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Introducing Balanced Bites Spices

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Balanced Bites Spices are here!

It's been months in production, and years in my imagination.

I have had a vision for these spice blends before I even decided they would truly come to life, since my days cooking in a commercial kitchen, making meals for people with my Balanced Bites meal delivery business.

I made boldly labeled jars for spices I used in the kitchen that I shared with other food companies. It was the only way to quickly find what I wanted on my crowded shelves.

bbspices-originalconceptIn fact, if you have the first edition of Practical Paleo, the table of contents features those jars and labels.

While white and different from the bright colors I did for this line, the essence is there.

As a designer and a kitchen-speed obsessed person, my vision becoming real is extremely gratifying.

All of these blends are used in recipes in the pages of “Practical Paleo, 2nd Edition.” You can find the recipes for the blends themselves (though they've been modified / improved slightly for the blends for sale) also in the book. If you don't want to buy them or need to enjoy them with some modifications for your specific dietary needs,  you are welcome to make them.

Balanced Bites Spices are an easy-button to tasty food in your kitchen every day of the week!

I can't wait for these to be put to use in your kitchen.




The spices are sold in multiple different 4-packs or a full, all- spies pack as well as individually.

They are exclusively for sale on right now.

East Coast Pack includes: Diner, Italian*, Greek*, and Smoky

West Coast Pack includes: Savory*, Taco & Fajita, Mega Mediterranean and Coffee BBQ

Find the ingredient lists when you shop the blends.

*Indicates nightshade-free. Note that there is not currently an option for a pack that is all nightshade free, but with the full release of the line in a larger scale, there will be options for you if you cannot purchase a pack that includes them. Also note that you are welcome to make any of these blends at home with modifications as-needed by following the recipes in Practical Paleo 2nd edition.

This pre-release batch will sell out. Quickly.

I don't have a large quantity for the first run. If you've been waiting for the convenience of these pre-made organic spice blends, don't hesitate!!

Buy Balanced Bites Spices >

Please note: coupons will not apply to Balanced Bites Spices.

Recipes on the Blog which use Balanced Bites Spices:

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  1. Congratulations! That is so awesome! Since you’ve been thinking about these for a long time (as noted by your labels), how funny do you find it that your friends Bill & Hayley also came out with spices?! Great minds think alike I guess?! LOL Personally, I’m dying to buy every single one from both of y’all!

    1. We had all talked about it years ago, and they created and released theirs more than a year before me and their blends and spices are amazing! They’re simply different products – sort of like our books/blogs may be similar but are different – lots for everyone out there to choose from. I think the more options that exist for everyone, the better! I wanted to make the blends available since I had them in the first edition of the book and I knew folks loved them but I thought this might make life easier! Cheers! 🙂

    1. All the Balanced Bites Spices are soy and wheat free. The Coffee BBQ does have some sugar, the rest are sugar free.

  2. Just bought my first double pack of all the spices and am loving them! I’m sure i’m being blind, but I was wondering what the icon which looks like a heart with two dots on means under the ‘tastes great with’? Thank you!

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      Hi Janet!

      the spices are sold by weight, not volume. And, depending on which others you got, if the ingredients are “fluffier” and take up more space with air between (like Super Garlic, for example), they’ll fill more of the bottle while some heavier items like garlic and onion in the Greek blend will settle more and pack in with only oregano as the “fluffy” ingredient in there. We’re working on some smaller packaging so I can keep the fills uniform and to the top!

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