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If you have my book, Practical Paleo, and have removed your tear-outs, you can replace them by printing them right from this page!

Feel free to print and share these resources with friends, clients, gym members, etc. Just be sure to leave my name and website address on the handouts as the author of them. Thanks.

Love the illustrations featured on these guides?

Check out the amazingly talented Alex Boake and her work here!




PP_GuideToPaleoFoods-237x300guide to: paleo foods
Download (PDF)

Check out a comprehensive list of Paleo-friendly foods, with cues on nightshades, FODMAPs, and goitrogenic foods as well as which produce is ideal to purchase organic in this handy, one-page guide.




guide to: stocking a paleo pantry
Download (PDF)

See the difference between chemical and non-chemical sweeteners and get my tips on the best choices in this handy, one-page guide.






PP_GuideToFoodQuality-235x300guide to: food quality
Download (PDF)

Learn how to decode labels on meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, and produce and understand how to prioritize food quality when budget concernes come into play.







guide to: fats & oils
Download (PDF)

Learn which fats to use for cooking versus for cold applications in this handy, one-page guide.




PP_GuideToCookingFats-234x300guide to:  cooking fats
Download (PDF)

Learn which types of fats and oils are best to cook with in this handy, one-page guide.







guide to: sweeteners
Download (PDF)PP_GuideToSweeteners-234x300

See the difference between chemical and non-chemical sweeteners and get my tips on the best choices in this handy, one-page guide.







PP_GuideToPaleoCarbs-235x300guide to: dense sources of paleo carbs

Download (PDF)

We all know that sweet potatoes and fruit is are sources of “Paleo-friendly” carbohydrates, but did you know there's life beyond sweet potatoes?! Check out this list of over 15 different vegetables you can eat to get more carbs into your grain and legume-free life.





PP_GuideToGluten-235x300guide to: gluten
Download (PDF)

Learn what foods are gluten-free and which foods and ingredients contain gluten, may contain hidden gluten or risk being cross-contaminated with gluten in this handy, two-page guide.

And, for gluten-free travel cards in every language, visit celiactravel.com and download them for free. Celiac Travel also has an app you can download to your iPhone for free.


glutenIcon2Download the original guide to gluten here, with an extensive list of ingredients found in foods that may contain or be derived from gluten-containing foods.

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