6-Minute Salmon | Diane Sanfilippo | Practical Paleo 2nd Edition


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  1. Hi! How would this work for cuts of salmon that don’t have skin?
    Also, if I don’t have a toaster oven, I’m assuming that I can just broil in my big oven. Right?

    1. I wouldn’t do the searing part without the skin, and yes a regular oven can broil! But I recommend getting a toaster oven because it’s WAY faster/easier to not have to wait to heat up a big oven!

  2. Hi Diane! Pre-ordered the new book this morning!! Can’t wait!! But in the meantime…I have been researching toaster/convection ovens…there are so many out there with so many reviews, good and bad. Can you tell me which one you use/prefer? Also what are some other things you make in your toaster oven? Do you use it more so that the regular oven doesn’t have to get turned on? Thanks so much for any input!!

    1. The one I got probably isn’t for sale anymore. Look for any larger ones with a broiler option and bake settings. I loved having a timed bake on a previous one but I don’t have that option on my current one. I make anything I can in there that’s small enough.

  3. I just tried this out for the first time and it was the best salmon I’ve ever made myself! Thanks for sharing this method!!! I’ll be using it a lot because I need more omega 3s!!!!! Love you always!:)

  4. I just ordered some Vital Choice salmon and am making your 6 minute salmon tonight. 2 questions — (1) Do you eat the skin, and (2) you don’t add any cooking fat, right? I did some reading and coho salmon is lower in fat than King and Sockeye and I’m on the fence about adding fat.

    1. YES! I definitely eat the skin! That’s my favorite part!!! I’ll be posting about cooking it again soon as I’ll have a big order in a little over a week when I’m home from traveling! I sometimes add fat to the skillet, but it depends on if some is left in there from previous cooking. Enjoy!!

  5. Hi Diane!

    If you don’t have a toaster oven, could you finish in the oven? What temp?

    Thank you! I love me some salmon! 🙂

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