Subscription FAQs

By subscribing, you save 10% on every box (that's equal to one free meal!), and keep your freezer stocked without having to think about it.

Have questions that aren't answered below?
Email us to and we'll reply within one business day.

Please note that boxes only ship once per week on Tuesdays, so we always have time to cancel a box if necessary before then.

Can I make a one-time purchase?

Yes! You can make a one-time purchase anytime.

If you purchase regularly, we recommend considering the discounted subscription option.

You can receive deliveries every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks and there is always the flexibility to skip a week if you're not ready for another shipment of Meals.

To make a one-time purchase:

On the build-a-box page, turn off the subscription toggle before adding the box to your cart.

For preset boxes, be sure to select the "one-time purchase" option.

When will my meal box be shipped?

After your first order, all subscription charges take place on Wednesday, for shipping the following Tuesday.

How do I skip a delivery?

Sign in to your account and click "manage subscriptions," then click "charge schedule." You will see your upcoming charge dates and each charge has the ability to be skipped.

Be sure to skip your charge before it's scheduled to renew on Wednesday.