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Podcast Episode #242: Low Carb & Low Fat, Gluten Free Grains, & Bruising

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Topics: 1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [2:39] 2. Shout out: Juli Bauer of @PaleOMG[12:03] 3. Tips on shaving; razor burn and itchy regrowth [18:32] 4. Paleo low-fat, low-carb [24:06] 5. Underarm odor [35:46] 6. Gluten-free grains on paleo [41:11] 7. Increase in bruising [51:07] 8. Try this at home: swapping conventional body care products [53:39]     …

Book Review: “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, MD

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In “Wheat Belly” Dr. William Davis, a preventative cardiologist, helps us to understand the multi-faceted, widespread and far-reaching problems with the so-called “staff of life” that has come to dominate the landscape of American food. He walks the reader through the history of the wheat plant, from its roots as an ancient grain to its current state as a modern, ubiquitous, genetically modified …

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Real Life Changes – Cathy’s Story: “Go Away Gluten.”

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Cathy and her dog, playing on the beach. For about a year after being introduced to the Paleo lifestyle by Diane Sanfilippo (who is an old high school friend of mine), I was both fascinated and fearful of this word. It made so much sense, but after spending 30 years as a bread, meat and potatoes kind of girl (hold …