A tip for how to perfectly char a tortilla! I don’t know why I was so intimidated by it before, but I only recently started to char my Siete tortillas (my favorite are the coconut cassava) over the open flame on my range.

For years I’ve roasted bell peppers this way, but I was stuck in the skillet-tortilla-heating method for too long! It works well but takes way longer and I can usually only do 2 at a time. Plus, I have to add oil to the pan to do that, at least a little.

When I made my enchiladas recipe several weeks back (have you tried it yet?!), I couldn’t imagine how long it would take to heat all of the tortillas in a skillet, so I decided to go for it over the flames.

My tortilla charring tips:

1) Start with just 1 at a time over a low to medium flame if you’re nervous. Work up to 2 tortillas over 2 flames and more beyond that when you’re confident. I end up using a solid medium flame now.

2) Move quickly. You’re better off flipping them more often than risking fully burning one.

3) Move them around the burner. Don’t just center them over the flame, adjust the positioning to off-kilter angles. I’ll share video when I do it again soon.

4) Use all-metal tongs. This one should be obvious but you never know! Don’t put plastic or silicone tipped tongs into/near an open flame.

5) Place the charred tortillas together in a pile when they’re done, covered with a clean cotton napkin or cloth while you finish the rest.

I tend to do 2 or 3 at a time each on their own burner while my 4th burner is heating whatever will go inside or my enchilada sauce, etc.