My favorite San Francisco Restaurants

You asked, I answered: My top San Francisco restaurant picks are here!

SF is home for me, but I know many folks come in from out of town to visit… so today I'm sharing some restaurants I love in this city.

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We've always gotten their salads, chicken is my favorite, and don't skip the fries! The cherry Greek soda is also delish.
Roam Burgers (pictured above)
Classic. Their burgers are great - go with beef for the most traditional experience. The salads are also great. We love the truffle parm fries, always a hit!
Peruvian. Waterfront. Bay Bridge views if you sit outside. I'm obsessed with their tiraditos and their sushi bites. Octopus is also delish.
A fantastic bakery that offers a huge selection of pastries, sandwiches, salads, and more. Coffee Twist and Nutella Brioche are faves of mine. Their gluten-free banana bread is also great. We get fresh sourdough from here weekly.
This is probably our favorite, though less frequented restaurant in the city. Try to book ahead, though you can stand in line ahead of 5pm for an opening as well!

If you want a special, fine dining meal that always delivers, this one is for you. You'll definitely need a reservation ahead of time, but if you're like us and can do super early, it's not as hard to get a 5pm spot. Their brunch is also delicious. 

A recent addition to our list, we've been enjoying Friday lunch dates here. I go for the grilled fish tacos and they're excellent - tasty, great portion and freshly cooked-to-order fish that's really delicious. Scott loves the Al Pastor. I love that they have a salsa bar and I can grab all the limes I want there, too. We get the guac and chips and each get two regular tacos (versus street tacos) and are good to go.
I haven't tried a lot of the menu, but my "regular" order has become: almond milk matcha latte and the Levantine sandwich, order with double chicken if you're like me and like extra protein. The fries are thin and crispy - delish - but I also sometimes feel like a salad on the side instead (which is also good!)
For a truly fantastic dining experience, don't miss Itria! This and Liholiho (above) are certainly my favorites in the city right now, hands down. Fresh, house-made pastas and crudos - this food is my love language. Go with a group if possible so you can order and share everything on the menu!