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CrossFit Oregon City workshop attendees…

“Thank you for so much in depth and amazing info. Anyone who is even the slightest bit interested in their health will benefit from spending a day at your seminar. You can't afford not to take the time to hear what you two are teaching! Thank you Balanced Bites! Of course we bought the book too. So much fun! My hub and I came home last night with our chicken livers!”
– Bri R.

“Really enjoyed the seminar today! Although I thought I had a pretty good handle on most things Paleo, I feel like I learned a ton today. Additionally, I feel reinvigorated in my search for optimal health, and I am energized to take on a few more of my longstanding problems (IE- sugar addiction). Thanks so much for a wonderful day!”
– Tim M.

“Awesome seminar in Portland/Oregon City today ladies!! So much great information, and I really appreciate how you concentrate on the mechanics of good nutrition in general instead of saying “everyone should eat this and not that” since as you pointed out several times, we're all different. 🙂 At some point you could totally turn this into a whole weekend event — I'd love to learn even more! Thanks again!”

– Tiffany J.

I attended your seminar today and am so glad that I did! You are an amazing woman, a terrific teacher, and a wonderful role model. I love how down-to-earth you are. You recognize that we are all different individuals with different health issues and body systems. You never pushed supplements or your views on us; which strengthened your status of a trusted authority in my book. I also really appreciated how you were not judgemental of what other people said worked for them, but instead were supportive. You are exactly what the nutritional industry needs – someone who is straight up, knows their stuff, and just wants to help people feel better. You did not stand on some Paleo soap box (or perhaps I should say crossfit jump box) but spoke from your heart. You are in inspiration to me and I look forward to meeting you again sometime in the future. Keep up the good work and thank you for a great, nerdy Saturday!
– Rebecca A., Tacoma Strength workshop attendee

The Balanced Bites Seminar: Stacy's Review
(from the Paleo Parents blog)

This post is LONG overdue. I won’t go into details or give long-winded excuses, but we’d been a little busy and I had to put it off more than I really wanted. Regardless, I’m happy to finally be giving my thoughts on the Practical Paleo Seminar I attended in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. It became an idea of mine a few months ago when Diane from Balanced Bites announced she was having a seminar in Philadelphia, PA.  It was around the same time I realized I was never going to be able to make it to a Robb Wolf seminar, since he’s retired that service as of August.

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“Diane visited San Francisco Crossfit to give a “Paleo Primer” to our athletes participating in our bi-annual leaning challenge.  Because many of our athletes were generally familiar with the Paleo Diet, she spent the majority of her talk discussing and summarizing WHY the Paleo Diet is the optimal human diet.  She clearly understands the science behind the diet and can answer any questions about what to eat, what not to eat, and why.  Our athletes reported that they learned a ton of new information and were energized and motivated to clean up their diets after listening to Diane speak.  In addition, Diane's blog and website have also proven to be an invaluable resource to our athletes as they navigate a new dimension of healthy eating.  If you are looking for a well-educated, articulate nutritionist who is a living example of why this stuff works, Diane is your woman.”
– Juliet Starrett,  Owner, San Francisco CrossFit

“Balanced Bites Seminar” – Event Review from New Dawn Fitness Blog
(Excerpt below or read the full Part 1 & Part 2 reviews of the workshop!)

“…First and foremost we really liked the order of the presentation.  You can get really geeked out on all the complexities and variables that go into nutrition, but it always boils down to the effects of the food you eat on your hormones.  Specifically the hormones of insulin, glucagon, and cortisol.  These hormones are important in that they play a crucial role in blood sugar regulation. As Diane pointed out, regulating your blood sugar has to be the starting point for any lasting changes to your health and this can be done through what you eat.   Failure to regulate your blood sugars creates a yo-yo of blood sugar peaks and crashes.  This feeds a spinning loop of systemic inflammation from constantly high insulin and cortisol leading to metabolic derangement and a host of chronic conditions that we have talked about many times.”
– Dawn & Paul Kirk, Bethesda, MD workshop attendees

“7 Things I Learned at the Practical Paleo Nutrition Seminar”
(Excerpt below or click here to read the full recap & review of the workshop!)

