Podcast Episode #70: Practical Paleo Meal Plans, Exercise & Diet for Kids

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Episode #70: Practical Paleo Meal Plans, Exercise & Diet for Kids


1. Can you mix and match the 30 day meals plans in Practical Paleo? [8:00] 2. Clarifying super foods and goitrogenic foods recommendations. [15:50] 3. Help modifying recipes in Practical Paleo for an egg intolerance. [20:50] 4. Can I substitute proteins in the meal plans? [25:27] 5. Is it ok to exercise when following a Practical Paleo meal plan? [29:55] 6. Help with Practical Paleo meal plan selection. [34:38] 7. How to use Practical Paleo meal plans for the whole family [38:52]


PCOS Unlocked by Stefani Ruper.

The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser.

Paleo Parents’ AI friendly recipes.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil or Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend from Green Pasture

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1. Can you mix and match the 30 day meals plans in Practical Paleo?

My name is Kira and I recently bought Practical Paleo and think it is absolutely wonderful. I had a question and hoped you could help.

I have PCOS and have recently switched over to paleo to lose weight and get more energy. I love your 30 day meal plan and trying to see if it is kind of mix and match. Because I notice days at the end of the month have a lot more carbs than the beginning. As in two starch vegetables a day and many in the beginning without. Maybe that was not intentional, I am not sure.

I am noticing for fruit options in the blood sugar regulation 30 day plan that you only have lemon/lime juice or berries. Are they my only options? Should I not be really including fruit at all?

Either way, am I aiming for about 30 grams of carbs a day? Is that long-term lifestyle option?

I am sorry for reaching out, I am just so confused. I have been for a couple of weeks and a little loose with my fats and fruits and not dropping any weight. I never feel great too low carb but maybe I need to push through it longer. Just wondered if you could shed a little light. I know you are busy.

Thanks so much.

2. Clarifying super foods and goitrogenic foods recommendation.

Lyn says,

Page 160 of the book gives conflicting information on fermentation of cabbage. e.g.. Add super foods and avoid
goitrogenic foods (fermented cabbage? Am I reading it incorrectly? thanks for your help. I’m looking forward to better health.

3. Help modifying recipes in Practical Paleo for an egg intolerance.

Rebekka says, I have an egg intolerance. Is it possible to reverse an intolerance? And how? Also, I am pregnant and how do I know I’m getting enough variety of nutrients in the mornings? I guess I have the second question because most of the breakfast recipes in the practical paleo are egg based.

4. Can I substitute proteins in the meal plans?

Clarice says, Starting week 1 of the thirty day diet for leaky gut. I am allergic to salmon. I break out in hives if I consume it more than once a week. Is there a substitution? I also don’t like lamb. Is venison a good substitute?

5. Is it ok to exercise when following a Practical Paleo meal plan?

Julie says, My husband and I started the Squeaky Clean plan from Practical Paleo on January 1st. We are loving every thing about it. My question is…..when should we start exercising again or is it okay to be exercising during this time?

6. Help with Practical Paleo meal plan selection.

Eva says, I just received your book as a Christmas gift and am excited about starting the Paleo eating plan.. I have Hashimotos disease (diagnosed about 20 years ago and take medication) and just recently got diagnosed as pre-diabetic (insulin resistant) and put on metformin 2 X day. I have a terrible time losing weight so I’m hoping this will help me. If I start with the Autoimmune Conditions 30-day meal plan, which plan would I continue with afterwards?.The Thyroid or the Blood Sugar Regulation? Thank you.

7. How to use Practical Paleo meal plans for the whole family

Julie says, Two of my sons have health problems that haven’t been able to be resolved by myself, doctors, allergists, elimination diet, or drugs. I really don’t like the drug/doctor route anyway, so I’ve been looking into healing with food. I received “Practical Paleo” for Christmas and have read through the whole book and LOVE its approach on eating/healing. Anyway, I’m wanting to use one of the 30-day meal plans for my children, husband, and myself. I feel like we all could greatly benefit from it. But looking at the plans, I know there will be a struggle getting my kids to eat some of these foods. I’m assuming the plans were geared toward adults. This may have been addressed in the book & I don’t remember, but to correctly initiate the “plan,” do I need to follow the 30-day menu, or would I be okay just using the add/avoid list & supportive list of nutrients and foods to support? Like fo r instance for breakfast do I need to be sure to rotate what they have each day or is it okay to eat similar things each day? My 9-year old son has many known food allergies including wheat, corn, soy, dairy, peanuts and a few more (known through both blood tests & mostly observation), not to mention he is allergic to just about every pollen/dust/mold out there. He gets stomachaches when he eats some offending foods, and worse than that, his behavior becomes extreme – either hyper, depressed, unable to focus, unmanageable, etc. My 5-year old has severe eczema, black baggy eyes, pale skin, constipation, and a constant stuffy nose. My husband has many health problems and I’ve had a hard time losing any weight since my 2 1/2 year old was born. We need help! 😉 Sorry that was winded, but thank you for your help and for your book!!!

Diane & Liz

  • http://beanathlete.wordpress.com Dennis

    Lamb can be grain finished. As always, know your source.


    • http://www.balancedbites.com admin

      Thanks for that! We were wondering since we have mostly only seen 100% grass fed!

      • http://Lpjohnson.blogspot.com Lyndsey

        Finally! I can help Diane! Some shepherds force feed grains just before slaughter, but if they are keeping females for breeding stock and not separating out the ones destined for market, they will be on pasture. Sheep can not reproduce if they have been feed a grain-based diet. My daddy has raised sheep my entire life, and I have brought many lambs to the county fair in my illustrious 4-H career (all corn finished, sheep with BIG butts place better at the fair).

  • Martine

    If you don’t like the taste of lamb, it might be the breed you are buying. In my area, New Zealand lamb for example tends to have a stronger taste than the lamb that is raised locally.

    But even if local lamb taste too strong for you, I recommend you try to find a producer of katahdin sheep. They are hair sheep, not wool producing sheep. Consequently they do not produce lanolin in their coat. Lanolin causes the strong taste and smell that some people dislike.

    And if you get a chance to get some Katahdin lamb liver, go for it. It’s the most delicate tasting liver you’ll ever eat. I bet it could convert many liver haters.

    • Liz @ Balanced Bites

      Fascinating! I will look into this – thanks Martine!