dad, however, is overweight and (in my opinion) needs to turn things around. Due to circumstances I won’t dwell on, he lived with me for about 6 months last year. While he was at my house he saw how my boyfriend and I were getting fitter and eating foods that he thought looked great, so I left my Practical Paleo book laying around and I actually caught him reading it once! He is not currently on the paleo path, but I hope that with some encouragement he could at least begin to make better choices for himself.

    Either way, I’d be tempted to keep the signed one and give them my copy!

  379. I don’t have the book yet or the funds to buy right now. Went to the library & huge waiting list. My friend goes on & on about how great the book is. I am new to paleo & I know I would benefit greatly from your book, and so would my daughter, whose stomach needs a diet like paleo. Thanks!

  380. I have a copy of Practical Paleo because my daughter recommended it to me. If I win one of the ones you are giving away, I will give it to my son. He’s a wonderful cook, and I think he’d love your recipes . . . and my grandchildren would be eating healthier as well. I would have a hard time giving him the signed copy . . . but I promise I will!

  381. Diane,

    Your book and podcast have changed my life! I received a copy of Practical Paleo as a Christmas gift and I am so inspired that I’ve been toying with getting my degree in holistic nutrition as well so I can share my passion with everyone. After reading your book cover to cover by early January, I immediately gave it away to a friend that has struggled with body image and a poor relationship with food. I then ordered 4 more copies, one I kept for myself and the others I gave to friends and family who have been interested in my diet and lifestyle for a while now. All of these folks are working on switching to a paleo lifestyle. I would love another copy of your book to give away to my mom. She has struggled with chronic pain and has been diagnosed with acid reflux. I think your book could really change her life as well! (Not to mention she might be able to get my brother on board and get him to lose some weight. This is a huge concern as my father passed away from symptoms and conditions related to his Type 2 diabetes and my brother has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic.) Thanks for your consideration! You are such an inspiration!!

    Portland, OR

  382. I recently finished a 30 day challenge of eating a paleo diet and I believe after all other dietary theories I’ve tried, this one works best for me! I’m so excited to start eating and cooking Paleo in my new lifestyle! I need a few good books to help get my started and I love this one! Practical Paleo would be great for me!

  383. I sent a copy to my brother in Texarkana Federal Correctional Institution. Yep, I sure did. By cleaning up his diet and refusing his “diabetic meal” that was heavy with grains and starch, he has been able to stabilize his blood sugar and get off of his insulin. Plus, I’m sure that the cute picture of you on the cover was appreciated! lol

  384. I don’t have this book. I recently began juicing and it has helped my RA tremendously. I would love to go Paleo as I think it would help with my Scleroderma as well. I’ve heard a lot of good things about eating Paleo ~ this book could be a big help to me. Thanks so much for offering the giveaway.

  385. I’m a fan of Weston A Price’s research and find that I do best on a high protein diet. This would be my first paleo book! :))))

  386. I would really like to win! I just completed my 1st Whole 30 & am continuing this lifestyle with Paleo. I need new, quick & easy recipes for my family!

  387. I would LOVE to have a copy of your book. My husband and I just recently started eating a Paleo diet after our NMD recommended it for some health issues we are dealing with. My husband has high blood pressure and my blood sugar is high and I want to lose weight. The one book she told us to get is YOUR book PRACTICAL PALEO. I know there are tons of books but I think it’s pretty cool she recommended your book. I would love to get a signed copy!! Thank you

  388. I would love to win this book for myself. I loved all the recipes I got from the 21 Day Sugar Detox program so I’m sure all of these are equally fabulous. I try to make at least one new recipe a week and this would be great to cook from for awhile instead of searching for new stuff online! Plus my super picky hubby is traveling some now so I’m trying out new stuff I know he won’t touch when he’s gone!!

  389. I own Practical Paleo (ebook) and would love to have a hard copy. I have been on a 5week paleo challenge and it really has been life changing. Yiur book is a wealth of informatiin that needs to be thumbed through daily. I find myself talking about paleo and your book and what you have to say about recipes to nutrition. I want to shars with anyone who asks. Thank you for a fabulous book!

  390. I have a copy for myself but would love to give a copy to my mom! We’re both doing the 21- day sugar detox and are new to the paleo lifestyle. My mom has type 2 diabetes and has had a difficult time finding receipes that work for her, after only a few days doing the detox she is feeling better than she has in a long time and since starting the sugar detox my mom is more motivated then I’ve ever seen her before to be healthy. The practical paleo book would help her so much after the sugar detox so she has recipes to follow and keep her motivated! please send me a free copy to give her!

  391. Congratulations on your Bestselling status! I have been eating gluten free for awhile and am working towards a complete paleo diet. I would love to win your book as I continue my journey into a healthier lifestyle.

  392. Diane, I have the book in electronic form but would love to win it for my mother. I introduced her to paleo through Robb Wolf and would live her to have this book as well. She was recently diagnosed with leukemia and having a book that can make her choices easier would be great. Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the great work! @paleotim

  393. I have been doing a lot of reading on the Paleo lifestyle and am very interested in getting my family to eat this way. Your book would help us, greatly, I believe.

  394. Diane,

    I would love to win a (signed!) copy of PP because I’ve already read a library copy cover-to-cover, but had to return it because it was placed on hold – and then placed on hold 6 more times. So I haven’t been able to look at it in a while, and want to jog my memory on the blood sugar and thyroid guidance! It is such a beautiful, comprehensive, insightful, and informative book. And I was so honored to meet you at Wise Traditions. I am in awe of you and all you produce. πŸ™‚

  395. I would love to win this book! I heard your session on Village Green network and added your book to my must buy list. I have just started trying to change the way my family eats, eliminating processed foods, etc. It is all over whelming but felt you were easy to understand and would make this journey easier. Thanks for contributing all your knowledge.

