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Podcast Episode #255: Pre and Post Workout Snacks, Wedding Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, & Surgery Prep

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Topics  1. News and updates from Diane & Liz [3:45] 2. Shout out: Favorite listener comments about accidental dieting [15:23] 3. Maintaining and gaining weight [18:45] 4. Preparing for surgery [27:09] 5. Wedding weight loss [31:21] 6. Pre and post-workout snacks [46:37] 7. #Treatyoself: Farmer’s market goodies [51:51]       Subscribe to Real Food Liz!  Subscribe to DianeSanfilippo.com The episodes are also …

For the Love of Almonds (and Some Omega 3/6 Fats Talk)

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Nutty delights. I used to LOVE roasted almonds and wouldn’t touch the raw ones, but when you know better you can do better. Oh, almonds! People have such a love affair with almonds. The trouble is, they’re really not something we should be eating lots of all the time. Really. Especially not if they’re straight from the bag to our …