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picture-1The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a comprehensive, yet simple and effective program to help break the chains sugar and carbs have on you – and help you find food freedom.

The Premium program package includes two printed books and membership to our online portal that contains dozens of additional program guides, eCookbooks, workout programs, audio support call recordings, and an expertly moderated forum for world class support, 1:1, when you need it most.

picture-2What’s more, your membership doesn’t expire – and you’ll have access to all of the future materials we add to the site.

So, if you decide to return for another round of the program, your materials, resources and our support team will all be there, waiting for you.

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icon-1The 21-Day Sugar Detox Quick Start Guide

60+ pages with all of the basics you’ll need to know to get started on the program as well as printer-friendly guides to keep handy for reference. [eBook]

icon-2Community & 1:1 Support from My Team of 21DSD Experts

Connect with other members to get support during your detox. Our team of expert moderators are here to answer your questions 1:1 every day! [online forums]

icon-321DSD Audio Support Series

23 days of short, 15-20 minute recordings to walk you through what to expect each day of the programm from day 0 to day 22. Listen when you commute, while you get ready for the day, or anytime. [MP3s]

icon-4An ever-growing library of resources

With over 10 eBook cookbooks, workout, detox yoga, and detailed and expanded modification guides, the resources at your fingertips in the membership are there for you throughout your detox – and beyond! [eBooks]

icon-5Beautifully printed, full-color books!
(Plus & Premium only.) 

The 21-Day Sugar Detox book and Cookbook are each 240 pages and provide you with program details, resources, meal plans, and over 200 recipes! [printed, hard-copy books]

Get started on The 21-Day Sugar Detox.

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  1. The 21-Day Sugar Detox (visit ) has changed me for the better. This program is laid out in an extremely easy to use way, and the possible benefits are just amazing! I wanted to get in control of my cravings and this program helped me to do that, along with many other perks as well. My sugar cravings are way more in control now, and I have the self-confidence to know I can make the right decisions when it comes to my food choices. I saved money, cooking for myself, not buying treats, not buying alcohol, etc. and I gained confidence in myself and my own abilities. Doing something you never thought possible is just an incredible feeling! I believe in my ability to make the right health choices now, and I love it. Overall it was an incredibly positive experience! I feel so happy with my body, my mind, my choices, and my life! THANK YOU SUGAR DETOX! You have changed me in a very positive way…this detox absolutely changed my life. At the end of the detox, my sugar regularly reads under 100 and I feel SO much better!

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