  396. I have read and research a lot about the Paleo Diet in an attempt to help feed my son who is allergic to gluten and dairy. Although he has been on a pretty strict diet his entire life (he’s 9 years old now) he still has problems with bouncing back when he gets sick. It usually takes him several weeks to get over normal childhood illnesses that would take other kids only a few days. For the past three weeks his naturopath put him on a strictly Paleo diet to deal with chronic inflammation that is preventing him from getting well. Even though he had a clean diet before, it was a hard transition for him and it really got me thinking about how we should eat. Now that he’s past the first week, he feels better and looks better – no more circles under the eyes, no more stomach aches, etc. I think Paleo is going to be the way to go for him and the way for our entire family. Winning a copy of your book would really help us jumpstart this transition into a more healthy way of being! Thanks.

  397. I have given away 3 copies so far.
    1. The owner of my CrossFit box. She is amazing. She is in her early 40s, but kicks my 26 year old butt. She eats pretty darn clean paleo and is friggin’ hot. I gave it to her for Christmas and to thank her for how much she has helped and inspired me.
    2. My good friend Dawn at CrossFit. Another kickbutt 40 something. Must be a thing with our box. She believes in me more than anyone and always pushes me. I knew she and her family would love the book. I was right. I got her hooked on bone broth when she was sick.
    3. My mom. Duh! We have to take care of our parents. Now that she lives in the same city as me, maybe I’ll make some more progess cleaning up her diet. I want my mom to be happy and healthy and live a super long life!

    Now I just need a signed copy for myself. I have a copy, of course, but it isn’t signed. I wanted to have you sign it at PaleoFX but I forgot to bring it! I should have just bought another. I may give my copy to someone else if I win a signed copy… but mine isn’t in great shape because I use it all the time. Maybe I’ll keep using my regular copy and put the signed one on display in my house!

  398. I had pre-ordered your book on Amazon..eagerly awaited it and loved it when received. My sister was visiting me from out of town and was thumbing through the book and was really inspired by what she read. She said she wanted to purchase the book for herself. But without hesitation I was more than happy to offer her my copy. Her 26 yr old daughter, my niece, suffers with Multiple Sclerosis. I’m hoping that the book will educate and inspire them to make the dietary changes to help improve their health.

  399. I want to give a copy to my mom–she is a nurse who used to specialize in digestive health information and I think she’d get a kick out of the poop parade and would really enjoy all the information!

  400. I’m in the process of sending another paleo cookbook back to Amazon that I was not impressed with, and have yours on my wishlist. I’d love to win a copy to add to my Whole30 and 21DSD collection. I’m fairly new to paleo; started Jan 2013. After trying every ‘diet’ on the planet and searching for a way of eating I could live with, I found Paleo. This speaks to me. I’m 50 years old, I don’t have any real health complaints (that I’m aware of)other than pain from old car accidents, sitting at a desk for the past 9 years, and being overweight. Last year between Jan. and March, I lost 25 pounds by journaling and measuring my food and limiting sweets, but I’ve been stuck at the same weight ever since. The first benefits I’ve noticed from eating paleo is a great reduction in pain, which also helps me sleep better. While of course I want to eat for health, for life, I REALLY need and want to lose more weight. I know this has to be the way for me to live. I hope to be an example for my overweight 19 year old daughter and my skinny-fat, very unhealthy husband. I will never win a prize for my cooking and I told my husband not to marry me for my cooking because he would starve to death…I NEED some help in the kitchen!

  401. I don’t have a copy yet but my husband are always looking for new recipes for our family. I would also love to share them with my niece who was diagnosed with MS.

    1. Hi Tisha, this is a great idea. Paleo has helped me with my MS so much! I hope your niece finds it helpful as well. Best,


  402. I have been grain free for about 6 years but wasn’t really feeling any better so I was tested for SIBO and it came back positive and I also tested positive for Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. So then I had to also eliminate dairy, sweeteners, eggs, nightshades, nuts and beans. I don’t really mind not having a lot of variety in my meals each day but now my husband just got his skin condition diagnosed as Grover’s Disease and they recommended the Paleo diet. I also have a 19 year old daughter with Asperger’s that I finally convinced to try the Paleo diet, so now I really need help in finding meals that they will both love so that they will want to stay on this diet. It will make it a lot easier for me as well to not have to fix separate meals for everyone. Thankyou so much!

  403. I have a friend who’s been diagnosed with endometriosis and been trying to follow a Paleo diet. She’s also hoping to treat her condition and also get pregnant. She’s borrowed my book once but would love to give her a copy of her own to refer to!

  404. I would really like to win the Practical Paleo book because it sounds interesting and an easy way to try Paleo. I am trying to do Paleo, but haven’t had much luck with it. I have bought high priced kits. I think this book would make it easier for me to understand and actually apply.

  405. I’d love to win Practical Paleo!!! I’ve completed 2 rounds of the 21DSD and loved it…..it’s perfect to reset every few months. Now I’ve started a Facebook page with 20 friends who are doing Practical Paleo meal plans with me! I have the ereader version, and just ordered the hard copy. I love it so much I’d really like to send a copy to my friend who has thyroid cancer and an autoimmune disease. I know she needs it, and I’d love for her to see how delicious and easy paleo can be.

