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Balanced Bites Podcast: Episode #9: Managing MS, Stubborn Belly Fat, Nutritional Support Post Orthopaedic Surgery, Leaky Gut, Miso & Bean Sprouts

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Opening chat:
The Food Lovers new amazing cookbook is available now on “Make it Paleo.”
The Free the Animal post Liz referred to here. Liz's new nutritional therapy website here.

1: Managing MS (multiple sclerosis) [13:30] 2. Stubborn belly fat [26:30] 3. Nutritional support post-orthopedic surgery (and some notes on tanning/indoor tanning) [32:30] 4. Leaky gut, FODMAPs/ 4a. HCl & enzymes for healing leaky gut? [40:12] 5. Miso, bean sprouts [57:40]

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#1: Managing MS (multiple sclerosis)

Lou (female) from Colorado asks: “I have MS and am pretty overweight. i have recently started the Paleo way of eating (not going to call it a diet because I refuse to diet ever again!) due to my CrossFit husband's encouraging. i am changing my lifestyle from a sedentary, carb loving life to the way of coconut oil, lots of lean meat and veggies, veggies, veggies. it is pretty overwhelming and sometimes i feel frustrated. your podcast has helped considerably to encourage me, but my question to you two knowledgable girls is:

1. what is the most important thing i should be focusing on, with my MS in mind?
2. once i get that under my (hopefully looser) belt, what is the next most important thing to focus on?

If i can just get a few baby steps to start i know it will help my long term success…
Thanks ladies, and Rock Chalk Liz!!”


#2. Stubborn belly fat

Cathy from IL asks: “I have been gluten/dairy free for about seven years and paleo for a year. I cannot lose the stomach fat. I started using the FitDay app. Where should I be at carbs? Fat? Protein? I am five feet 0 inches (yes, a shorty) and around 123lbs. (Most comfortable around 118.) I am hoping the app can help me figure out where I am going wrong. Any ideas?”


#3. Nutritional support post-orthopedic surgery (and side notes on tanning/indoor tanning)

Liz from NJ asks: ”I’m hoping you lovely ladies have some suggestions as to what foods and/or supplements one should ingest to promote healing after surgery — specifically, orthopedic surgery. i very recently underwent an ulnar-shortening osteotomy; which means they broke my arm, took out a chunk, and put humpty back together with screws and a metal plate (yes, i am typing with one hand. exhausting).”


#4. Leaky gut, FODMAPs/ 4a. HCl & enzymes for healing leaky gut?

Hayley from PA asks: “Okay…so I was just reading about Autoimmune disorders and leaky gut…and I'm still confused. I read that Leaky gut can be linked to IBS and other intestinal issues. Bill is super sensitive, and cutting out the FODMAPS really helps, but I'm wondering if he has leaky gut which would mean changing his diet again slightly.

I think I also read that you can have leaky gut from chronic stress (I may have read this wrong). But I have suffered from anxiety since I was little, and I know I have some digestive issues, so I didn't know if I potentially have it also.

I guess my question is how do you self diagnose yourself with leaky gut syndrome, and what is the diet protocol for healing it. I know saurkraut and bone broth is good, but what should be eliminated in the diet. We hate the idea of giving up our pastured eggs, but will if need be 🙁

P.S. I love you guys and get so jealous that you get to chat for an hour without me!”

4a. Michelle from NJ asks: “I am trying to heal my gut, should i be talking HCL and enzymes with my meals? Or if I take HCL I dont need enzymes? Thanks.


#5. Miso, bean sprouts

Jami from Little Rock, AR asks: “So, is miso a good food for us? And bean sprouts and such….”


Diane & Liz

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  1. So it sounds like Bill and I have the same gut issues, as I too find that I’m sensitive to FODMAPS and that in turn causes problems with digesting foods like coconut, avocados, nuts and leafy greens.

    So I understand that stool testing is one way to test to see what potential pathogens there may be in my gut, but what I’m wondering is what are the protocols to address those issues? If there is a pathogen, is it usually antibiotics followed by probiotics to replace the beneficial bacteria?

    If the results are negative, then what else can be done to heal the potential leaky gut issues?

      1. Thank you so much for including a link to Liz’s new nutritional therapy website. I kind of remembered that she was in the Phila area, but I was thrilled to see she’s right near where my mom works! She is looking to make some changes, but needs some support. Since I no longer live in South Jersey, I am so happy to refer her to Liz. I hope it works out!

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