Refills for Balanced Bites Spices - Frequently Asked Questions

Balanced Bites Spice Refills

You asked - we answered! You wanted refills galore and we now have refills GALORE!

Lately, we've been getting more questions about the refill packs we offer for our organic spice blends, so we decided to create this helpful post for your reference!


Do you offer refills for Balanced Bites spices?

Yes! Refills are available for each of our core organic spice blends and our organic infused sugars.

You can find refills for each spice blend and infused sugar right from the main page while shopping each blend - refills are listed as an option or variant, and you'll notice they are a lower price than a jar!

Is there a way to save even more money on refills?

Yes! Ordering and subscribing to a build-a-box refill pack will be your best way to save on your refills. You will be prompted before your refill pack is fulfilled each month, so you can change which blends you're receiving based on what you need most!

Why do some spice blends not not have refills available?

You'll find that brand new spice blends are only offered in our classic jars. Once a spice is brought to our more standard line, beyond a limited edition run, we offer it in a jar and a refill pack.


How big are Balanced Bites spice refills?

Our refills are a 1-to-1 bag-to-jar refill. Sometimes, you may find the contents of a refill bag seem to be just a touch more than can fit in the jar, or there is a touch of room in the jar after filling. This difference may happen due to a slight variation in the initial jar-filling which is all done by-hand, by humans.

We then take the weight of our initial fill and translate that into each bag. Sometimes, more fluffy blends may have more variance in visual fill-level, but the weight of the contents will be consistent from what's labeled on the jar and refill bag.

Why don't you offer larger refill bag options?

Our products are all made in small batches, by-hand. The freshness and potency you've come to know and love from our organic spice blends is due in part to those qualities. If you were to open a larger bag from which to refill your jars, and leave that bag sitting in your pantry, air would begin to enter the bag and your spice blend would lose freshness.

We love our 1-for-1 refill bags because it keeps freshness and flavor as our priority!

Are refill bags more eco-friendly than jars?

Yes! Each refill bag is made from a metallized material that bio-degrades over time. While our glass jars are recyclable, many areas in the country make recycling harder than other do. Additionally, it's unlikely that the plastic caps will be recyclable in most areas.

Further, shipping refills means a lower package weight, which means less fuel is used to ship the package!

We highly recommend ordering refills at least 2-3x per every jar you order.

That means that after you have a jar, keep it and order refills thereafter until you feel your jar needs to be recycled and it's time for a new one.