  406. I love this book! I have a good friend moving back to the states and she has made so many positive changes towards a paleo lifestyle! I want to share this amazing book with her! She would love it!

  407. Hey there,i would love to win a copy of your book. πŸ™‚ I am a newbie to Paloe and I think that your book would be a great educating tool and recipe guide to living a healthy Paleo lifestyle.

  408. Diane, wow, so many fans and great comments! I too would a copy of your book. I’ve borrowed it from the library several times already. Our family has been primal/paleo for about a year and my daughter in law is winning over her large fam as well so I’ve gots lots of folks who also would love your guidance and recipes. Thanks for this offer.

  409. I don’t have a copy and I would really love a copy so I can get a true feel for the Paleo diet and also so I can read through your different autoimmune protocols. I have a lot of health problems I am trying to master through my eating and I feel your book can help guide me along with my current doctor who is big into watching what you put into your body to help cure your ailments.

  410. I own a copy of “Practical Paleo,” but I could use another copy! We’ve worn this one out in a very short period of time, and we’re going to need another copy sooner rather than later.

  411. Hi!
    I do not have a copy of your book but I would LOVE to win one! I have been Primal/Paleo for over 2 years now and heavy into Crossfit (CrossFit L1 Trainer at CrossFit Alaska). I have heard amazing things about your book and have always been curious. But I mainly want to win a copy of your book is to share it at my new job. I work at an Orthopedic Clinic here in Anchorage. I have been here for just over 2 months. The third week of my employment, I started creating Daily Challenge emails.
    These emails consist of the following:
    DARE – dare to not have sugar or give a compliment to everyone you pass by, etc.
    CHALLENGE – some form of fast paced exercise
    TO READ – Links to your website and other Paleo/Primal websites with significant articles

    I have been competing in the Crossfit Open as Team CrossFit Alaska (Going to Regionals!!) and I have been keeping them up to date in the CrossFit world too.
    The department (50+ people) love the daily emails and challenges! I have lent out a my Paleo books for them to read and I would love to share your book with them too!

  412. Hi My name is Tammy, Where to Begin? I have health issues which weren’t as bad till the Loss of our only son on May 23rd 2009, he was 30 years old and they said it was suicide. Before his Death My mom died on Jan 12th 2008 and After our sons death , my father in law died from colon cancer 1 1/2 years later. Although all the loss of our Parent each was difficult , I have to say it pales in comparison to loosing a child. Since our Sons death I have been diagnosed with: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety disorder, Panic Disorder, Vertigo,Severe Depression,I already had OCD, Stomach issues,stomach Ulcers (which i have recently been told I have again) bowel issues etc. etc and my weight has gone up since our sons death from all the stress etc. . I had a Grand Mal Seizure while laying on our couch, I never fell, Nov 5th 2010( Had never had one before in my life and I was 51 at the time) that seizure was so bad it busted my right shoulder to pieces which required surgery to put in Chrome and Titanium shoulder ball and partial arm bone. Then about 7 months ago I had Gall Bladder removed becuase of bad stomach problems. I do not want to go through anymore surgeries. I am now at the point with my grieving the loss of a child that I can function a little better, I still have many many bad days, but I feel that If I start taking care of myself by what I eat , eatting healthier , getting the nutrients my body requires , That my body will start to heal and I could once again enjoy life,I have no doubt my adrenal glands are at LOW or None functioning and I have gained much weight, I will never get over the loss of my child, but I feel it’s possible to regain a bit of happiness. I have wanted one of the Paleo Books to help me with this journey, because it’s difficult for me when shopping for grocerys to know whats good choices anymore, so many things will fool us by the words on labels making me think I have made a good choice when in fact I haven’t. I just need help and I know the information in your book would help me. I have been , when eatting out which isn’t often, ordering more vegetarian meals but I still worrying I am making the wrong choice. Please enter my name into the drawing for your book giveaway. I would love to be one of the winners , I would most def. Use the book. And would love to Also give a good review on the book if there is a place to do so If I were one of the winners. Thanks for letting me enter.~Tammy

  413. After listening to you speak on the Health Summit recently, it just makes a lot of sense and owning your book would be a great tool to making these changes in my diet. thanks in advance

  414. HI – My two grown kids are watching me make the change to healthier eating, including raising much of my own food. I’d like t encourage them in this direction for the sake of future generations. I will read the book first, then give it to my daughter.

  415. I think a signed copy of “Practical Paleo” would be so special because I’m about a year into the Paleo lifestyle and am sharing this extremely wholesome and healing eating and living style with my family. I was the first to jump on the bandwagon, and I enjoy making Paleo recipes for myself, but my younger sister recently just decided to try a 21 day primal challenge. She’s not sure about the whole Paleo eating style yet, but I’m hoping to show her how tasty and fun it can be in addition to making you feel great. I’d love to get a copy of the book to give to her so that she check out and learn to cook Paleo-friendly meals. I’m so proud of the progress she’s made already, but I think your book could really inspire her to take her health to the next level. Thanks for all that you do!

  416. I don’t have your book. I just recently found you and the Paleo lifestyle and I’m hooked! What really resonated with me was that you discuss hypoglycemia, which I believe has been the source of my health problems for the past few years. I learned about your 21 DSD and jumped right in, I’m on day 5 and enjoying the increases in my energy. I haven’t been able to exercise for a few years because of my fatigue and I’m inspired to try again once my detox is over. I also love that you tackle this from an educated Dietition perspective. That is a field I’ve considered getting into as I love the logic of it and being able to explain to people why something is or isn’t healthy. So there are 2 coincidences there but I don’t think anything is ever coincedence. I had been eating healthy before but your program may just be what pushes me into better health and I want to say thank you so much. I love books in general and would love to have your book in a place of honor on my bookshelf.

