PUMPKIN SPICE Organic Infused Sugar


Beyond basic, the essence of organic cinnamon and warm pumpkin pie spices permeate these sugar crystals to bring a rich flavor to your coffee, tea, and beyond.

Cane sugar*, cinnamon*, clove*, mace*, nutmeg*, ginger*, allspice*. 
*Certified Organic.

Warm and spicy; beyond cinnamon, the sharp notes of clove, mace, and ginger come through for a complex and refined flavor.

coffee, tea, oatmeal, chocolate, fruit, and pumpkin or apple pies, muffins or breads


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What's more quintessential to fall than a Pumpkin Spice Latte?

I wanted to share my own spin on this popular drink - it's quick and easy to make, more affordable than the coffee-shop version, and lightly sweetened with my Pumpkin Spice Infused Sugar… perfect to whip up on a cold fall morning!

This recipe also contains two of our Balanced Bites Spice Blends - CINNAMON and our seasonal PUMPKIN SPICE Infused Sugars - which you can shop here!

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