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How to: Make Clarified Butter or Ghee

It’s been a while since I made clarified butter or ghee. Heck, our kitchen has been under construction for about two months, so, it’s been a while since I made anything other than quickly skillet-cooked or grilled food! I was thrilled to not only see one of my favorite grass-fed butters (SMJÖR brand) on sale at my local Whole Foods, but also that our kitchen is finished in time for me to crack out the Le Creuset pot and get all the dairy solids right out of it!

Today, I used four packs (about two pounds) and turned it into three “different” things: a large container of 50/50 clarified butter and coconut oil, a plain clarified butter, and a garlic-infused clarified butter. I only planned on making the first two, but my containers filled up and there was just a bit left over. And I had clove of garlic just sitting there looking lonely, so I smashed it and in it went to the last little bit!

Note: I made and photographed this recipe today in detail for a big reason- this is the ONLY recipe in my entire book that did not get photos included along with it! I wanted to include the how-to of making these dairy-free (or nearly) cooking fats but I just was not able to take the photos before the book went off to print (see note above about the kitchen!). So, if you are looking at the recipe in the book and wondering what this stuff should look like, here you have it!

This is just one of over 120 delicious and easy recipes in my new book, Practical Paleo!

clarified butter & ghee 

Yield: Approximately 32oz of liquid gold.





Yes, you can enjoy this recipe while on the 21-Day Sugar Detox.

Pictured below is clarified butter, just on the verge of becoming ghee.