  417. 1. If you don’t already have a copy, tell me why you really want to win!
    I already have my own signed copy. I keep loaning it out and missing it while it’s gone. So, it would be nice to have an extra for loaning or giving away.

    2. If you already have a copy for yourself, tell me who will you give the book to and why!
    A friend’s sister has the lyme. I think I’ll give her my copy this weekend. I think she’d benefit. I’m going to see her at her sister’s wedding tomorrow. So, it’s the perfect opportunity.

    3. If you’ve already given away at least one copy, tell me who you gave it to (or all the people you gave it to) and who this copy will be for if you win one!
    A gave one away to a friend of mine who is Italian and claims bread is part of his heritage. He’s still eating the bread and pasta, but I tried.
    I gave one to my parents. They’re still eating the SAD stuff. But, maybe someday, things will change?
    This one? If I give mine away tomorrow, I’ll keep this one to replace it.

    It’s such a gorgeous book!

  418. I would love to win a copy because I have just heard of Paleo eating and very interested in learning MORE! I have had health issues with my thyroid pop up for the first time ever this past summer and want to learn how to better improve my eating to help in that regard as well πŸ™‚ Thank you very much!


  419. Your book, nothing short of life changing. Thanks for making a difference in so many families lives. Our family including. I have given at least two copies away, mainly due to the excitement of seeing newbies have a chance to go Paleo and love it. Giving the books away to others, “gives back” I promise! And after seeing and sensing our family’s results,people ask and we tell! And Like a good movie, we have recommended to dozens of others. Having a signed copy would be the “bomb.com” Thanks for your tireless dedication !

  420. I would LOVE to win this book, because I’m interested in incorporating the low carb aspect into my lifestyle! This would be a great way to start, because I’m looking for resources and need a great cookbook to help me! The low carb community would gain an additional follower! Thanks πŸ™‚

  421. I would love a copy because I’m new to Paleo. I switched to Paleo because I am breast feeding my daughter and she has intolerances that require me to eat mostly Paleo. Plus, I have a condition that flares up when I eat non-paleo foods. I am still very new to this lifestyle and need direction!

  422. HI Diane! I want to win a signed copy of your book because I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last year and I have been eating low carb ever since. I follow your blog obsessively and use your recipes from your blog all the time. I would love to have them all in the book form and be able to cook without having my laptop on the couter!

  423. Hello,
    I have seen Paleo through facebook all the time, I always wanted to attend Paleo workshop in Philadephia or New Jersey in about 2 years ago. But had to cancel it due to come up with reason. It would not be easy for me to find interpreters for free because I am deaf myself. I would like to have a copy of book for my benefit and help me to reduce high blood pressure and cholestrol. even though I am physical active to keep me in shape. I hope I may get one. and also would share with my two sisters and mom since they are working on health food. I may bring it to them in Miami when I am on christmas vacation in December 2013.

  424. This is one of the few books that I don’t have a copy of yet. I’d like to win because my husband and I were the first couple we know to make the shift to Paleo. The drastic improvements to my health have inspired other people to follow suit, so having lots of cook books allows me to keep things fresh. I love being able to prepare meals for people who are still skeptical and surprise them with how delicious it is.

  425. I’ve been eating Paleo for some time now due to stomach issues. I was introduced to the Paleo diet thru some co workers and am amazed at the differnce in how I feel. I’ve recently started cross fit to continue on my healthy life change. I have not yet bought your book but have heard great things about it would LOVE to win one.


  426. I don’t own one yet! I am researching the heck out of Paleo and I hear your book is the BEST one for getting started! I need that extra push to get me to the starting line! Thanks!

    Jenny Leccesi

  427. I want to win because I’m relying on all recipes found online. I’m still new to this lifestyle, and I’m looking for more recipes to increase my chances of completely converting. πŸ™‚

  428. Hi…I don’t have a copy of the book. I’d love it…
    I just did at 21 DSD and had great results…on day 22…OMG…by Day 27 I came to a shocking realization, I have to live this way. I have been getting great advice from the FB community but I’d love some more ideas, advice and direction.

    Thanks for having this giveaway…super cool!! Good luck to me, LOL!!

  429. I have really enjoyed my copy and you signed it when you came to Ft. Worth. If I win this one I will give it to my mother. Her and my stepfather eat a SAD and are on tons of medication. I think if they would just try Paleo they would feel so much better.

  430. I would love to win because I just started this paleo lifestyle, and it really helps to read things like this where I can get tips and pointers on how to keep it up. I feel so much better, and I really want to maintain this!

  431. Hi,Thanks for the opportunity to try to win this treasure. My nephew has been doing this for 3 years now and owns a Crossfit and is signed up to compete in Fittest Man contest is California. He placed 26th last year. His mom has been doing this for 9 months now and she says her health is fantastic. I am 61, obese, and have disabilities. I am ready to make a difference in my life and also so I can enjoy life healthier and have more time with my grandchildren!

  432. I have a copy of Practical Paleo – I received it as a Christmas present this past year. My sister has recently decided to go Paleo – she’s been on a journey over the past year to regain her health and lose weight. I’d really like to share this book with her because 1) the recipes are all delicious 2) they are easy to prepare (she is a mom of two, so this is an important point and 3) I’m so proud of how far she has come over the past year. She’s lost over 60 pounds and is running her first 5k this Saturday. She started eating Paleo just this past week, so this book would be a definite help to her in creating menus for her family.

