TRIFECTA Spice Blend Refill


3.5 ounces, 100 grams (jar not included with refill)

When you don't know what to season with, TRIFECTA is always the right answer. Grab this one jar and simplify your cooking. 

Scroll down for recipes that use this blend!

granulated garlic*, sea salt, black pepper*. *Certified Organic

The three spices we all reach for most often - garlic, salt, and pepper - in a perfect balance. 

Eggs, chicken, steak, pork, ribs, lamb, fish, veggies, potatoes, burgers, and rice.

Certified Organic
Certified Organic
Small Batch
Small Batch
Hand Packed
Hand Packed
Made in the USA
Made in the USA

Recipes Featuring Product


Our spin on a tater tot casserole - a cheesy, veggie & meat-filled frittata base, topped with tater tots tossed in DINER blend, & then baked until crisp! (This recipe is also great using ITALIAN and TRIFECTA blends).

This is the perfect dish to make on a Sunday and eat all week long, or to serve at a brunch for a crowd!


My special sauce is LIFE.

I want to slather it on all the things, but especially with my baked oven fries - be sure to try my this sauce on a burger or on fish tacos as well - yum! Grab your DINER blend and make this sauce!


French fries are one of my all-time favorite sides, and this baked version is no exception - I much prefer these to the frozen ones you find at the grocery store. Try these with my BBQ pork tacos or crispy chicken tenders - so delicious!

Be sure to whip up some of my special sauce as well - it's the perfect dipping sauce for these crispy fries.

This recipe also contains one of our Balanced Bites Spice Blends - TRIFECTA - which you can shop here!


For the kids, or kids-at-heart, these nuggets are easy to pull together & fun for the whole family. Serve with my oven fries & a simple salad! Plus, you can make a double-batch and freeze them if you like! This recipe is full of flavor, featuring our Super Garlic Pizza, Super Garlic, Super Onion, and Trifecta Spice Blends.


    These wings are super simple and easy to make with ingredients you likely have on-hand already. We love making these with our GARLIC LEMON PEPPER spice blend, but you can also try making them with our TRIFECTA or SUPER TRIFECTA blends as another option.


    My Jersey Style Deli Tuna Salad brings me back to my childhood, growing up in a small town in Northern New Jersey. We couldn't walk or drive two blocks without seeing at least one bagel shop – probably flanked by a couple of Italian restaurants. If you're from that area, you feel me here.

    The mayonnaise used in most deli tuna salad options (and the quality of the tuna fish, for that matter) are certainly not going to be top-notch, so I knew I needed to make this one from scratch, at home. If you're looking to avoid vegetable oils when you dine out, avoid mayonnaise-laden options!

    This paleo deli tuna salad is quick to whip up, and delicious in a lettuce wrap, with sliced veggies like cucumber or carrots, or as part of a bagel sandwich (as pictured), if that works for you!

    This recipe also contains one of our Balanced Bites Spice Blends - TRIFECTA and SUPER TRIFECTA - which you can shop here!


    This extra-lemony take on Caesar dressing is perfect with baby kale, but it’s also great on a more classic romaine lettuce Caesar salad—or any kind of salad.

    Try this dressing with simple grilled chicken and roasted vegetables to turn the flavor way up!

    This recipe also contains one of our Balanced Bites Spice Blends - TRIFECTA and SUPER TRIFECTA - which you can shop here!


    Baby kale is relatively new on the salad scene. It’s less “toothsome” than its adult counterpart, and eats almost like a less peppery arugula. Baby kale is a fantastic way to get lots of vitamins and minerals into your diet without the carbs, and it’s perfect in this Easy Kale Caesar Salad. Chicharrones add just the right crispy crunch to replace bread-based croutons if you're eating keto. If you want to use a gluten-free bread for this easy kale caesar, I love New Cascadia bread.

    You’ll love this rich, flavorful easy kale caesar salad.

    Can you use regular kale in this salad?

    Yes! I recommend removing it from the tough stems, and then massaging it a bit first to breakdown the tough cellulose that makes it a bit hard to eat.

