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  1. Thanks for that recipe!
    I have a question regarding the green beans on the picture though.
    Aren’t they legumes and thus not supposed to be eaten in a paleo diet?

    1. Technically they’re a legume, but when you understand the problematic constituents in a legume, you’ll understand that the pod portion is not largely what holds the anti-nutrients we’re looking to avoid with a Paleo diet. That said, we’re eating mostly the pod and very small, barely self-protected legumes inside… think of how a zucchini is filled with seeds as well, which we eat, but are not too tough to digest when compared to say, a soybean- where you’d peel off a thicker shell but toss that aside and only eat the bean inside– make sense? We don’t need to prepare green beans much beyond picking them to make them edible, that’s another good sign they’re not too overloaded with anti-nutrients… from the ground to your mouth… easy.

  2. any ideas for making a similar dish/similar tang in the sauce that’s also whole30 compliant? sounds really good and I know my kids would love it but we can’t have the honey right now

  3. Do you think that free-range, as opposed to pastured chickens are worth paying for? I’ve corresponded with some big chicken ranchers, like Rosie’s, and basically, free-range chickens are housed in a barn, without cages, with a big trough of corn in the middle, and doggie doors to get to a small yard. Chickens, like people, will hang around a food source all day long, and rarely venture outside.

    I’ve tasted both free-range and pastured chickens. The former tasted like corn, and the latter, like chicken’s supposed to taste.

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