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Build a Badass Business Podcast #34: 3 Reasons to learn new skills

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Topics: 1. Every time you take this approach and have a new skill that you learned or take the time to learn a new skill, you feel more and more confident that you won’t fail when you try to learn something else that’s new. 2. Have faith in yourself that even if you screw it up the first time, you …

Podcast Episode #200: Ask us anything! Get to know Diane and Liz better

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Topics: 1. Can you speak in an accent? [4:54] 2. What personality trait would you want from the other? [6:04] 3. How hard would a “Freaky Friday” be for you guys? [7:18] 4. Choice of cheat food without consequences [8:30] 5. First sardine experience [9:56] 6. Unloved paleo food that you now love [10:55] 7. Favorite vegetable [12:41] 8. Least …