    You can also make this with arugula or any other salad greens you prefer.

    Featuring Balanced Bites GARLIC LEMON PEPPER, TRIFECTA, or SUPER TRIFECTA spice blends, this salad is easy to make and full of flavor.


    This recipe for the easiest smoky pork chops make a simple, quick weeknight dinner. You season the chops with Balanced Bites SMOKY & TRIFECTA blends, grill & eat! As Ina would say, “how easy is that?”!

    I like to serve these with a simple salad made with arugula, apple, toasted almonds, blue or goat cheese. There's a full recipe in my 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide if you want precise measurements!

    This could be my last meal and I'd be thrilled about it.


    Frittatas are one of the easiest ways to work veggies and extra protein into your morning, and this sausage, zucchini, & Cheddar cheese combination might be my favorite yet!

    Plus, they are so versatile: Swap out the sausage for bacon. Use asparagus instead of zucchini. There are so many possibilities! Frittatas are easily one of my favorite ways to use eggs at breakfast.

    This recipe also contains a few of our Balanced Bites Spice Blends - ITALIAN, TRIFECTA, and SUPER TRIFECTA - which you can shop here!


    Simplify breakfast or lunch with this flavor-packed quiche! Serve with a mixed greens salad or sautéed greens for a complete meal.

    Pro Tip: don't slack on caramelizing the onions, you really want to maximize that flavor and they pack so much flavor into this dish!

    This recipe also contains one of our Balanced Bites Spice Blends - TRIFECTA - which you can shop here!


    Do you know what real bolognese is? A traditional meat sauce, Bolognese is usually made with heavy cream and a variety of meats.

    Some of us may call *tomato sauce thrown over cooked ground meat* bolognese. In fact, I think I’ve named a recipe thusly as well in at least one of my books, so I’m certainly not gonna be the *Bolognese* police.

    ⁣Traditional Bolognese is made by starting with a mirepoix: onion, carrot, celery… then cooked and ingredients added to, ground meat added (typically a combination of beef and pork), crushed or tomato paste, maybe some cream, some wine… then simmered before plating over pasta or whatever you want.⁣

    Red sauce with meat isn’t the same. Delicious, yes, but not the same.⁣ I’d argue that the traditional version is way more comforting and downright flavorful and delicious. The amount of time spent developing flavors doesn’t compare.⁣

    This recipe also contains two of our Balanced Bites Spice Blends - ITALIAN and TRIFECTA - which you can shop here!


    This Umami Steak and Arugula Salad features the easiest and best marinade you’ll ever make for steak!

    Diane's umami steak flavor combination works with nearly any protein, and the flavor infuses quickly, in an hour if that’s all you have. Don’t skip this simple recipe—it will quickly become your go-to way to prepare steak.

    This recipe also contains one of our Balanced Bites Spice Blends - TRIFECTA - which you can shop here!


    An egg-free breakfast option, packed with veggies and sausage, and topped with creamy goat cheese. Feel free to add an egg though, if you're inclined!

    We love to make this easy hash with ITALIAN or TRIFECTA spice blends, yum!


    This easy at-home chicken tender recipe will soon become your favorite option for lunch or dinner. Perfectly crispy without using conventional breadcrumbs!

    I recommend making a double-batch; you'll find yourself eating leftovers for days – reheat them in the oven or toaster oven for the best texture.

    This recipe also contains two of our Balanced Bites Spice Blends - TRIFECTA and SUPER TRIFECTA - which you can shop here!


    These crispy Brussels sprouts make the perfect easy veggie side, and are great in our Bacon, Brussels, Asparagus, & Goat Cheese Frittata!

    This recipe also contains one of our Balanced Bites Spice Blends - TRIFECTA - which you can shop here!


    Looking for a simple side for your next grill-out? This Spicy Roasted Asparagus with Lemon is packed with flavor, but doesn't take a ton of time to throw together, and the brightness from the lemon is the perfect compliment to any grilled meat you're serving!

    This recipe also contains one of our Balanced Bites Spice Blends - TRIFECTA - which you can shop here!

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