  433. This book has been on my “wish list” for a while. I am dealing with candida, lymes, heavy metals and virus, and a paleo lifestyle is extremetly important to my health. I am also a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and see clients regularly. I am always on the lookout for books to recommend to my clients. One of the things I struggle with my clients is finding the time to help them with specific meal plans and recipes. This book would be an EXCELLENT reference and something to recommend to my clients, not to mention one that I would use for myself. Thank you for this opportunity! πŸ˜€

  434. I already have a copy (I made the bacon wrapped dates and pineapple to bring to the family get together at Easter ). I would give a copy to my friend, Jen, who is a personal trainer. She would share the great info in the book with her clients…and since we both struggle with sugar cravings (we work together in a restaurant) and we both love to cook, I know she would be working the recipes. She had mentioned to me that she would like a copy. πŸ™‚

  435. I JUST got my copy and I’m so excited to start on this new adventure in life. If I win I will be giving my copy to my sudo-mom who has been gluten-free/paleo for years now. I literally have been scouring the book for an hour now. It’s AMAZING. So much knowledge and so much variety! I’ve always said that I don’t know that I would ever be able to give up sugar or bread (I have a MAJOR sweet tooth) and I think it actually might be doable using this book!!

  436. I’m about to finish the 21DSD, 2 more days to go only ! I had so much helth benefits by doing this program, that I will like to transition to paleo life style and get my husband and kids involved too, so I want and need this book to learn how to cook yummie paleo food for my family. Thanksa

  437. I gave a copy to my sister, and I’d love to have a copy to give to a friend who has kids with allergies and other health problems.

  438. Hi Diane, I am an anthropologist with a background in evolutionary medicine, and I was originally going to comment to win a free copy of your book because I am in the process of getting into nutrition consulting and I don’t have a copy of your book yet (which seems a little ridiculous to me because I hear it is so fantastic!), however, after reading Kevin Sheriff’s story, I think that I would much rather win a copy of your book so that I can give it to a close family friend of mine that was recently diagnosed with lyme’s disease and has been struggling with what to eat.

  439. I would love to win a copy because I’ve been flipping through it every time I go to Costco and have been looking at it on amazon.ca but I can’t afford it right now so I’m waiting for a time where I can afford it. I’ve heard only good things about it and am truly trying to go paleo so the info in your book would certainly help me out a lot!

  440. I really want to win a copy to aid in my battle against heart issues that the host of doctors can’t seem to figure out. Everyone has an idea and they all fight against each other. I think I need to take this into my own hands and do what feels right for my body

  441. I don’t have a copy and would love to win one!!!! Mostly I need help with getting my family on the paleo wagon with me!

  442. I would love to win one because I’ve been doing Paleo for one year now, and recently “fell off the wagon.” I’m trying hard to get back on track, and think that some enlightening, insightful, and encouraging words would help me do just that! I’ve been Paleo with my boyfriend, best friend, and her husband, and we’re all facing the same struggles. This would help affect all 4 of us – as well as the people I help teach and encourage in the Paleo lifestyle start.

  443. I have started eating grain free sugar free since Feb. due to heathy issues. Came across your website while googling. Thank You for helping people with their food journey. I thank God for helping me find wonderful sites such as your to help me with my family’s food choices. Would love to have your book.

  444. I received a copy for Christmas, and I love it! The recipes are so easy to understand, and the information in the front half provides good ‘back-up’ for the choices I’m making. I would give this copy to my sister, she got into Primal before I did, and is an amazing cook. Then I would go visit and eat the delicious food!

  445. I am new to Paleo and your book was my introduction to Paleo. Your 21 Day Sugar Detox was my introduction to you. I would do the same thing with winning a book as I am currently doing with the book I purchased. My book currently is with a flight attendant on its way to Paris. Your book will be returned to me in two weeks. At that time I will loan it out to someone else. I have not referred to your book as a cook book as it is filled with so much great, educational information, I want to share it with as many people as possible. Thank you for all you do, including your podcasts!

  446. I would love this book for myself. My husband and I live on a budget so I actually dont get to by a lot of stuff out of it. But I am a reeeally huge fan of your work as well as Bill and Hailey’s, Danielle’s and Actually the whooole buunch of you. Hahaha.
    I hope some day I can get to by all of your books. From all of you.
    I love you guys.
    Thanks for all you do aaaand good luck to MEEE!

  447. I don’t have a copy yet and have been researching the Paleo diet. I need to get myself and my children eating more healthy and in a way that we can sustain for the future. I’ve had issues with iron and need a high protein diet and I think this is just the thing. I really hope to win it and be able to start the new lifestyle.

  448. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing giveaway! This book has been on my ‘wishlist’ since it came out. But as a mom of 5 and a chronic Lymie myself, there just hasn’t been the $$ in our budget for me to purchase it. I literally visit different local stores when I can and read as much as I can before I think they’ve gathered security to tell me to buy it or get out. πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

  449. I don’t have a copy and would love to have one. I’m recovering from a spinal fusion surgery while working on my PhD, so time, money, and resources are tight….but I really want (and need, for my overall health and so my body can have the best chance of “taking” the fusion) to get back on the Paleo rails!