“Are you going to the open gym on Sunday?” Sheldon asked me on Friday afternoon.
“No, I’m going to the Paleo seminar at CF KoP.”
“Why would you do that?” Sheldon asked. “You’re already the Paleo guru!”
True, I’ve been following a relatively Paleo diet for 3.5 years but that doesn’t make me an expert. So I responded with,
“I’m sure there’s something I can learn.”
And there was a lot to learn. But I did make sure to leave my “Bacon is Rad, Gluten is Bad” shirt at home. I didn’t want anyone to think I was obsessed!”
– Larry P., King of Prussia, PA workshop attendee – CrossFit KoP

“After many years of taking nutrition classes, both in college and in post-graduate studies, I've never had it broken down in easy and applicable terms. Then after taking Diane's seminar over the weekend, I learned more in four hours than in four years, but I could apply her information the next day. Yes, nutrition can be very complicated, and that's why people give up. But by taking a one-class seminar, Diane broke down nutrition so it's understandable and most importantly, very applicable. I highly recommend her class for any reason and for any walk of life… I can't wait till I take the next course.”
– Dr. Thomas J. Ebalo, Chiropractor in Davenport, IA – QuadCity CrossFit workshop attendee

“After attending Diane's paleo nutrition lecture I now have a more rounded understanding on the importance of a proper diet. I found her communication regarding gluten and dairy based foods very informative and now plan on making personal adjustments to my diet. From my perspective, Diane is a subject matter expert when it comes to nutrition.”
– Steven G.,  San Francisco CrossFit Intro to Paleo Seminar attendee

“I want to thank you again for coming to our box and for the great workshop.  Everyone has said how much they enjoyed the presentation and how much they got out of it.

One of our members found out a few days before the seminar that she is expecting, therefore she really got a lot out of the info on pregnancy.  Another member mentioned that she is committed more now than ever to making sure her 3 year old son eats as clean as possible.  We also got feedback from people who said that this was a way to solidify why they are eating paleo.  After hearing all the feedback Ryan and I were very pleased because our goal in hosting this seminar is to have an additional resource for people and to hear the message coming from someone other than us.”

– Katie & Ryan Hansen, Owners of CrossFit Warwick, Warwick, NY

“I really found the cell mimicry so interesting. It makes total sense. I read an article in the paper over the summer that a gluten free diet helps with arthritis but it didn't really explain why. I now understand that the body doesn't know how to digest modern food. Totally amazing. I've been off and on paleo now for 6 months but after hearing from you and reading “Lights Out” and Robb Wolf's book (just started), I really need to make a lifestyle change. Thank you!”
– Kim G., King of Prussia, PA workshop attendee – CrossFit King of Prussia

“It was nice meeting you today, Diane. I really appreciated your transparency on your experiences with whole foods eating. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your book.”
– Tricia W., Manteca, CA workshop attendee – CrossFit Excel

“I attended Diane's Paleo nutrition workshop this past weekend. No matter what I put into words, I can't really explain the benefits of learning what she has to teach. Diane is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and that comes across after about 2 minutes of listening to her talk about nutrition. She presents everything is a very simple and well organized format. I have read up a lot on Paleo and have been eating this way for a few months now, but no matter how much you think you know, there is much more to learn. The workshop was taught in a way that someone who never heard about paleo would come away knowing exactly what it is and how to change their diet and lifestyle. I gained a ton of insight about how the foods we eat affect our body and health. During the workshop, most people had many questions and she encouraged that they were asked. They were an answered directly and without hesitation.
I would highly recommend anyone to attend her workshop along with following her on For any gym owners, it is well worth hosting her for your members. Many of us know you can't out-train a bad diet. The knowledge she shares will help anyone walk away with a much better understanding of how food affects the body and our training. I will defiantly attend her class the next time she is in the area (or maybe roadtrip).”
– Anthony K., Wilmington, DE workshop attendee – CrossFit GameShape

“Great workshop! I truly believe that the recent “low-fat” craze is directly related to the chronic disease and obesity epidemic that currently exists in this country. Thanks for the knowledge!”
– Guin P., Irvine, CA workshop attendee – CrossFit Irvine

More feedback from various seminar attendees (via anonymous forms):

“Great job! While I knew some of this info, your lessons added more depth. I loved hearing how you have tried a variety of programs and live this yourself.”

“Excellent casual format, very informative. I wish more workshops were available so I can refer family and friends.”

“I am glad I came to your workshop. It made me very aware of what I should be eating – I wish I knew this info earlier in life…”

“Very easy to follow and understand, very informative.”

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