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  1. I made this this morning! Confession: I ate a bowl of it warm because I didn’t want to wait 3 hours. It was delicious, creamy, and surprisingly oatmeal-y due to the combination of salt, banana, and cinnamon (my favorite oatmeal toppings in the “olden days”). I can’t wait to try it chilled. I might add a little sunflower butter next time for a peanut butter vibe….

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  2. This looks delicious. Is it allowed on the SIBO diet? I don’t see seeds on the allowed/not allowed list?

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  3. Hi Diane
    I made this last night with Almond Milk and it worked really well, very tasty.
    How long do you think it would last in the fridge?
    Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Eggs for a paleo oatmeal sub. is great! I’ve made the trim healthy mama version, after a little tweak, and it was great! That blog post is yet to come.

    From your whole food-y!
    Janie Lynn

    1. Is 50 calories a serving accurate? With everything in it this number seems quite low. I just made it but was wondering about the calorie count. Thanks!

  5. Is there any substitute for bananas, sadly I have found that this is a food I cannot tolerate.. Used to adore bananas, but within the past year have found out my digestive system cannot tolerate, bananas or pineapples.


    1. Avocados would be a great substitution for the bananas, but since they are already high in fat I would also switch out the coconut milk for almond milk.

  6. Hi there,
    Are there alternatives around eggs? I can’t tolerate eggs or nuts? Seeds are okay but half my family has SIBO so once we are better we want to try this. Anyhow suggestions to try?


    1. I think grass-fed gelatin would work well. It’s pure clean protein and thickens nicely. That’s the one thing I found rather low in this recipe, I like a bit more protein for breakfast.

  7. I think there’s an issue with the nutrition label…50 cals is pretty low for all that coconut milk. It’s not matching what I came up with on another nutrition calculator anyway.

    Delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This is awesome!!! Thanks for the post. Day 8 on 21DSD and this is just what I needed as a little pick me up for breakfast. I am curious about the nutrition information – 50 cal. per serving? Is that correct? Seems it should be significantly higher with the coconut milk.

  9. This is the best 21 dsd breakfast I have found yet! I was getting so tired of bacon/eggs. How long do you think this is good for in the fridge after it’s made??

  10. Just curious about the nutritional information. You indicate there is 4 servings at 50 calories, but there is a can of coconut milk in this recipe. Am I missing something or is the calorie count incorrect? Thanks for the recipe- I am sure it is really good.

  11. Love you guys and I’m going to absolutely make this recipe TODAY.. but that nutrition is WAY off.. way way off.. It’s at least 250 calories a serving if you’re using a can of Coconut Milk which is 700 calories for a can (or 175 calories per serving from just the Coconut milk).. I don’t have a problem with nuts so I’ll be using almond milk and subbing blueberries for the banana.. Cannot wait to try this! Thanks again for a super recipe!!

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  12. Hi, I came up with 298 cals with this divided into 4 servings. This count is definitely low using both coconut milk (full fat) and chia seed. Love the recipe thought! Yum!

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      1. The nutrition info was changed, but it now says 120 calories per serving. As the other commenters have indicated, it is not accurate.

  13. This sounds soooooo good! Thanks for the recipe Diane:) I will try it out soon, but am just wondering how long you think it will stay good in the fridge?

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  19. Thanks a bunch for sharing this recipe! I’ve always had problems in the morning, waking up and feeling sluggish and then having to find some nutritious to eat can be a problem. I love having pre cooked meals ready because it just saves time and reduces the chance of you eating something not so healthy.

    I was looking for something to store in the fridge for breakfast and seems like I’ve found it! =)

    Thanks again!

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    1. I am not sure what I did wrong……This says 4 servings, and you are to put it in mason jars…… I only got about 1?
      What did I do wrong?

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    1. It’s N’oatmeal, meaning no oatmeal, it’s an oatmeal like breakfast without the oatmeal making it a paleo friendly meal

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  31. I know a number of Paleo recipes call for green-tipped bananas, which, of course, don’t stay green-tipped for long!
    Do you freeze what you can’t use right away? I can’t keep ripe bananas in my house, because I eat them all. 😕
    Also, how long would this last in the refrigerator?

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  33. This is marked as an egg-free recipe in the intro. While it isn’t an eggy recipe, it does contain eggs. That left me a little confused.

  34. So I just tried making these and it…curdled 😕 I’ve made it in the past and it’s been great. Has this happened to anyone else? I checked the expiration date of the coconut milk and it’s fine. I wonder what it could be?

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  35. I forgot all about this recipe! I made it before, but my budget friendly version with vanilla extract or something other than pods, I’m sure! Do you know the conversion amount. I know you say its not as tasty, but I’m none the wiser 🙂

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