  450. I would love to win a copy of your book. I was introduced to your work by friends who encouraged me to try the 21 Day Sugar Detox, which has changed my energy levels, skin, and body for the better. I’ve also learned so much about how to take care of and nourish my body in a way that had just never seemed to sink in with other programs. Except your recipes, advice and guidelines are not a program, they are a lifestyle! It’s been a great journey so far and I would love to learn more about your approach through Practical Paleo.

  451. I am new to all of this. I have just started switching our family from a highly processed, unhealthy eating to traditional cooking. I know my kids and myself have “leaky gut” issues, skin issues etc. and I could use all the help I can get to get us on the right track. Very interested in this book and information.

    Thanks for the opportunity for a chance at this.

  452. I would love to try to go Paleo, but seriously, I don’t know how or where to start. I am pretty sure winning your groovy book would help me and my family out a lot! πŸ™‚ Nice give-a-way. Thanks for the opportunity!

  453. I want to win because I absolutely love the paleo lifestyle and I listen to your podcast regularly. Since going paleo in September, I’ve gotten my hypoglycemia under control and feel so much better!!

  454. I would love a copy of this book. I have a young daughter who has started the Paleo lifestyle and I would like to know more as she wants to learn as well. We will share the book and hopefully both get healthy together. As well I am always looking for some great choices in food for our autistic son.
    Thank you

  455. I would be very excited to win one of the signed books. Aim suffering from CFS and Hashimotos.. I changed my diet 65 weeks ago in hopes of healing. This book would give me new recipes and a reward and motivation to keep going.

  456. I purchased two copies – one for me and one for my sister. Then, I gave my copy to my neighbor with the intent of purchasing a third copy for myself. So if I won, the copy would be for me.

  457. Wow, I would love to win my own copy! I really need a copy for myself because I’ve checked the book out about 10 times from my local library. My son is an Aspie (Aspergers/Autism) child. To make a long story short we’ve recently found he has the precursors to have diabetes if we didn’t get him gluten/dairy/soy free. Naturally I’ve dove right in and have looked into various resources on how to transition him. Not to mention that I had already been eyeing the Paleo lifestyle for some time, but didn’t really know what it was all about. My husband is lacto intolerant and I’ve had lots of family health issues. We’ve been Paleo for about 3 months now. Things are going ok, but we still have our slip ups/addictions. Him = carbs Me = sugar/carbs/bad food in general!!! After reading your book I feel this is the choice my family needs to continue to make. Practical Paleo is the BIBLE, for the lifestyle. And who wouldn’t want their own copy of the BIBLE!!!!!!

  458. My wife and I were looking for some kind of solution, when we started looking into the Paleo Diet. I just left the Marine Corps last July and have struggled with my weight my whole life. Every year in the Marines I would fight to keep my weight down with exercise and a low fat-high carb diet focusing on whole grains. Even with my daily grind, I would still dehydrate myself to dangerous levels in order to make my twice annual weight check. I got constantly told how lazy I was and what a pig I must be. As I approached 30, I started losing the battle with weight and my health started failing. Having learned what little I have about Paleo, I now know that running 6-9 miles every week day and eating a diet focused around grains and beans was simply destroying my body. I finally got out after 10 years because I just couldn’t take it physically anymore.

    For the longest time I repeated the “balanced diet” and “calorie deficit” arguments and looked down on Paleo, Atkins, Vegetarians, and Vegans alike. I thought that after years of research on fitness websites and books, I knew everything about nutrition. I spent months at a time eating nothing but oatmeal, whole grain breads, boneless skinless chicken breasts, rice, and broccoli. All cooked in vegetable oil if any oil was used at all. Seeing minimal improvements (my best results were dropping from 225 to 215 and 30% to 27% bodyfat over the course of 8 months eating like this and exercising 3-4 hours a day, taking $300 a month in fat loss and muscle building supplements) I would stop being so strict on my diet and see every ounce back inside two weeks. My fitness levels were high and all my numbers were great, I just couldn’t lose my belly.

    Once I got out of the Marines, it got worse. I stopped exercising and ate whatever because I could and I was tired of diet and exercise. Last month my weight hit 250 and I was tired all the time. Simply climbing a flight of stairs left me breathless. Finally, the fitness nut that I had buried under memories of forced exercise, ridicule, unpleasant diets, and defeat came out and I thought “What am I doing?!”

    My wife and I agreed that we both felt crummy and wanted to change something. She had just had our son and hated the weight and lack of energy. I had just lost my stepfather to heart disease. This year I will be the same age as my biological father was when he died of heart attack. My wife’s fibromyalgia was coming back hard. The list goes on, but we mostly just felt fat and terrible.

    We had tried vegetarian and vegan, but we couldn’t stand it and, honestly, felt worse. With this in mind, I decided to look into Paleo. At first, we weren’t thrilled with the idea, but the seed was planted and it grew. I read things online from Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, and Steve Kamb. The more we looked, the better it seemed.

    Finally, we made up our minds. We just started the Paleo Diet, with the resolution to stick to it 100% for the entire month of April. No cheat days and no “borderline” foods like Paleo Brownies. It has only been five days, but we already feel a lot better. The carb cravings are wearing off and vegetables seem to just keep getting tastier and more appetizing.

    The more momentum this diet gets, the more information we devour. I have been researching everywhere and bought a few e-books already, but money is very tight. I would like a free copy of your book so that we can expand our knowledge further. We want to live healthier, more active lives. I want to do everything I can to not leave my son without a father.

  459. As a crossfitter of 6 years, massage therapist, mother of 2yr old and 5 mth old I would love to win this book so that I can commit to the paleo lifestyle. In on day 3 of 21DSD and feeling great, so happy that you gave breastfeeding options! I love eating paleo I just always fall off when I run out of options so the book would help greatly.

