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Why I stopped drinking coffee (and what I drink instead)

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A LOT of people have been asking why I stopped drinking coffee.

I stopped drinking coffee in January when I started my tour for my newest book, The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide.


Well, on an early tour stop, I bought cold brew, poured it, mixed it with my coconut milk in my hotel room, then took one sip and LISTENED TO MY BODY.



My body felt like it was already vibrating from my chest on out. How could I possibly sip coffee when I already felt so physical wired? I couldn’t. Even if I was a bit *sleepy,* my body had a vibration from the inside that said “NO, DIANE. JUST NO.”


I hadn’t been listening for about the 6 months prior to that, when I couldn’t workout. My sleep was a struggle. And I was so anxious I was fraying. Anxiety, for me, comes from work I’m doing or trying to do but when there’s a fully unknown outcome, and I’m doing MY BEST, but I still fear it won’t be good enough, or no one will care that I did it, or it’ll just be something I put out into the world and is somehow wildly misunderstood.

I love writing books, but the process brings emotional stress to my life, which I internalize and feel physically.

I don’t (think I) lash out at or even turn to others for counsel in those times. At least not for the most part. I have few friends to talk to about how it feels, though I cherish the ones I do… but my point is, it stays IN. (I’m working on this thanks to those few but mighty friends who SEE AND HEAR AND FEEL ME. You know who you are.)

But in those times, my body FEELS THE STRESS. And it was shutting down. I felt like I had “an adrenal injury.” It was an HPA-axis issue – AKA: STRESS. (Google HPA axis if you want to know more.)

Why I stopped drinking coffee: STRESS.

(If you want to learn more about how all of that works, I highly recommend listening to our podcast episodes about adrenal fatigue! Here's just one episode on adrenal fatigue, but there are many linked via the Podcast Archives by Topic page.)

So, after basically drinking only water and kombucha on tour (yes, it’s tea with some caffeine), I made the switch from coffee to matcha. Funny enough, my first real matcha was at @picnikaustin when @pupsandpaleo ordered one but it came out just a tiny bit differently than she had ordered, and I said I’d drink it! I knew I liked green tea, but I didn’t know if I’d like matcha. CLEARLY I DID!

I recently posted my Matcha Latte Recipe, which I often tweak in small ways depending on my mood or the day.

Why I stopped drinking coffee. | Diane Sanfilippo


Do you drink matcha? 🍵

The matcha I've been drinking, as well as the full recipe, can be found under recipes. #matcha #dianedrinksmatcha

Let me know in the comments below – have you stopped drinking coffee or even drinking as much coffee? I've shared why I stopped drinking coffee, now I want to hear from you!

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  1. I used to get stomach aches and headaches, so I switched to matcha 🍵. I am obsessed with it and love ❤️ that it’s so good for me!

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  2. I did the same and have never felt better. What a difference eliminating coffee made on my digestion, adrenals, sleep and anxiety/stress.

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  3. I get terrible anxiety, brain fog and my body just feels weird. I too, went to matcha and love it and love your recipe! The cacao butter is life! Thank you!

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  4. Last year 2 weeks before my 40h birthday I suddenly couldn’t tolerate coffee anymore. For me it’s a caffeine issue. I’m fine with decaf and even green tea but haven’t found my go to morning drink yet almost a year later! I think I’m gonna bite the bullet and just buy the tin to make at home. I keep thinking I’ll order it out at a coffee shop but all the ones I have checked list sugar as a main ingredient another no go item for me. I’ll try your recipe soon!! Thanks!!

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  5. What is Matcha and what is a good brand? I’ve been avoiding ever since trying a matcha something (I can’t even remember what) at Starbucks, it was so GROSS! I rarely go there anymore but I keep hearing about it but that experience really left a bad taste! Any tips would be appreciated!

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