  460. I do not have this book yet. I would love to get t so I can hopefully start feeling better. I have had 3 CT scans in an 18 month period and a colonoscopy for unexplained abdominal pain. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. It has been frustrating and I want to change my diet. From what I have read about the book and I believe it will help as I begin my journey to better health.

  461. I don’t have a copy yet, but I’d love one because I’m pretty new to the Paleo lifestyle and it would be a big help. My step dad recently passed away from cancer, so I’ve been trying to find different ways to help my mom and I get more healthy and this would be awesome! My mom has a lot of health problems (Fibromyalgia, IBS, god knows what else…), so I think this would really help her especially.

    Congrats for being on the bestsellers list for 20 weeks!

  462. I love my Practical Paleo book! The shopping lists are super helpful & I really like the way you’ve laid the book out. Very easy to understand & user friendly.

    I would love to give my sister her own copy so she can quit “borrowing” mine for days at a time! lol Thanks!

  463. I would love to have a signed copy to give to one of my oldest and best friends. Here’s why he deserves it:

    He originally got me into Paleo (~5 years ago now)
    He will probably thank me with a few pounds of fermented vegetables; and
    He has a big crush on you

  464. I already have a copy and would love to win a copy for my daughter & son-in-law. They are having their first child in May and want to give him the healthiest lifestyle possible.

  465. Ah! I have my much used original copy, my pristine/keep forever copy, and have purchased quite a few for friends and family. I need one more, at least, for my lending library! I’d keep the signed copy for my pristine/keep forever copy, and use the extra one I have now for my lending library, of course. Don’t leave home without it!

  466. I absolutely LOVE your book! It is an amazing tool that helps me stay on track and experiment with new recipes. I would love a copy of your book to give to my sister. She is struggling with IBS and other GI issues, as well as gluten sensitivity. She has struggled for a number of years, and even had her gallbladder removed recently. I feel that this resource would help her to feel better while enjoying tasy food. There are so many encouraging words in your book that she would benefit from; I know I have! Thank you!

  467. I want to win your book for two reasons: professional and personal.

    Personally, my family and I have been on a five-year journey to discover the best methods to keeps us healthy and happy. We started by eliminating processed foods and embracing a clean eating lifestyle. That took us far, then we decided to try a “wheat-belly” approach and again, saw gains but knew we could make do better. We have been adopting Paleo principles for a little over 6 months and are reaping the benefits. This book would help us continue and grow in our journey.

    Professionally, I have referred countless clients (personal trainer and group exercise instructor) to Clean Eating Magazine and other resources to help them embrace a healthier lifestyle. I want to be able to promote new resources and this book is one that I would feel great about recommending to others!


  468. I so desperatly need this book. As of April 1 I just started eating Paleo because my health is bad diabetes and fatty liver disease. I need so much help as this is way out of my element! I am struggling very much and truly need the support.

  469. I have psoriatic arthritis. Our oldest son has severe cystic acne, our 2 middle children have those bumps on their arms, and our toddler has severe tooth decay. I have recently learned of the paleo way of feeding my family. My 17 yr old son and I were just talking yesterday about if there was one book to get started with it would be Practical Paleo! My husband lost his job, so I can’t afford to purchase it right now.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  470. Yes! I would like a copy of your book, I need all of the Paleo advice I can get. Trying this way of life for over a year now. Feel so much better.

  471. I have made over half the recipes in the book, dropped 8 pounds since the beginning of the year and have so much energy! Thank you for the wonderful information in your book. I would give a copy to either my friend Angie or my mother-in-law, Barb.

  472. My family has been primal for a couple years now…mostly thru what I can find on the internet, because we are trying to stay within a VERY tight budget. Having an actual book would be awesome!

  473. After backsliding I’m jumping back into Crossfit. I’m also trying to help my sweetie with weight loss. I love eating paleo but so many recipes I found are….gross. I’m looking for a solid down to earth explanation of Paleo for her and an excellent foundation of recipes that I can cook while she is in school.

  474. I don’t own a copy of the book, but would love to. Our family has been learning about the paleo way of eating. Even though I am brand new to this and don’t know much I have been telling others. It just makes sense.
    Thank you!

  475. Have a copy(signed by you), bought my trainer a copy(signed by you) and would like to put a copy in my Paleo Basket for a Gala for A Message of Hope Cancer Fund on May 18th!

  476. I really want to win a copy of this cookbook because the low carb and paleo life style keep me in weight standards for my job. I am active duty military, US Navy, and even though I exercise regularly, I have found that it takes more work at 41 to maintain my weight. Low carb/Paleo has changed my life for the better. I feel great, have less migraines and I really need some more recipes on hand that I can use in my kitchen for those days I would rather hit a drive through and not look up recipes online. My boyfriend also is doing this lifestyle and I am trying to learn as much of a variety as possible for our meals. I thank you for your time reading this entry.
    Francy LeGault, USN

  477. Having an Autoimmune disease I am trying to turn things around. I checked this book from the library and loved it, I think it would be a unbelievable addition to my kitchen
    Thank you

  478. I have been wanting this book!! I am new on the paleo scene and have looked through many books. This is by far my favorite!! It is so organized, informational, and visually appealing. It would be a great book to introduce me to the habit and start my collection.

  479. I would LOVELOVE to win a copy of this!!! I have been a part of the Weston Price community for several years now and i found your podcast this past fall and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since. I really enjoy cooking for my husband and I, but from time to time it becomes difficult to come up with new recipes and keep things interesting! Ive also heard about an autoimmune section in the book, and i am hoping that i can gain insight for my Hashimoto’s.
    I will begin my journey this summer to my masters in holistic nutrition, so needless to say, this book would be right up my alley!
    …did I mention I’m a poor college kid/newlywed who’s husband is also in school, and therefore would love to WIN a copy of this!?
    Thanks for all that you’re doing!

  480. I own a “library” of paleo monographs, cookbooks and how-to guides! Your book has been my “go to” since I purchased it this past Dec for myself. Liked it so much I rushed right out for copies to give several family members as holiday gifts. I recently gave my copy to a dear friend, a breast cancer survivor, who is struggling with her weight. I would love to “win” a copy to replace the one I gifted her. But really, just seeing how encouraged and empowered she has been by your book is the “win.”

  481. I would love to win a copy. I have fibromyalgia , CFCs, severe depression and I need to change my life. I’ve been researching the paleo lifestyle but I still can’t figure out how to start. My brain fog is so bad that I need something layed out for me that’s easy to understand. Please help!

  482. I checked out this book from my local library and loved it! When the due date came up to return the book to the library, I couldn’t renew it because someone else already had the book on hold! I was sad because I wanted to pour over the book some more. I am just beginning the Paleo way of eating and I thought your book had so much helpful information and yummy looking recipes. I would love to have this book to try some of the recipes and refer back to when I have questions.

  483. I have a copy already and I would like to give a copy to my brother who has been battling lupus for fifty years. I think it would nice if he could reduce the number of pills he has to take to keep it under control.

    I have been eating nutritiously I thought for about 7 years. I lost 20 pounds quickly but slowly the weight started creeping back slowly and nothing I tried seemed to stop the creep. I then tried J.J. Virgin’s diet and I was able to lose the weight and bring the body fat percentage back down. What I didn’t like was one meal you had to use her protein powder in a shake and what I like about the Paleo/Primal eating plan is that you eat real food for all three meals. I really like having eggs and bacon for breakfast almost every day.

  484. I would love to give my mom a copy, she’s been interested in trying out some paleo recipes and knowing more about the way I eat now. I know she would benefit and I would love for her to read your amazing book to get more information!

  485. I recently saw your book at a friend’s house and I was fascinated by it. I have a basic understanding of the Paleo diet, but want to learn more. I am a former chef, who is now farming and working with children, so teaching people to eat healthy is very important to me. I also recently read “Wheat Belly”, and am now convinced that there must be a healthier way to eat, rather than to just rely on eating “whole grains”. I would love to have a copy of your amazing book!

  486. I am in late stage Lyme with left side paralysis. I just started eating Paleo and need guidance and help!
    Could bring me back to life!

  487. I want to win because I am on the fence! I am currently a vegan who has an autoimmune disorder, and after going gluten-free I’m feeling so much better but not 100% and I am seriously considering giving the Paleo diet a 30-day trial. This would be a HUGE change for me, but I’m a bit scared to take the plunge. If I won I’d feel like the universe was giving me a sign!

  488. I would give the book to my sister. She has started to get healthy and has signed up for personal training. We invited her and her husband to a paleo dinner party, and they were surprised at how good the food was, it wasn’t “diet food”. I’d like to help her on the journey to happy healthfulness!

  489. I’m fairly new to paleo but definitely something I need to do for my health as I have a few issues with wheat, etc. I just finished your 21 Day Sugar Detox and LOVED IT. I am no longer interested in sugar or chocolate which is a huge thing for me. I love, love, love, your recipes and they truly helped me through the detox. I would love a copy of your book so that I can continue on this path and heal. I would also love to share this way of eating with my family and bring us all to great health as there are others who are suffering from the same issues I am. Thank you so much for the detox program, it’s truly helped me in a big way (I’ve even lost some weight) and I hope to be one of your winners.


  490. I love your book! I haven’t been able to buy it yet but I keep borrowing my library’s copy — I’m on the waiting list to check it out for the fourth time. I’m dealing with several of the health issues you address. I would love to have a signed copy so I reference it often and try more of your recipes!

  491. I’ve bought a couple of paleo books but haven’t found one that really clicks with my family. I’ve heard yours is phenomenal for starting out and I’d love to check it out.

  492. I don’t have a copy, yet. I’m just getting started in the Paleo world and this would help me help get my family on board, as well.

  493. Hi, Diane!

    I am on day 5 of your 21-day sugar detox and feeling great! I would love to look deeper into nutrition and explore other ways your book might make me feel even greater πŸ™‚ I would also, absolutely share this book with my sister and mother who have multiple health problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, per-diabetic, intestinal issues, nerve issues among others. I would love to simply becoem more educated so i can help myself and my family. Love what you’re doing and would love a copy of your book.


  494. I am a vegetarian and have been for about 10 years. I also have auto-immune disease. I have struggled with health issues for a long time. I cut out gluten and have felt a little better. I am considering eating meat again after reading all of the information on your site. This book would be a tremendous help to me. Please pick me.
    Thank you for all you do!

  495. i bought your book as a gift for my sister-in-law. when it came in from amazon i couldn’t believe how beautiful and informative it was! It was hard to give up!!! Is it wrong for me to ask for it back if I don’t win one from you?? lol! thanks Diane!

  496. I want to be able to spread the word of paleo to my friends. Practical Paleo is a vital tool. I have the kindle version but having an excellent reference/cook book in tangible form is much more functional.